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Chinese schools could be abolished … how now DAP?

There have been many calls for decades to do away with Chinese schools. Now it looks increasingly likely to happen.

In his Facebook yesterday, Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin or popularly known as Dr Maza endorsed a resuscitated petition (below) to close all vernacular schools — see below. Continue reading “Chinese schools could be abolished … how now DAP?”

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Amanat Hadi 2.0

Dipaparkan di bawah beberapa sedutan ringkas daripada kenyataan akhbar yang dikeluarkan Abdul Hadi Awang kelmarin. Dalam ulasan beliau bertarikh 29 Disember, presiden PAS tersebut berkata:

 “Dalam peta zaman dahulu, Rantau Nusantara dikenali dengan nama Alam Melayu, selain ada Benua China dan Benua Keling (benua kecil India, istilah yang digunakan dalam bahasa dahulu) sebelum penduduk di sini mengenali dunia yang lebih luas.”

•  “Sepatutnya kalangan yang betul ilmu pengetahuannya memahami keadaan alam ini di mana negerinya berada dan bumi tempat dia berpijak.” Continue reading “Amanat Hadi 2.0”

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Jawi now to go ahead, eh, Lim Khat Siang?

The 2020 school term starts next week. The contested Jawi component is also in the Standard Four textbook. Once the pupils report for class, it’s all systems go.

DAP is nothing but a snafu. Its Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching dropped the ball while the groveling Lims are clearly missing theirs. Continue reading “Jawi now to go ahead, eh, Lim Khat Siang?”

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Remember, remember the 28th of December

28 Dec 2019 — the day DAP did nothing. Mark this watershed date.

Today is D-Day … DAP’s Do Nothing Day.

A day when the Dumbstruck Apek Party left its tiny chihuahua paw print on the pages of Malaysian history as a useless footnote — only to be forever remembered as having betrayed its Chinese voter base. Continue reading “Remember, remember the 28th of December”

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The kind of greed that Jho Low grew up on

This Christmas season is leaving independent journalist Anil Netto with a severe hangover. Not from the bubbly but because his poor head is simply spinning from the dizzying pace of ‘development’ projects taking place in his Penang hometown. Cukup pening bah.

And if he were alive today, Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore would pengsan terus at “the manifest greed on display in Penang”, complains Anil. “Pure, unadulterated greed”. Sad. Continue reading “The kind of greed that Jho Low grew up on”

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40,000 Christians petition for pastor Raymond Koh’s safe return

Today is Christmas eve; tomorrow will be the third year running that the Koh family will be without their husband and father as Christians everywhere else celebrate the birth of their Lord.

“Where is Raymond Koh?” — his brothers and sisters in Christ from all around the world (below) are still asking even though DAP, his own country’s Christian-dominated ruling party, has all but forgotten about the pastor’s plight. Continue reading “40,000 Christians petition for pastor Raymond Koh’s safe return”

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Dear Firsters, we’re now living in a tropical country lah

Lim Khat Siang swears so very loudly that he’s “Malaysian First”.

He and his DAP Firsters in Pakistan Harapan claim that they always put their prized Malaysian nationality ahead of those who prioritize their race (“Melayu First” Muhyiddin) or who prioritize their religion, e.g. Hadi Awang who insists that the ummah’s allegiance to fellow Muslims transcends national boundaries. Continue reading “Dear Firsters, we’re now living in a tropical country lah”

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Betrayed big time

Who has suffered the most betrayal? Sketched below is a quick thumbnail of the following issues — Jawi lessons, UEC, Icerd, Rome Statute and TAR College funding.

(1) The cabinet decision that had seemingly put a lid on teaching Jawi in school was “just a guise meant to momentarily pacify the frustrated public”, said a Sin Chew opinion editorial yesterday headlined ‘Betrayal of public trust’.

Continue reading “Betrayed big time”

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Brexit voters are “stupid”, Labour top gun alleged to have said

One of the frontrunners to be the next leader of the Labour Party, Emily Thornberry (below), is quoted by her party colleagues as saying “I’m glad my constituents aren’t as stupid as yours”.

Thornberry, who is anti Brexit, successfully retained her parliament seat of Islington South in the British snap election. Her constituency neighbours that of Jeremy Corbyn’s in Islington North. Continue reading “Brexit voters are “stupid”, Labour top gun alleged to have said”

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Woohoo! Labour buried under Tory landslide

FINAL UPDATE: Tories 364 seats, Labour 202. There’s still one last seat left to be called. Labour has suffered a bloodbath – losing a total of 60 seats so far.

Exit polls predict the Conservatives headed for a big win in the UK snap election, taking 368 seats to Labour’s 191.

British voters have emphatically turned against the ‘Ubah’ Labour party peddling its false Hope and impossible promises. (And the same fate awaits the DAP.)

Continue reading “Woohoo! Labour buried under Tory landslide”

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Leaders pretending to be squeaky clean & scandal free are actually corrupt liars

Excerpts from an article yesterday titled ‘Obama and Biden: Three Scandals, One Day’ by Julie Kelly.

“The American public often is reminded, usually by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and their loyalists in the American news media, that Obama’s eight-year reign was ‘scandal-free’.” [Ms Kelly calls bullshit.] Continue reading “Leaders pretending to be squeaky clean & scandal free are actually corrupt liars”

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Yes, Chin Peng’s ashes are spooky … here’s why

The Chinese-majority groupthink that smears ordinary Malays possessing a long memory of the Emergency as being “supremacist” is mind-boggling to say the least. To impugn the Dapsters as simply clueless is too kind an understatement. They’re really mindless lemmings dashing to the edge of the cliff. Continue reading “Yes, Chin Peng’s ashes are spooky … here’s why”

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DAP must tell us where is pastor Raymond Koh

“The victims of injustice cannot rest in peace until truth and justice have been restored to them,” said Suaram adviser Dr Kua Kia Soong yesterday in his keynote address to the Human Rights Week event participants at the KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

Among other things, human rights group Suaram wants to know the whereabouts of missing pastor Raymond Koh – who was a victim of enforced disappearance – in order for bringing closure and restorative justice to his family, and putting an end to “the culture of impunity”.

CHEAP … personal loss suffered by the Koh and Teoh (Beng Hock) families exploited as vote bait by the DAP Continue reading “DAP must tell us where is pastor Raymond Koh”