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Tg Piai result was a ‘punish’, not a return of Chinese votes to BN



• Wee Jeck Seng: 25,466
• Karmaine Sardini: 10,380


• Wee Jeck Seng: 20,731
• Farid Rafik: 21,255

MCA +4,735 (plus)
Pribumi -10,875 (minus)

MCA gained 4.7k votes — this is new support

Pribumi lost 10.9k votes — this is a tremendous loss of support

Wee’s majority yesterday was huge but it does not signal a big Chinese swingback. There was a return of some Chinese votes, for sure, but not in the region of 15,000.

Karmaine’s deficit of 11,000 compared to his predecessor means that the 11k voters who had turned out for the late incumbent in May last year did not bother to show up yesterday, or a portion switched to the other side.

Tg Piai has been dubbed a “referendum” election. It is a unique set of circumstances peculiar to a particular time.

Using the ‘push’ factor and ‘pull’ factor analogy, the byelection saw a big push against Pribumi, i.e. typical Harapan voters rejected and punished the candidate from Mahathir’s party.

There was a degree of ‘pull’ towards the MCA guy, i.e. he attracted some fresh support.

Nonetheless, the ‘push’ was more than twice the strength of the ‘pull’.

Star Wars: The Emperor May Strike Back

In their election promise, DAP gave Hope to its party faithful that the UEC would be recognized by the Harapan government.

Below are the views and actions of some prominent stakeholders — click on Twitter links:

(1) Mahathir will have the final say (April 2019)

(2) MCA says the promise of UEC recognition is just vote bait (August 2018)

(3) DAP deputy education minister Teo Nie Ching promises to deliver on her party’s promise (July 2018)

(4) Malay nationalist Razlan Rafii linked the inability of Anak-Bangsa-Malaysia Chinese to converse in BM to the minority community’s vernacular schooling (September 2018)

(5) Although there is a special commission report on the UEC, any policy decision will ultimately be made by the executive branch (November 2019)

Since Mahathir has said that only the gomen can decide and he is the gomen, what do you think the forever PM will do now?

DAP supporters had expected UEC to be recognized by last year but they’re still waiting … and waiting … and waiting .… and waiting.

Anti-DAP firebrand Razlan Rafii’s views on the UEC — see below.

Razlan had tweeted to Mahathir at @chedet_cc:

“Ahli-ahli @dapmalaysia ramainya tidak sekolah di Sek Kebangsaan mahupun Jenis Kebangsaan, mereka ini belajar UEC dan tidak faham Bahasa Malaysia, bagaimana nak kerja dengan Kerajaan Malaysia, tak ada sijil Bahasa?”

I’m guessing Mahathir’s views do not stray far from Razlan’s.


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3 thoughts on “Tg Piai result was a ‘punish’, not a return of Chinese votes to BN

  1. Another time bomb waiting to explode. Padan muka to the 95 percent Chinese who chose to believe fairy tales strung by DAP.

  2. However PH wants to dissect the reasons for its utterly miserable defeat, whatever excuses it wants to bleat, the result is a clear and resounding fcuk off to PH – and especially the Snake Pharaoh’s party.

    Pribumi is Pribumutilated in the result.

    It shows that the Malays don’t want the racist M for Monster.

    It was specially charming the audience in the pre-election PH ceremah waited patiently for the Snake Pharaoh’s turn to open his mouth to speak then spite him by walking out on him en masse, how very humiliating!

    But nothing beats the voters chosing the MCA, it is a hard whack across the face of the Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine, all along taking for granted the Chinese would always vote them.

    Or will say and do nothing about the DAP being nothing than a sick bunch of running dogs to the Snake Pharaoh.

    Well, they have shouted out loud to the Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine of running dogs to fcuk off!

    To the voters, and especially the Chinese, the MCA is obviously better than the DAP, it has been a complete waste of energy and time thick-skinned puffy-faced greasehead tokong StaLim Guan Eng spent so much time running down the MCA.

    MCA’s glorious win is more than a hard poke in Tokong’s shifty eye!

    I would advise the Lim Lynasty and the entire DAP’s politburo hang up their dogskins, and call it a day, Save Malaysia, leave politics.

    As for the equally thick-skinned Snake Pharaoh, he’s not going to recover from this mighty defeat, he should cease all his filthy Macaivillain activities, hang up his snakeskin, Save Malaysia, balik Kerala!

    And take Fakir Naik with him, DAP diehard fans can’t wait to stop drinking palm oil!

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