7 thoughts on “Yesterday in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Is that a metaphor for M for Monster’s “if it is not the highway, it is my way”? And, “I did it my way”?

    Or is that metaphor for the half-baked result of a madrasah engineering education via the non-piecemeal holelistic approach of the minister for black shoes, his holemeal solution, holey cow?!

    Or is that yet another hole in one scored by the PH gomen – on the fast road to nowhere?

    Or is the hole thing simply the admirable result of “Look East”, the Snake Pharaoh adopted the Nipponese solution to space-saving parking?

    Well, whatever it is, it’s a Hole Lotta Love from me!

  2. … or could it be yet another of PH’s spectacular roadshow, hole loada bangs for bucks?

    Driver must be getting that sinking feeling it definitely is!

  3. Ha ha! Kind of symbolic.

    If you scroll down you will see a picture of the car with the Maharajalela monorial station behind it.

    As a matter of interest, there is massive construction going on on the hill behind Kampung Attap to the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

    Could this have caused the soil under the road to sink?

  4. Knowing it is M for Monster’s style blaming others for anything and everything, could Noddy the driver be accused of hogging the hole road?

    Interestingly, it can only be a scene from Malaysian “normal” life, nobody stopped to see if driver was alright.

    Then again, it could be one of those super high-tech advanced technology driver-less cars, the Malaysian design naturally had the non-existent driver with his non-existent brain and M for Monster’s lack of “20/20″ of vision, drove expertly into another expensive fine mess in that non-existent Multimedia Super Highway”!

    But, of course, it could just be a Malaysian flying car ran out of battery after one minute.

    Just my two ringgit’s worth, it used to be two sens but we all know what happened to our currency, it all went south just like that poor heap of cheap tin, our country is rudderless with the PH gomen with it’s great helmsman famous for his “child”, that other crap “car” that ate one big gigantic hole into our meagre national wealth…

  5. “Noddy from Enid Blyton?”

    No, not that one.

    The Angmoh (Brit errr public school ones) use noddy to mean stupid, idiot, polite form of oik.

    I wanted to use numpty at first, but thought it might be rather too charming…

    I could have used dumbo. But Malaysians educated in the University of Disneyland might think I meant an elephant.

    Still, I have no bad wish for the poor driver if the car was not a Malaysian driver-less wonder, hope driver wasn’t injured.

    I couldn’t read when I was 7, I looked at the pictures in Beano magazines, though I must say I did learn geography rather early, studying contours in girly magazines, all was not lost on me…

    I shudder to think the future of education under the minister for black shoes… there is a theory that the murderous jihadi terrorists became so (vile, vicious pervs) because of their background of sexual repression, but that is a topic for future delectation…

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