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Significance of Mahathir looking east again to Japan

Don’t choose a wrong leader or you will get an Adolf Hitler, Mahathir warned. (Does he deem Anwar an Adolf, one wonders.)

Mahathir extended this caution to Malaysians – now all ready to vote at age 18 – who just completed their training modelled after the Japan Future Leaders School.

These youths are a cohort from the Japan-inspired programme newly created by Mahathir, The Star reported yesterday.

The long-time admiration Mahathir harbours for the Land of the Rising Sun is well known.

It came as no surprise then that in becoming Harapan’s prime minister ‘till the day I die’, he was once more drawn east like a magnet to Japan for his moral compass.

Mahathir has thrice visited there in the past 18 months of his Malaysia Baru administration and in fact, his first official trip abroad as rebooted PM was to where else but Japan.

BELOW: ‘Mahathir renews Malaysia’s love affair with Japan’ first thing 

Fighting spirit … which MCA & Umno lacked in GE14

Mahathir wants Malaysians to emulate the Japanese in being proud of whatever our undertaking.

Japan is a highly nationalistic country (and Mahathir is an ultra nationalist himself too). During WWII, Japan introduced to the world its native word ’kamikazi’ – where Japanese ace pilots embarked on a suicide mission bombing the Allied ships.

Japanese soldiers were renowned for their willingness to die for the motherland without skipping a heartbeat. Their forefathers were, after all, samurai warriors whose bushido code emphasized honour and courage.

After the Second World War, stragglers hiding in remote jungles continued fighting for years not realizing that the Imperial Japanese Army had already surrendered to General Douglas MacArthur. After losing contact with their commanding officer, these Japanese foot soldiers were not transmitted crucial news that the war was over.

There’s no one to compare with the Japanese for nationalistic pride although Germany – Japan‘s wartime ally in the Axis powers – used to come a close second. But Frau Merkel has since changed all that.

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Mahathir: “because I am a Malay”

Mahathir wants Malaysia to emulate Japan. He aspires to a cohesive society, one that will not easily “crumble”.

His model Japan is a country of one race, one religion, one language, one culture.

Mahathir believes in total assimilation – read his Malay Dilemma. As recently as only a month ago, Mahathir reiterated, “Other multiracial countries see non-indigenous people identifying themselves with the indigenous citizens almost completely.

At the Kongres Amanat Mahathir in October, the prime minister of Hope said Tanah Melayu was coerced into accepting “orang asing” in exchange for independence from the British.

Later explaining his controversial speech, Mahathir wrote, “I attended the Congress on Malay dignity – (maruah) because I am a Malay”.

The ’orang asing’ who were undeserving of citizenship 

He posted in his blog on Oct 25:

“When the former colonies of the European nations gained independence, many discriminated against the non-Indigenous people. Some had to leave the country. Some were violently attacked.

“Not so in this country. The non-indigenous people were accepted as citizens. In fact, 1 million of the non-indigenous people were given citizenship even though they were not qualified.”

Examples of orang asing (who were brought in by the British) being forced to leave their host country are Burma’s Indian exodus and Uganda’s expulsion of Indians.

According to Mahathir, the non pribumi elsewhere in the former colonial states were even “violently attacked” and how fortunate it is that the non-indigenous guest workers in Malaya were neither attacked nor asked to leave the country.

Furthermore, “1 million of the non-indigenous people were given citizenship even though they were not qualified”.

This one million that gained Merdeka citizenship were not of the same race, of the same religion, of the same language or of the same culture as the indigenous people of Tanah Melayu.

Japan is an ethno state where its people speak the Japanese language, practise Japanese customs and traditions, and adhere to a unique shinto religion.

Defending himself against criticisms of the Kongres Maruah Melayu, Mahathir shot back that his critics still “retain their identification with their countries of origin even after being in Malaysia and holding its citizenship for three generations”.

He complained additionally, “They do not want to lose their racial identities. They manifest this ethnic link through their language, culture, schools and ethnic organizations”. It was Mahathir’s shot across the bow at Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indians.

