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Widespread anger that political parties take voters for fools

The UK is holding its snap election tomorrow.

British voters casting their ballots on Thursday are unanimous in one thing – they’re all angry.

Across the board – whether Conservative (Con) remainers, Conservative leavers or Brexiteers, Labour (Lab) remainers, Labour leavers or Liberal Democrats (Lib Dem) who are generally pro-Remain – there is a consensus among the electorate surveyed (see chart below) that elites and members of the political establishment consider British voters to be bodoh.

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See red-coloured bar graph indicating “angry that they take voters for fools” as far and away the most popular response. The opinion poll results above are of a final round of interviews conducted Dec 5-9 by pollster Lord Ashcroft. (2017 refers to year of the UK’s last general election when Theresa May lost her parliamentary majority.)

The Angry’-they-regard-us-as-stoopid answer topped five multiple choice replies to the question: “When you hear parties make spending promises that you think are unrealistic, [what] is usually your reaction?”

Helen’s side note: I’m mildly surprised that so many Dapster suckers are still clinging to the delusion that their sainted politicians can walk on water.


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One thought on “Widespread anger that political parties take voters for fools

  1. Yes, contrary to what many Malaysians think, there are more fools among us than most would imagine – or deny.

    Weren’t the fools made to be angry about everything and to vote for the DAP, PKR… and even that racist party of M for Monster?

    And didn’t the fools vote in those who can’t deliver on their promises, can’t run a half-alive gomen?

    Trust them fools to lift their sarongs to cover their utterly humiliated faces they have been taken for fools and taken for a great ride by our dishonest political operators.

    In most countries, voters can own up for being made fools.

    And they are no fools the second time round.

    Not Malaysia.

    Many Malaysian would continue to deny being made fools, allow the likes of the Lim Lynasty, the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine, the apartheid party of M the Monster to continue to ride them like grateful donkeys or unthinking sheep.

    You can’t fool all of them all of the time – but try Malaysians.

    You can.

    Btw, that Yahudi Gilad Atzmon (and other Yahudis, eg Chomsky) don’t think Corbyn is “anti-semitic”.

    Some Yahudis feel some among them do love playing that famous card, make a mountain out of no molehill, act like drama queens whenever they find it useful to feign over-sensitivity to some “naughty” folks that remotely “question” their apartheid, racist mentality etc of those supremacist Zionists… err some of us here may not be fools to that one, we do have the same here, no?!

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