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Chin Peng: Mahathir 2013 vs Mahathir 2019

Chin Peng’s communists “were prepared to use extreme violence”, wrote Mahathir in his 2 Oct 2013 chedet blog post.

The kominis guerrillas “planted booby traps which caused many policemen and soldiers to lose their legs, arms and eyesight”, Mahathir penned in his chedet essay which was picked up by the New Straits Times.

Chin Peng and his band of sadists had not only mutilated the soldiers but also committed atrocities on civilians, added Mahathir.

Chin Peng’s men hammered nail through girl’s head

Writing in Singapore publication Today, historian Kumar Ramakrishna said:

“In Johore, guerrillas shot dead a Chinese squatter, hacked his wife to death with a parang, set their hut alight and threw their eight-year-old daughter into the flames.

“In Perak, Chin Peng’s men hammered a nail through a Chinese girl’s head.

“At Pantai Seremban, two young men were battered to death by guerrillas wielding cangkuls. Even captured guerrillas admitted that the tortures were ‘too horrible for description’, while a late 1952 police report noted that this ‘senseless cruelty’ was typical of ‘hundreds of similar incidents’ throughout the country.

“This is precisely why at the Baling Peace Talks in December 1955, Singapore Chief Minister David Marshall asked Chin Peng what he was fighting for. When the CPM chief replied the ‘dignity of man’, Marshall replied caustically that employing violence to secure public compliance with an ideology they did not want was not compatible with the ‘dignity of man’. Tellingly, Chin Peng’s only response was that they had different outlooks and he was not going to argue about it.”

Professor Kumar’s article titled ‘Chin Peng: A fanatic but no hero’ was published on 30 Sept 2013.

What Singapore Chief Minister David Marshall said in 1955 – as quoted by Prof. Kumar above – about communists in Malaya “employing violence to secure public compliance with an ideology” reminds me of a similarly fanatical group of ideological thugs c. 2008-2018 who managed to secure the compliance of 95 percent of a certain community into agreeing with or supporting their own latter day political ideology.

But to return to Mahathir, he had written in the same chedet post, “In the 1969 General Elections, the CPM defied the Government by holding a funeral procession to arouse hatred against the Alliance party. This contributed to the inter-racial tension and the subsequent riots”.

Pi mai pi mai tang tu … seekor saja si kucing yang menang Game of Thrones jugak either which way.

Six years ago, Mahathir had thought the communists of 1969 to be a troublemaking group of hate mongers who contributed to sparking the May 13 riots.

Today it is not quite clear what Mahathir is trying to say about the brouhaha over Chin Peng’s scattered ashes but you can listen for yourself in the video below where he speaks to reporters.



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  1. maybe mahathir rather look forward, unlike umno n pas that keep looking backward. luckily we didnt choose umno n pas.

      1. no, our pm now a change man, he evolve, he become progressive, he is now less racial n want the malay to treasure dignity, he is a great leader, he can now work with lks, cp, trump, kim, xi, n everyone for our betterment, he is now a noble muslim, unlike that corrupt umno n racist pas.

  2. We seem to be terrified of a pretty dead ventriloquist’s doll too!

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