BELOW: Breakdown of the “one million” figure cited by Mahathir as those gifted easy citizenship in Malaya, 1957-1960


Japan puts diverse multicultural societies to shame 

Japanese homogeneity makes them a “high trust” society.

Trustworthiness is a vaunted feature of the Japanese national character. For instance, Japan is famous for its honest passersby returning many expensive or valuable items to Lost & Found kiosks – such as cameras and passports misplaced/carelessly dropped in train stations or tourist destinations.

Last year, a record 3.84 billion yen (RM147 million) in lost cash was turned over to Tokyo police stations. This means that if you lose your wallet in Japan, you’re going to be able to recover it with all your money intact.

The civic consciousness of the Japanese is equally legendary. Japan’s national football team caught global attention at the 2018 World Cup for their good manners and sportsmanship – see news story below.

The admirable Japanese behaviour described above is only possible because Japan has a cohesive society.

Their high trust society is only possible because Japan is mono ethnic, monocultural and monolingual. They emphatically reject immigration, i.e. the “open borders” globalist policy and are adamantly unaccepting of foreigners (orang asing).

In the era of the Tokugawa shogunate, Christianity was banned and Christian missionaries literally crucified on stakes by the Japanese warlords.

By comparison, see our modern era where the Hallelujah Horde has today taken to the streets in Hong Kong. On the other hand, neighbouring Japan – in its historic wisdom – had protected the country from non-indegenous influences.

Plural societies preaching hopeless diversity are instead failing everywhere. Multiculturalism is a failed project. Mahathir (as the Dapsters like despair) is “a leopard that cannot change its spots”. Indeed he has never deviated from his Malay Dilemma thesis.

Japan … one race, one religion, one language, one culture. And ‘I-am-Malay’-Mahathir is an admirer of Japan and the Japanese ethic. Why do you think that is?


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5 thoughts on “Significance of Mahathir looking east again to Japan

  1. but japanese look west, they admire n envy the west more than any others. the japanese is very secular, they believe in race n cultural superiority, they are both collective n individualistic depending on issue, i doubt both islamic / chinese culture can easily change to adapt to the japanese way including their working attitude, malay lack individulistic while chinese are too individualistic. mahathir always want something but refuse to give up something, thats why he is essentially a very poor performer, too bad msian until today still have to count on him, in short, msian are stupid.

    1. Mahathir elected by Harapan voters; not by BN voters … rotfl

      It was not BN voters who were convinced he was going to ‘Save Malaysia’ … lmao

      I’m OD-ing on popcorn just being entertained by the show.

      1. lol, but u cant deny it is pas n many from bn that want mahathir to stay on, whatever their intentions, so i am not wrong to claim msian, be it bn or pr or pas still think this old man can do magic.

        i believe only mahathir can kick out umno, i always perceived mahathir as a astute politician but lacking the capability to manage msia, 22 years is enough evidence of that, n i also assertrd before that after defeated najib, pr must find a way to distance themselves from mahathir, i admit i am a bit naive on the willpower of the pr politician, n their ability to carry through any reform or transformation, but i do hope the voters can play a major role to speak up, to learn n develop what democracy right is about.

        btw i recall my writes all this while never use the term save msia or new msia, i dun believe in that, i abhor authoritarian, be it bn pr ccp or pap, i never believe dap is abt democracy, i do believe multiculturalism is the way forward, at least in our msia context.

        1. I want to see Mahathir stay on too. He’s the only one capable of slapping DAP black and blue … big grin, from ear to ear.

  2. It was claimed Old Adolf said “Ein Volk , ein Reich, ein Führer”.

    That’s something close to the black heart of our very own Hitler, though the famous act was the fascist Hitler-Himmler one with Anwar the Himmler, who was the heavy and dirty hands executing the foul work and foul speech of his then fuhrer.

    These days, we have the running dogs of the Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine doing the same for their fuhrer, the Snake Pharaoh.

    Not far from now, we’ll have our Hitler unceremoniously dumping his DAP running dogs like he did Anwar, either when they ceased to be of any use – or when the running dogs dare bark against their fuhrer.

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