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Expect a 2020 landslide

Come next November, prepare for Donald Trump to be returned to office for his second term with a resounding win — like Boris.

Today’s House impeachment of the president by Democrat congressmen is nothing short of a travesty.

BELOW: Live streaming of the impeachment (prelude) vote on the C-Span channel — all the Democrat elected members* of the House vote ‘Yes’; all the Republican reps vote ‘No’ to the Dems’ attempt to block the GOP’s attempt to block the nonsense proceedings

* with the exception of Jeff Van Drew

Sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Paku dulang paku serpih, mengata orang dia yang lebih … the Dems call Republicans “deplorables” but the initial ‘D’ representing their thuggish party is more reflective of ‘Despicable’.

Or the “Do Nothing Democrats” as described by Trump in his letter yesterday to Nancy Pelosi on the “unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power by Democratic Lawmakers”.


The unhinged supporters of America’s Democratic Party are like the Do-Nothing-DAP & deranged Dapsters, especially in their fake thoughts and prayers.

Trump especially made a point of Pelosi‘s hypocrisy, saying to her, “Even worse than offending the Founding Fathers, you are offending Americans of faith by continually saying you pray for the President when you know this statement is not true, unless it is meant in a negative sense” … more like hexing and cursing.

Pelosi constantly informs the American public that she prays for Trump all the time.

The Democrat Speaker “tosses the terms ‘prayer’ and ‘prayerful’ around almost as frequently as she and her Democrat colleagues screech: ‘Impeach’!” — see Canada Free Press article above.

Pelosi’s favourability rating of 37.7% according to the latest polling data is lower compared to Trump’s at 42.2%. She should anticipate a Corbyn-like ending to her long career in the 2020 election.



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4 thoughts on “Expect a 2020 landslide

  1. If there’s going to be any landslide, you can’t expect greasehead Tokong StaLim Guan Eng to competently handle it.

    Remember one of the horrific landslides of Penang in the not too distant past that claimed many lives?

    At times it was claimed the little tokong of the Lim Lynasty wasn’t even around at the site of the disaster, too busy with everything else irrrelevant.

    Apparently, Bangladeshi workers who were lost in the landslide were not “We are Malaysians”, not Malays to pander to, not to dress “Malay-Muslim” to impress, not DAP voters who willingly play the bleeding idiots whom the DAP could ride like donkeys, and at least only useful during election time.

    I remember the K9 sniffers did an infinitely better job than the latter day running-only *ss-sniffing lapdogs of the Snake Pharaoh M for Monster.

    Yes, if the Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine are going to face another election, it will be more than just a landslide – it will be a massive earthquake – and a mighty tsunami – the running dogs will be made to scamper for their dear lives!

    It will be a wipeout for the DAP asswipes, Amen!

  2. You can’t help agreeing the DAP and even the whore of PH have been like what the Yank Democrats are presently.

    While the Yank Democrats are out to impeach Trump, PH has been out years long before the last election to crucify Najib.

    The Yank Democrats have sweet fcuk all tangible and real to hammer Trump with, and it is the same for PH which has rotting belacan fcuk all to tickle Najib with.

    Fancy that, for years every voter and his dog have been promised Najib’s head for every crime and sin under the sun – up to now, despite dead certainty, and more deader certainty, nothing has been thrown at the naughty fella that would knock him for six then or now.

    PH and the Snake Pharaoh M for Monsters, useless, feckless, and, yes, clueless pig manure that they are even had to and still have to depend, like helpless infants, on a foreign white angmoh elderly auntie to cook and spin endless “bombshells” that do not explode, we were forever generously showered with no end of “World First revelations” that not only foreigners did and do not give a monkey about, locals were overwhelmed with sheer exhaustion with being beaten about their heads with the huge volume of “evidence”.

    Even that corrupt Yank, the white angmoh Comey and others were enlisted to get at Najib. (We have to see how much of our money all that effort would cost)

    Are Malaysians really that freakin’ useless, still having to slavishly depend on foreigners to pull them up by their sandal straps?!

    Have Malaysians all talk, all noise, all wind, and all without any minimal ability (“talent”?) they still have to behave like slavish colonial Sambos?

    Have Malaysians (or maybe just our politicians?) no confidence in themselves, feel gross inferiority, they still have to keep paying some foreign white angmohs to hold them by the hand to go to the loo?

    Now that SRC is not going anywhere while we are still following 1MDB, Rosmah’s diamonds, and paying hefty sums for the upkeep of Jho Low’s sampan, a new kitchen sink has been thrown in (together with all the many many other kitchen sinks previously thrown), with the “new” revelation from jail of Najib murdering (yet again!) the Mongolian submarine expert – unlike the families of Teoh Beng Hock, Raymond Koh, etc etc, the Snake Pharaoh even posed for the specially-arranged photo op with Altantuya’s dad!

