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Betrayed big time

Who has suffered the most betrayal? Sketched below is a quick thumbnail of the following issues — Jawi lessons, UEC, Icerd, Rome Statute and TAR College funding.

(1) The cabinet decision that had seemingly put a lid on teaching Jawi in school was “just a guise meant to momentarily pacify the frustrated public”, said a Sin Chew opinion editorial yesterday headlined ‘Betrayal of public trust’.

(2) ‘UEC recognition: Chinese education movement played out by Dr M’ is the title of a media statement released by human rights group Suaram on Feb 27 this year where it implied that Mahathir has no intention of keeping the DAP’s election promise on the UEC.

“What hurts the DAP the most is the hypocrisy of cuddling up with Malay structures – donning the hijab, waxing eloquent about reading the Quran in Malay, and a host of other initiatives to reach out to the Malay community – and then having a base which wants a secular egalitarian government which the DAP plays to. And, of course, there was the great compromise with the old maverick […]” wrote Thayaparan in his Malaysiakini column yesterday headlined ‘DAP’s chickens coming home to roost’.

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Raw deal, false hope

(3) Icerd is the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. On 23 Nov 2018, the Malaysian government decided against acceding to Icerd, meaning DAP-Harapan has refused to commit to (this treaty on) eliminating institutionalized discrimination based on skin colour.

(4) The Rome Statute enables the International Criminal Court to prosecute perpetrators of genocide and other “crimes of aggression”. Again, the government on 5 April 2019 decided against ratifying yet another UN treaty — this one which covers the crime of ethnic cleansing, meaning DAP-Harapan is not affording Malaysians the protection of international law.

(5) As to TAR College being allocated a mere one million ringgit under the Finance Minister’s latest annual budget: Does Lim Guan Eng think that the 95% Chinese votes his party received are only worth RM1m?

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Dapsters suckers

“It is clear that [Pakatan Harapan] won the vast majority of the Chinese votes during GE14 mainly because the PH manifesto and the PH leaders promised to recognise the UEC,” said Suaram in a media statement on 16 July 2018 where the NGO’s advisor Kua Kia Soong accused the ruling party of reneging on its election promise.

So who would be feeling mighty betrayed right now that we’re already 19 months-and-one week into the new age of Malaysia Baru?

My guess is the Chinese parents – those who have always faithfully voted DAP – who today have children studying in Chinese school or TAR, who are just beginning to realize that their darling DAP reps (so well-rewarded by Beloved Tun) don’t give a rat’s ass whether stupid Chinese suffer race discrimination or insults from Syed Saddiq or Zakir Naik.

Padan muka! Reap what you sow.

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Stupid is as stupid votes

Politicians everywhere seem convinced that their voters are “stupid” and often take the party’s loyal base for fools

The Sin Chew op-ed yesterday cautioned how “plenty of people” (heh heh the 95 percent?) “believe in some political leaders who have strongly endorsed the introduction of Jawi calligraphy at Chinese primary schools”.

Writing in his regular column, Tay Tian Yan the Sin Chew deputy executive editor-in-chief however refrained from mentioning by name these political leaders that have been cheerleading the introduction of Jawi lessons in Chinese school.

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The “some” YBs alluded to by Sin Chew as talking up Jawi are likely Lim Khat Siang, Lim Guan Eng and DAP Selangor Adun Lee Kee Hiong – (pictured above, front centre in white tudung) – who a fortnight ago had organized an Islamic (+ Chinese + Tamil) calligraphy contest to lavish praise from the Firsters.

If the sheeple are indeed as stupid as their shepherd (politicians) think they are, then they’re deservingly lambs for the slaughter or as the Sin Chew top editor quoted upthread puts it — blind followers who have remained indifferent to the “failed promise” of Harapan leaders to safeguard Chinese schools from Jawi encroachment.

Sin Chew now wants Chinese ministers in the Mahathir cabinet to reflect on whether “they have betrayed the people’s trust”. ROTFL, get real, will ya?

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Methinks the gentleman (Sin Chew editor) doth protest too much. Placing your Hope in Mahathir’s new running dogs to have feelings of regret is asking for an affirmation of principles where none exist.

On the other hand, vernacular schools continue to come under attack but some Chinese political leaders still prefer to bite and bark instead at the MCA over its TAR College project.

Sado-masochistic Chinese voters who don’t mind being taken for a ride should be gifted a free magic carpet to fly to their DAP utopia.

DAP cabinet minister Teresa Kok in her Indian cosplay


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  1. Don’t forget that, Fakir, the most-favoured refugee (on the run), and much-honoured, in our midst spewed funny Hindglish (and weirdly waved his arms) against touching pork, too.

    You eat pig, you turn into a “westerner”…

    So, DAP, you’ve got your instructions, get that ban on pork going, be good little running dogs!

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