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No reason for Chinese to believe DAP promises

Yet some diehard DAP voters are still clinging on to false “hope”. Still being apologists for that racist party.

Still fighting fangs and claws, and drawing blood defending the despicable Lim running dogs {{shakIng my head in puzzlement at the behaviour of hardcore Dapsters}}.

Spiteful ‘bookkeeper’, the Finance Minister, claims that TAR College will receive gomen money (up to RM60 million provided previously) as soon as MCA lets go its control of the institution.

MCA may have lacked fighting spirit in GE12-14 but nonetheless its top leaders are not morons to trust the dynastic Lims’ (worthless) word.

Promises made by the current administration in their Harapan manifesto have proven to be not worth the used toilet paper which that ruling coalition document is printed on.

‘Charitable’ Christian Lim Guan Eng has already shown what he’s capable of doing by depriving TAR of the RM59 million the college would normally have received from a BN administration.

His action speaks louder than words. MCA would be fools to buckle under Guan Eng’s bullying.

Instead MCA should call the DAP’s bluff — TAR students who can show that their parents were MCA life members before 2018 get to pay old rate tuition fees.

After all, DAP is making a song-and-dance about TAR being MCA’s own private school. So MCA “might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb” (for the meaning of this quaint English idiom, click here).

Non Chinese may also enjoy exemption from the inevitable fees hike but otherwise, the rest of the TAR students will just have to bear the new cost of increase due to Guan Eng taking away RM59 million funding from TAR.


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3 thoughts on “No reason for Chinese to believe DAP promises

  1. Why bother go anywhere near TAR?

    A Chinese failed accountant can still make it to be a finance minister.

    Well, so long as he turns thick-skinned puffy face, greased head, and party into a bunch of silent running dogs for a miserable despicable tyrant.

    I must say the rapid decline of the already diminished status of the Chinese under the party of running dogs is well-deserved for those who voted it – especially the wide-between-ears who were high after the DAP’s triumph to become servile lapdogs to the Snake Pharaoh.

    I can’t resist asking “Why are you so fcuking stupid to vote the DAP?, proud of your dumb selves now, eh?!”

    Just before the last election, DAP fans were told to spread the word about thinking about “your children’s future”. It seems now the future for DAP fans’ children is a more than likely higher tuition fees.

    So own up, raise your sheep hooves, say you were made jolly damn nodding fools by the Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine of turd-rate snake oil hawkers and fourth-rate political clowns – can you find a funnier sick bunch in gomen?!

    Only recourse now to save whacked face is to show “woke”, turn on your whining mode, turn it to your usual loud and noisy, and shout the party of the running dogs down!

    If you can vote, then express your rage for being conned by the DAP, for the love of TAR, no more lies, no more “promises”, give the DAP a good shagging, vote them out!

    If you can’t vote, you can turn your dumbstruck silence mode to loud and noisy, still express rage. You can even eggspress your anger, dish out some scrambled eggs!

    No need to need to be grateful for my sound advice, I know you guys don’t relish being nodding sheep to those running dogs, go all out and vote the only way you should, whack the Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine where it hurts!

    1. “Lim Guan Eng shot Pakatan’s chances in Tg Piai in the foot”

      Drink plenty of palm oil and the foot in the mouth will heal.

      Elderly emaciated auntie Teresa TokKok would advise that, watch out for her other cure, drinking pineapple juice would help too.

      You’ll get that plenty cheap when entry into the pineapple market would drive the price down and we are stuck with more of DAP’s pineapple jam today, pineapple jam tomorrow..!

      Instead of using energy and time working hard on everything to save our sagging economy, the failed accountant tokong StaLim Guan Eng has plenty of energy and time to bitch the MCA – and play servile running dog to the Snake Pharaoh!

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