    If gumshoe Bala-something were alive, like Justo the convicted criminal, he would have been given audience with M for Monster, privileged with a photo opportunity, too.

    Look at it this way, if there’s one single real, genuine, good evidence to put Najib away for a damn long time, that would have been around years and years ago without PH and the Snake Pharaoh needing to resort to for one moment generating endless spin, fables, tales, bullsh*t none of which stuck – or at the slightest wobbled Najib or gave Rosmah a bad hair day.

    With the endless truckloads of manure, like the Yank Democrats with their “evidence” against Trump, our bunch of manure manufacturers would surely head for a total wipeout in the next election.

    Already the impeachment of Trump is looking very bad for the Yank Democrats. Yanks are already bored with the proceeding circus of recent weeks, they have been turned off.

    Yanks, like thinking Malaysians, are more interested in their costs of living, jobs, housing, healthcare, cost of education, etc etc., if Trump or Najib or both get hanged, there won’t be more money in the pockets of the majority of people.

    Tell me, if Najib is found guilty tomorrow, would you get a handful of vouchers entitling you to free or cheap petrol, food, housing, education fees, medicine, lowered or no tax, KFC, pizzas, anjing panas, etc etc..?

    I distinctly remember during electioneering, a bigwig or, maybe, a big twit, from the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine telling me his party would plug the big hole in our economy with “the money stolen by Najib”, in reply to my question about their claim they were going to lower tax if they won the election.

    I won’t, for now, go into any more of all the rest of PH bullsh*t, lies, nonsensical propaganda, I won’t try keep up with their new outputs of bull;sh*t, all I need to say is I was and am very clear PH couldn’t and can’t deliver on their promises – and, as the Snake Pharaoh M for Monster blithely and dismissively revealed, they have no intention to.

    Yes, I would like to see Trump hanged too, but, man, the Yank Democrats are only going to hang themselves at their next election: the Yank public are showing they are not just not interested in the monkey show of the impeachment, they have shown they are pissed off even at the start of the circus.

    Yes, more and more people here are pissed off with the Najib show, they have also shown they are pretty much fed up with PH and especially the second screening of the dark brown Day of the Living Dead zombie.

    Yes, we have the latest SD plus two free gifts, Najib is going to hang, the cost of living is going to go down, free education, lowered tax, two further days of holiday, wages rise, your university-graduate children are not going to deliver grub, wash dishes, etc etc… and more free gifts… good luck to you if you love all that endless shafting in the rear by your favourite fraudsters… Enjoy!

  3. Guys, have you heard the latest one about the senile Snake Pharaoh zombie mistaking Pakistan Rakyat for Pakatan Rakyat?

    M for Monster invited the Pakistan Rakyat head honcho for roti canai and his sarabat stall talk shop (“forum”), guess what happened, Imran Khan chose not to turn up for the Snake Pharaoh’s big day – the event where M for Monster failed miserably to do his international grandstand – rallying Muslims to his big “Muslim Unity” do.

    What colossal disaster – the Saudis even spat at the harebrained big do which helps the Zionists by splitting the Muslims more than the Zionists can ever do with their arms folded!

    And, what can be worse than inviting a big Muslim caliph for your grand evening of nan cheese and watered-down curry, and Erdogan chose to dine out with your BFF instead?

    Does it not reek of the Snake Pharaoh’s other failure, the now-forgotten “Malay Dignity” lovefest, a big show of lack of any “unity”, and a bigger show of utter lack of dignity?

    You can tell the zombie’s days in politics (and international posturing) are over when no one wants to come for M for Mamak Mee, they rudely tell you they’ve got better things to do, avoid you like the nipah virus. It’s almost like that Lee Kuan Yew hilarious curse, he who could never show any respect for his Malaysian joke, M for Mmmuaahahahaha..!.

    It is a sad decline in further misfortune for the lacklustre kampong political poseur, what a terrible way to exit the scene in his declining declining days..!

    And, it is just as sad for Pakatan Rakyat, even Pakistan Rakyat snubbed their great dictator’s big event final curtain call “last words to the world”.

    All is not entirely lost, though, Iran’s top mullah did grace the occasion – but what is the Snake Pharaoh doing to his fellow Shias, disrupting their Muslim worship and arresting their followers?!

    It takes a Shia to understand more what “Muslim unity” is all about… it takes a Shia to just about save the occasion, save face for M for Monster, Praise Be, power to M for Mullah, Iman Ali, and all that..!

    Since the failed event was not about “religion”, I hope Mullah was able to the slightest enrich the occasion, lecture on uranium enrichment, listen politely to lectures about our Turd Car, and flying car, take home a Chinese X70 answer to the old perpetual Proton lossmaker…

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