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Its secular base must ask DAP to clarify on RUU355

Dapsters are mighty upset over MIC’s stance (below) on RUU355.

The following screenshot shows a typical subscriber comment in Malaysiakini.

In his/her comment, Anon accused certain MCA, Gerakan and clan leaders as being “notorious Chinese traitors” who had allegedly supported PAS’s earlier move to further entrench Islsmic law and the Islamization process.

He/she additionally labeled this group of non-DAP (i.e. MCA & Gerakan) Chinese as “pariah”.

Now look at the photo below of the Chinese protesters (pre-GE14) wearing “Sokong hudud” green armbands.

Note: I do not know the identity of these people in the photo other than that their pix was taken during one of Pakatan’s anti-GST demos and bylined to Malaysiakini.

But if the three Chinese hudud supporters actually belong to MCA, I’m willing to eat my hat or Hannah Yeoh’s tudung.

The green armband-wearing Chinese were supporters of the then opposition (before Pakatan captured Putrajaya) which at that time still consisted of PAS.

Members of the Malaysiakini mob – such as the Anon screengrabbed above – making “Chinese traitor” remarks against MCA have a skewed and selective memory.

They should instead be asking DAP to clarify its Harapan allies Amanah and Pribumi’s position on RUU355.

Surely DAP’s 95 percent “secular” Chinese base would want to know clearly.

Rather than venting at MCA and Gerakan, Anon should first ask DAP’s Chinese tudung-wearing Selangor Aduns below on their stance regarding RUU355.


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3 thoughts on “Its secular base must ask DAP to clarify on RUU355

  1. “…or Hannah Yeoh’s tudung”

    Wash scrubber “Holy” Hippo Hannah’s kway teow fryer pork grease off first!

    1. Since there’s no way that those hudud supporters are MCA (they’re most likely DAP), there’s zero chance that I will need to eat my hat or Hannah’s tudung.

      Her devoted Jerusubang followers can instead keep and venerate the Hannah tudung as their holy relic.

      1. Whoever shalt inherit the holy relic should do a few “Bersih” on it before displaying it for worship.

        Errr… unfortunately, “Bersih” doesn’t work on anything PH especially.

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