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Don’t worry, be happy

Malaysians are “in a state of maximum worry”, one new survey (above) by a research outfit headed by Pribumi supreme council member Rais Hussin has found.

EMIR Research’s inaugural National Worry Index concluded that Malaysians are suffering extremely high levels of anxiety in four major areas.

These four factors are the skyrocketing cost of living, lack of jobs, poor economy and feelings of insecurity; the last finding relating to fears for their safety is recorded most acutely among the well-to-do (i.e those earning more than RM5,001 a month).

BELOW: Oh dear … are Malaysia’s moneyed class worried that the peasants will soon be coming after them with their pitchforks?

From my personal experience, nobody I’ve spoken to the past 18 months has ever said that his business was improved or his income increased or expenditure not been impacted by inflation.

On the contrary, everybody vented their grievances at the Harapan gomen albeit at varying degrees of disappointment.

Tsk, tsk, tsk … oh ye of little faith.

Y’all had harboured such great hopes for New Malaysia. Remember how euphoric the lot of you were on the night of 9 May 2018? Practically over the moon and crowing like puffed peacocks.

Patience lah. Sabar itu separuh daripada iman.

The journey of a thousand li begins with the first step — which occurred when your Beloved Tun reconquered Putrajaya, and DAP warrior heroes set foot in glorious ministerial suites.

There are still 1,256 days left to the fifth anniversary of regime change.

In the coming next three years, five months and nine days, your precious demigods – whom you pinned your fat Hope on – may still deliver on the wonderful goods promised you in Buku Harapan/manifesto. 

So what’s this nonsense about Malaysian anxiety going off the charts?

Don’t worry, be happy … “atok sudah tua”. Dapsters should patiently chew the cud – must-watch enjoyable video below – while they wait for all good things to come to them.


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3 thoughts on “Don’t worry, be happy

  1. My friends and I had regularly gone for dinner at this Chinese restaurant, Sam You on Jalan SS3/66 since around 2010 plus or minus. It is a neighbourhood restaurant in a cluster of shoplots in SS3 and has a more informal atmosphere, which I and my friends prefer, and it was popular with PJ-ites, with most tables occupied at peak dinner time – i.e. around 8pm, and many ethnic Indians patronised this branch.

    Recently, one of those friends told me that he had heard that Sam You in SS3 had closed down due to poor business. Prior to this, I and my friend had noticed a declining number of customers patronising this restaurant, even at peak dinner hours and when we asked, the manager admitted that business had slowed down.

    However, just to make sure for myself, I went to check out the place on 28 November 2019 at around 10.30pm and saw a “For Sale” or a “For Rent” sign hanging outside it. The place was dark, the shutters were drawn down and the ceiling fans in the open air part had all been removed though I couldn’t see inside the air conditined part.

    However the Sam You Chinese restaurant on Jalan 52/4, “PJ State” which is owned by the same management is still operating, though this is a posher restaurant than the one in SS3, and also pretty popular.

    A Google search yielded a Sam You Seafood Restaurant in Seri Kembangan but not sure that it’s part of the same chain and I’ve never been there.

    Earlier on 17 October 2019, I found that the Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar restaurant in a corner lot of the PJ 33 (formerly Jaya 33commercial and mall complex in Section 13, Petaling Jaya had closed down. I managed to take a picture through the side glass pane and found all the chairs and tables stacked together, ready to be removed.

    However, this particular Kayu outlet in PJ 33 was was not particularly popular, unlike its huge outlet in SS2, as it tended to close early at around 8.30pm.

    Perhaps its poor patronage was due to it being in the wrong location, where the office workers and visitors there appear to prefer the pricier, more upmarket eateries and more western of Chinese oriented eateries and chain cafes in PJ 33, including the posh Oriental Pavilion restaurant upstairs, all of which are doing OK.

    Besides that, I have noticed that the escalators in the Jaya Shopping Centre in Section 14, Petaling Jaya out of service for longer more recently.

    Also there was that incident in early November 2019, where a man’s leg was broken by an escalator in an un-named shopping complex on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

    I never observed escalator breakdowns left unrepaired for long periods nor read of escalator steps collapsing and the person on it falling in or their leg being broken before GE14.

    1. “Sam You”

      Any relation to Sam Ting, also a restauranteur?

      He ran the Paddy O’Reilly’s Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco.

      During the time when migrants were (almost) welcome to the Land of the Free (as cheap labour), there was this Irish fella standing in front of a Chinese in a massive immigration queue.

      Immigration fella asked the Irishman his name, he replied “Paddy O’Reilly”.

      Paddy’s paper got stamped (“chopped” in Malaysia), and he walked off.

      Chinese fella walked up, and immigration fella asked “What’s your name?”

      Chinese fella replied “Sam Ting”.

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