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The castrated Lim Khat Siang

Standard Four pupils in Chinese schools are supposed to start writing Jawi beginning next year.

Lim Kit Siang supports this new move by Maszlee, at the same time giving a half-assed (typical of LKS) argument that learning Jawi does not make one less Chinese. Continue reading “The castrated Lim Khat Siang”

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Woohoo! Labour buried under Tory landslide

FINAL UPDATE: Tories 364 seats, Labour 202. There’s still one last seat left to be called. Labour has suffered a bloodbath – losing a total of 60 seats so far.

Exit polls predict the Conservatives headed for a big win in the UK snap election, taking 368 seats to Labour’s 191.

British voters have emphatically turned against the ‘Ubah’ Labour party peddling its false Hope and impossible promises. (And the same fate awaits the DAP.)

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