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Don’t underestimate Mahathir doubling down

If the Tanjung Piai byelection was a landslide, then Mahathir is the one suffering from an avalanche of rocks raining on his head.

“It was a byelection where the Chinese wanted to teach the Harapan government an important lesson,” said DAP exco P. Ramasamy, also Penang (II) forever chief minister-in-waiting.

In his media statement Rama also said, “The non-Malays, especially the Chinese […] will continue to cast their protest votes in future unless Harapan changes its present course”.

“Especially the Chinese” have been casting sticks and stones at their former Beloved Tun in the social media following the MCA win.

Najib noticed the stoning and observed in his Facebook post (below) that DAP is the black hand behind the move to scapegoat PM#7 for the Tg Piai debacle.

Mahathir plays political chess at grandmaster level.

DAP as chess players think they’re smart but really they’re not, only sneaky.

Moreover Mahathir is intelligent enough to calculate that the loss of his party candidate on Saturday was less due to the ‘pull’ factor by MCA than to a ‘push’ factor by X.

So who is X? Who has political clout over 95 percent of Chinese voters?

Mahathir is not taken in by the Chinese opera now playing because he himself is a seasoned Tok Dalang in wayang kulit. Under present circumstances, he will just claim that useless DAP is now unable to bring home the Chinese vote for Harapan.

If DAP even remotely figure that Mahathir  ‘Recalcitrant’ Mohamad will succumb to the orchestrated public pressure from cursing Dapsters, then the party should think again.

Watch Mahathir dig in his heels and crush the deranged Bangsar Malaysians under his jackboot.

Me? I’m a happy camper and getting my popcorn and humming the cheery tune below.

Come on, sing along with me!

“Open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and, damn, you’re free
Look into your heart and you’ll find love, love, love, love”

“Listen to the music of the moment, people dance and sing
We’re just one big family … Umno, PAS, MCA and Em-Aye-Cee”

Mahathir must finish his term so as to mega trigger the DAP horde to burst a blood vessel.

His trademark smirk and sarcastic tone gives them an aneurysm every time. High five!!


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4 thoughts on “Don’t underestimate Mahathir doubling down

  1. “Mahathir plays political chess at grandmaster level.”

    Yes, but only when the Macaivillain operator can monkey with or ignore the rules of the game.

    And cheat.

    The old fakir thrives where he is surrounded by cheer groups of crawling sycophants and nodding ignorant fools.

    When faced with the likes of Lee Kuan Yew, he is treated like used loo paper by Old Harry, absolutely no contest, and whacked stupid all over!

    Old Mamak tried playing bridge with Harry too many times.

    The fakir was left standing alone and miserable at the tip of Johore looking longingly over to Singapore.

    And LKY refused to even look at him.

    LKY knew better than playing a game of Crooked Bridge with the shifty, deceptive, sneaky Snake Pharaoh!

    1. Ahhhhhh, you Cinabengs and your damn Superiority Komplek, eh.

      And your LKY worship. Retchworthy.

      Know your place, lah.

      Be a servile toady like Ustazah Helen, kawan.

      (But do exercise more than she does, ya!)

      1. “you Cinabengs and your damn Superiority Komplek”

        The “Cinabengs” ain’t got no “damn Superiority Komplek”.

        That is, if no one is hard up to display Inferiority Complex…

        Grow some “dignity” and anybody else’s “Superiority Komplek” would naturally disappear!

        Btw, “Bengs” do not exist in Malaysia. It is a word from Singapore Chinese vocabulary.

        Pick on a Singapore Chinese, even the “Bengs” most of whom do not indulge in “LKY worship”, and you may really ooze inferiority complex, sorry!

  2. Mari kita semua tengok wayang blockbuster ni…Syioknyeee…Kak Helen, belanja pop corn boleh? ; )

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