2 thoughts on “UEC — quiet as a church mouse

  1. After the ‘abu’ incident, now we know:
    1. d4p – communist lepakking club. Communist thick blood and heritage
    2. vernacular school – neo-communist breeding
    3. dong zong – communist ideology
    4. uec – communist, certified!
    All resurfaced in Malaysia Baru

    1. Aiyah… “Communist”, “communism” old hat bogey laaah..!

      The DAP would be more interesting – even more relevant if they were “communists”.

      At least the Chinese “communists” deliver, solved in a big way China’s poverty – when Bolehland still clumsily fakes its poverty statistics – and is barely out of the Stone Age in any measure of progress, growth, civilisation…

      Our politicians with their fetish with the keris would scare off any “communist” any time, do have a bit of faith..!

      Malaysia should worry more about the NED and its stooge trojans than any “communist”.

      And worry more about those jihadi terrorists… those with no bananas to take on the Zionists, help the Palestinians, but kacau the Syrians, other Muslims, and their own kind in their real homeland!

      Why not mind one’s own business, not go all the way to some foreign parts fighting and dying over any kaypoh cause, stay home “fight” some imaginary “communist” – and have a long life instead..?!

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