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Gerakan deserve to lose their deposit

I’d have more respect for Gerakan had they quit BN before 9 May 2018.

If the poseur party had been prepared to part ways with the ruling coalition while BN was still the federal government, then their pretense of doing it on principle might have passed muster.

However Gerakan’s craven act of bailing out only after BN conclusively lost Putrajaya smacks of a rat quickly scurrying away from the sinking ship.

What happened to the “all for one” credo, through thick and thin and such like?

Our government-in-waiting (the current opposition until GE15) really does not need a fair-weather friend like Gerakan. Good riddance.

Moreover Gerakan politicos simply do not have their feet planted on planet reality.

As one example, take Ivanpal Singh Grewal who was political secretary to former Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong.

Below is what Ivanpal penned in his Oct 19 column in The Star:

“The pain I felt because of my party’s complete obliteration was assuaged by my belief that our best days, as a nation, were ahead of us.

“However, fast forward 18 months, and Pakatan’s many promises have become great fables and fairy tales.”


In my humble opinion, Ivanpal’s party is deserving surely of the “complete obliteration” it was handed.

I mean, look, this guy – a pol-sec to a Gerakan cabinet minister no less – is still so naive as to have glimpsed an illusionary silver lining behind the dark cloud of the BN’s defeat.

Ivanpal wrote above in his Star article that his pain at the BN’s GE14 loss was assuaged by an optimism that Malaysia would soon see better days under the incoming Harapan government {{SMH}}.

It took him all of 18 months to finally come to the realisation that “Pakatan’s many promises [are] … fairy tales”.

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Hell, I saw through the Pakatan sham nearly a decade ago.

Of course Harapan rule would be an “unmitigated disaster“! This is needless to say.

We, the five percent Chinese BN voters, were fully cognizant of the nature of the beast — we’d very early on already recognized DAP for the running dogs they are.

But with BN political operatives like the naif Ivanpal, no wonder their parties have been completely obliterated. And I see no point in Tg Piai people today helping Gerakan to make a comeback.

As a two-term BN voter, I laud the MCA’s decision to stick with their longtime comrades in Umno and MIC (unlike the faithless and feckless Gerakan).

The demented Dapster chorus calling to vote for Gerakan in Tg Piai shows that the 95 percent Chinese remain brainwashed by DAP to forever hate BN despite MCA’s Wee Jeck Seng being a good MP.

Sad. No hope, no cure for them.


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