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2020 is Year of Mahathir

So, another round of luar tabii allegations surface against Anwar, and the fat HOPErs really thought they had ushered in their Malaysia Baru utopia. A New Malaysia? Same old, same old what, no?

Recycled accusations.

Recycled PM.

BELOW: One Day in the Year of the Fox

Dear Dapsters, as you rant and curse away feeling outraged in your little echo chambers today, please keep it in your thick numbskulls that 95 percent voting bloc which propelled Mahathir into power.

Never heard of the adage ‘Once bitten (1981-2003), twice shy (2018 till forevah, yeeaah …) huh?

And what does it say about voters who still must insist on Wash (Bersih), Rinse (Baru), Repeat (Bodoh).

DAP and their Beloved Tun

Padan muka lah if y’all prefer to be sadomasochists who are suckers for punishment, don’t let us stop you.

It’s just another three-plus weeks before we transit to 2020 — Mahathir’s visionary year where he has promised “shared prosperity”.

Twenty-twenty double happiness twice over. Must yamseng that Kool Aid the Dapsters have been drinking.

Politics has never been so entertaining, lulz. Don’t worry, be happy.


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