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Lesson for BN from British polls

The chiefest reason for the Labour bloodbath in the UK snap election? Jeremy Corbyn.

Brexit comes No.2 as to why loyal Labour voters this time switched their vote to Tories.

Lifelong blue-collar Labour supporters, the working class and those living in the English north’s depressed industrial cities that made up Labour’s traditional base felt betrayed by Corbyn abandoning the Leave platform.

Labour had blithely turned its back on the Brexit promised in the 2016 referendum.

More significantly, many Labour voters interviewed by British broadcast and print media – see above – told reporters they simply cannot tahan Corbyn, with some even spitting four-letter words at him.

Labour’s voter base soundly rejected Corbyn and Corbynism. Similarly, the DAP base is fast losing patience with Mahathir and Mahathirism.

Anti-Semitic leader is ‘toxic’

Sedgefield is a parliament seat in northeast England which had continuously voted Labour since 1935.

It was a fixed deposit for Labour; Tony Blair won the Sedgefield seat with a majority of 25,000-plus in 1997 – the year he became prime minister.

In Thursday’s election, Sedgefield and other safe bastions said “enough is enough” and gave Labour the finger – see above.

“Because they hate Corbyn that much” — read HERE

Overall Labour was decimated by 59 seats compared to the party’s 2017 electoral performance.

The same fate awaits DAP.

Just as figurehead Corbyn was the biggest gift to the Conservatives, so too Mahathir leading Harapan is the best thing that can have happened for BN to win again.


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One thought on “Lesson for BN from British polls

  1. There too is a lesson from the defeat of the Labour Party for the PKR (the DAP is dead anyway, rotting away each day…)

    Sure Brexit ended Corbyn’s political life, but, Corbyn, when and where he could should have been less than a wet appeaser, taken ruthless action against the troublesome Blairites and Brownites of his party. Instead, an “inclusive…friend to all”. he amiably let them snipe at him and cramp him, the rest is history, Labour got wiped out in the election, and deservedly so.

    Each butthead, Anwar or Azmin, is a pain in the butt of the other.

    Both are only able to make an ass of himself, and of their party.

    The devotees of each butthead will take their party down as they attempt to take down the other, they have already engaged themselves even in showdowns similar to those famous Lowyat brawls.

    Anwar and Azmin should take tough, decisive and immediate action against each other, wipe each other out to survive and to be able to take party and action where required (most likely, another fine mess).

    Long before the last election, either should have mounted his donkey or camel, attacked and destroyed the other.

    Instead, one as helpless and useless as the other, one shafting himself as he misses the other.

    They are so weak, incompetent, indecisive, and ineffectual – they are the butts of our nation’s jokes.

    And, instead, we are going to see the buttheads bungling on, each attempting to butt the other, it might even go on after the next election given Anwar love to see himself as an amiable appeaser, Azmin never sure if he wants to be a tough nut or a wet pussy, even with the Devil’s puppet-master hoof up his bum, giving him all the help, he is getting nowhere.

    The cheap intrigues, conspiracies, bitchings, and toothless fights on the surface between the buttheads and their supporters – and those “helpers” on the side, they can only achieve totally destroying the PKR and the PH.

    Not to say Tokong Lim Kutty Siang isn’t doing his part as a wannabe member of the apartheid party of the Snake Pharaoh M for Monster that he is such a loveable running pooch to, with such a good little helper to the racist and fascist Snake Pharaoh, the Dogs Action Party is destined to be a political dog’s dinner and rotting leftovers for the political rubbish bin.

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