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DAP must tell us where is pastor Raymond Koh

“The victims of injustice cannot rest in peace until truth and justice have been restored to them,” said Suaram adviser Dr Kua Kia Soong yesterday in his keynote address to the Human Rights Week event participants at the KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

Among other things, human rights group Suaram wants to know the whereabouts of missing pastor Raymond Koh – who was a victim of enforced disappearance – in order for bringing closure and restorative justice to his family, and putting an end to “the culture of impunity”.

CHEAP … personal loss suffered by the Koh and Teoh (Beng Hock) families exploited as vote bait by the DAP

“We stand at the cusp of a visionary year, 2020,” recalled Dr Kua.

A ‘New Malaysia’ — the DAP and its evangelistas had promised their sheeple. Faith, Hope & Charity are the Christian values invoked by the DAP evangelicals but their oversold Hope has turned to ashes in the mouth.

Harapan attained federal power on the back of Chinese and Christian votes but what their voter base got in return have only been U-turns and backpedalling by the “supine” DAP doormat. (The 42 MPs party only dare bully the two MPs MCA but genuflects to Mahathir and his Pribumi.)

BELOW: Susanna Liew, wife of Raymond Koh, has become the face of Christian persecution in Malaysia

Christians claim they’re persecuted all around the world and that as minorities in Muslim countries, they are being severely deprived of their human rights or even at risk of genocide in certain dangerous places.

See recent news headlined ‘Recognizing The Phenomenon Of The Persecution Of Christians Globally’ in Forbes magazine below.

The 2nd International Conference on Christian Persecution had drawn bigshot representatives of the faith to gather in Budapest last week (Nov 26-28).

Christian world leaders, bishops, patriarchs and ambassadors, including the Lebanon foreign minister, met to discuss the urgency of current religious oppression. Note: Lebanon is the multi-religious country closest to Malaysia in its Muslim population ratio. 

Race & Religion: Hostility to The Other

According to the Social Hostilities Index collated by Pew Research Center, Malaysia ranks “High” along with Saudi Arabia and Myanmar — see table below.

The countries scoring “Very High” on the social hostility scale include war-torn Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and conflict-ridden Israel.

Altogether 198 countries were surveyed and Malaysia sits in a worrying cohort (top 15%) where religious tensions are considered bad.

Similarly monitoring global Christian persecution is the Open Doors annual ranking which compiles the top 50 countries where oppression of the Jesus flock is deemed “most extreme” — see map below.

Malaysia also makes it to this World Watch List 2019.

The UK-based Open Doors makes a special mention of our disappeared missionaries in its Malaysia writeup even though the Christian-dominant DAP seems to have forgotten about pastor Raymond Koh since Harapan’s successful capture of Putrajaya.

Evangelistas are exploding in Asia

There were some significant trends in the development and spread of Christianity around the world this year.

Massachusetts‘ Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary publishes an annual status report and its most recent update included some predictable findings.

Nobody should be surprised that Pentecostals (Charismatic such as the Assembly of God churches) and evangelicals are the fastest growing among Christian groups. “There are more evangelism opportunities for Christians than ever,” wrote Facts & Trends online editor Aaron Earls.

The centre of Christianity has moreover moved away from Europe, whereby the number of white Christians will be surpassed by the number of brown Christians in blue ocean Asia circa the year 2050. “The faith is exploding in Asia …”.

Phenomenal rate of conversion to Christianity

Over the last century, Christianity has made its biggest inroads into the African continent — see stats tweeted below.

For example, Botswana has presently 70 percent Christians whereas its population was only 14 percent Christian in 1900.

Even more impressive is the growth of Christianity in Cameroon where the country is today 60 percent Christian,  starting from a minuscule base of less than half of one percent (0.4%).

Chad is currently 35 percent Christian compared to 1900 when there were no Christians.

A model success story must surely be the Democratic Republic of the Congo as Christians there make up a whopping 95.7 percent of the population.

The next big boom, however, is projected to occur in the Asia-Pacific region.

Singapore is Christianity’s fastest growing Asian country. The influential Hong Kong Christians are complaining that they are being singled out for persecution by China.

Malaysia’s own born-again Christian Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng is also telling the world that Umno and PAS are targeting non Muslims here while his fellow DAP lawmakers are claiming that Malaysia is going to become Taliban Land.



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  1. The Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us have done nothing honest about its own Teoh Beng Hock, and that’s a very long time since the poor guy died for the party.

    And the Almighty has never answered any prayer from Hippo Hannah…

    The DAP’s “religious” only love to dress up as “Malays” and “Muslims” to fool others how “nice”. “accepting”, “tolerant”, and full of “love” they are.

    A religion is of the heart (for the genuine believer), it’s not how you look on the outside.

    The whole exercise of external appearance is dishonest – go tell a Muslim Jesus is the son of G*d, see if s/he would accept that, never mind all the rest of it.

    I won’t hold my breath, those DAP religious hypocrites and frauds would do anything useful for Raymond Koh etc either.

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