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Did chihuahua just bite its master?

Even a tiny running dog can act up and bite the hand that feeds it crumbs.

The little nip is a vengeful but sly way for angry chihuahua to bare its fangs.

First, congrats to the YB elect of Tanjung Piai, Wee Jeck Seng. A well-deserved victory for MCA and uts BN partners and ally.

From early reports of the byelection results, the constituency’s heavily Chinese-majority areas have been turned over.

The Pribumi candidate received a trouncing. It also appears that the Gerakan candidate is going to lose her deposit.

Is the MCA landslide an outcome secretly helped along (engineered behind the scenes) by the DAP?

Today’s emphatic byelection loss could be used to pressure Mahathir to provide a firm and early departure date.

The withdrawal of electoral support for Pribumi in this Johor mixed seat – one that is a demographic template of the Harapan voter base – serves to strengthen Anwar’s hand.

Next move on the chess board is Mahathir’s.


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One thought on “Did chihuahua just bite its master?

  1. Based upon MCA’s track record in Tg. Piai since 2004 and the dissatisfaction with Pakatan over the poor economy, high prices, high cost of living and other issues specific to the Chinese and the Malays, I had expected Wee Jeck Seng to win but not by such as whopping over 15,000 majority. This is a tight slap in the face of Pakatan.

    Congratulations! Wee Jeck Seng.

    As for what comes next, whether Pakatan fractures, they pressure Mahathir to step down, pass a motion of no confidence in him, kick Pribumi out of Pakatan, pressure Mahathir to state a definite timeframe for handover of prime ministership to Anwar or whatever, are all left to be seen.

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