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Woohoo! Labour buried under Tory landslide

FINAL UPDATE: Tories 364 seats, Labour 202. There’s still one last seat left to be called. Labour has suffered a bloodbath – losing a total of 60 seats so far.

Exit polls predict the Conservatives headed for a big win in the UK snap election, taking 368 seats to Labour’s 191.

British voters have emphatically turned against the ‘Ubah’ Labour party peddling its false Hope and impossible promises. (And the same fate awaits the DAP.)

The last UK general election was held some two years eight months ago. A country does not need to wait a full five years to hold its next election when the administration in power is failing dismally – as the Harapan one-term wonder clearly is.

For the record, Theresa May – like Boris Johnson – had also sought a fresh mandate from the voters after David Cameron’s sudden resignation following the Brexit referendum. Mrs May similarly called an early election on 18 April 2017 — only 23-plus months after the UK had its previous election on 7 May 2015.

Malaysia too needs our own snap election ASAP.

BELOW: Jeremy Corbyn‘s Jew hatred is too palpable; many British Jews had vowed to emigrate should he become PM

Boris is on course to win a solid 86-seat majority. Wow! Just wow … boy, the fed-up Brits are really unleashing a brutal backlash. They want Brexit. They’re feeling nationalistic.

Corbyn will have led Labour to its worst election result in nearly 100 years, hahaha, if the joint forecast by BBC, ITV and Sky News is confirmed. Yah lor, orang nih bukan sekadar pembohong, penipu dan anti Semitik malah dia anti Hindu jugak.

Methinks BN-MIC have bright prospects to woo back Indian voters.



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3 thoughts on “Woohoo! Labour buried under Tory landslide

  1. I would think most voted the Tories because of the wish to leave the EU than be half-bothered about Corbyn and “anti-semitism”, no election has been called because of that smear on Corbyn.

    Would the opposition here call for the dethroning of M for Monster because of his “anti-Jewish” politics – and for the Yahudis having “large noses” errr maybe exactly like the Snake Pharaoh’s snout?

    Still, I won’t say no to an extra-large mulled wine, only about the one good thing about Xmas, if the victorious result was about Sarawakians and Sabahans voting and leaving Malaysia…

    What should we call that – Bolehlandxit?

  2. More than just British Jews. Also British Indians who normally would vote Labour but this time switched to the Conservatives.

    The Times of India reported two days ago:-

    British Hindus expected to vote for Conservatives in elections.

    Read more at:

    As for now, the Conservatives have won 361 seats, or 36 seats more than the 325 seat or 50% mark, with five more seats left to be confirmed:-

    Live results: UK general election 2019

    The Conservatives gained 49 seats over the last GE in 2017 and Labour lost 60 seats and the Liberal Democrats leader lost her seat.

    The bottom line here is that whilst the majority of British voters voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum, and most of them being in traditional Labour constituencies, however most Labour Party MPs in parliament did their best to prevent or delay Brexit, so despite neo-liberal, privatisation and austerity policies which the Conservative government of Boris Johnson will likely implement, people who would be most adversely affected voted Conservative in what is mostly a Brexit-oriented general election to punish Labour for “tidak buat serupa janji”.

    Basically, Labour did a “Pakatan Harapan” on the British people are are have paid heavily for it.

    Serves them bloody well right!

    1. “More than just British Jews. Also British Indians who normally would vote Labour but this time switched to the Conservatives.”

      Neither “British Jews” nor “British Indians” form any sizeable vote bank, but where is there any fact that any majority of either actually voted the Conservatives?

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