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Leaders pretending to be squeaky clean & scandal free are actually corrupt liars

Excerpts from an article yesterday titled ‘Obama and Biden: Three Scandals, One Day’ by Julie Kelly.

“The American public often is reminded, usually by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and their loyalists in the American news media, that Obama’s eight-year reign was ‘scandal-free’.” [Ms Kelly calls bullshit.]

[In truth] ”… the Obama Administration was among the most corrupt in U.S. history. And they have laughed all the way to Martha’s Vineyard and the Democratic presidential debate stage.”

”So truth-seekers should be gratified that on one day – Monday, December 9, 2019 – the spin and subterfuge that the Obama White House successfully employed to hide their rampant malfeasance started to collapse under the full weight of its deceit and hubris.”

Bersih? My arse!

“Three scandals – the Russian collusion hoax, Burisma, and the disastrous Afghanistan war – blew up in their self-proclaimed ‘scandal-free’ faces.”

“The Justice Department’s inspector general released his long-awaited report on the FBI investigation into Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.”

U.S. Attorney John Durham, the prosecutor investigating how Obama’s FBI surveilled [spied on] the Trump campaign, had “announced earlier this year that his investigation is now a criminal one”.

“There was more bad news Monday for the [~ snort ~] squeaky-clean Obama administration”.

To read more about how Obama’s media-cultivated image is imploding, go to Kelly’s commentary published in the  American Greatness news magazine.




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4 thoughts on “Leaders pretending to be squeaky clean & scandal free are actually corrupt liars

  1. “Leaders pretending to be squeaky clean & scandal free are actually corrupt liars”

    Tokongs of the Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine have already declared their dad M for Monster free of corruption, the Snake Pharaoh has “changed”. They have been doing since before the last election.

    Unfortunately, the Snake Pharaoh changed from an utterly corrupt tyrant to an even more utterly corrupt tyrant.

    And the DAP is not even “squeaky”, no one from the Lim Lynasty or the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine dares make the tiniest squeak against the screaming excesses of M for Monster.

    Talk ’bout running dogs being useless chickens..!

    Btw, if that is “My arse!”, that’s a mighty fine one! If Holy Hippo Hannah owns something half that, I would happily forget her hypocrisy and her fake-Muslim act. I would even tolerate she looks like the back of a lorry, tudung or two dung on her..!

    Make sure our holy perverts don’t make a big feast of the holy arse pic condemning the fine exposure of skin from the ankle up..!

    May I arse and it shalt be given unto me, more useful pics, please, thank you, and Amen?!

    Mmmm… if only at least two of our morally bankrupt and physically repulsive politicians can half look two percent of that fine piece of architecture… *sigh*

  2. Hmm u know that that controversies are mostly right wing conspiracy theories right?
    But I’m not saying obama and bidens are squeaky clean

      1. Our politicians are specifically shitshifting freakin’ lizards.

        Grotesque creatures, space wasting, eat everything, useless in any food chain.

        Still, they do run Malaysia.

        Run it to the ground, too.

        Btw, Zuckerbot is a Yahudi, though, unlike our corrupt politicians, totally capable of generating plenty of money. He’s filthy rich too – and married to a Chinese.

        He can only be a lizard!

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