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Kuik Cheng Kang, where’s justice for Sinchew reporter Teoh Beng Hock?

The Sin Chew editorial board just can’t stop whining endlessly, and wringing their hands and clutching their pearls.


Their whinge reached its apogee yesterday when Sin Chew Daily editor-in-chief Kuik Cheng Kang lamented, “We voted you because we wanted you to seriously care about the feelings of the Chinese community and respond to our needs”.

If Mr Kuik voted Harapan, then all I can say is PADAN MUKA kau! Rasakan. He is surely aware that political parties think their voters are stupid, is he not?

“Being in the government doesn’t mean your job is all done now,” Kuik reminded the elected reps in his newspaper’s Dec 19 op-ed titled ‘Duty undone’.

Personally I’m in agreement with the rationale put forward by Dong Jiao Zong and Sin Chew as to why the Chinese community is objecting to the introduction of Jawi lessons although Lim Khat Siang and his boboi may beg to differ.

And here’s what I say: If you (the 95%) voted the Father, Son & Holy Hannah party into government, and now you’re hurt that the feelings of the Chinese community have been trampled on — padan muka.

If you had triumphantly ushered the DAP to Putrajaya but now choose to complain that the needs of the Chinese have been neglected by the party you elected to power — padan muka some more.

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We’ll have a look at the litany of complaints by the Sin Chew top editor, shall we.

Kuik Cheng Kang wrote: “In this chaotic and murky society of ours, there is still one manipulative hand invisible to many, which could be rogue politicians, profiteering businessmen, religious or social scum in our midst.”

“Rogue politicians”, oh really? You don’t say.

”These people are systematically generating consensus in the cyberspace with the evil motive of bringing down their rivals or opponents, by creating their own brand of ‘truths’ in winning over their supporters’ hearts to advance their ulterior wicked objectives,” Kuik added.

LMAO. So … the RBA have been jabbing hard at Sin Chew with their sharpened poison pens, huh? How truly “evil”. How “wicked”.

“At the same time, this nasty hand is also working very hard to undermine the media’s credibility by means of all kinds of lies in a bid to create panic in our society,” Kuik explained.

Hmm, let’s see. The minority community’s most preferred party has declared open season on Sin Chew, is it? How many “ridiculous” legal notices has the Chinese media group already received from the DAP?

ROTFL, the love affair ended with DAP sitting at the pinnacle of power and Sin Chew licking its wounds groaning about how the media’s credibility has been undermined by lies circulated in cyberspace about itself.

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“Cyberbullying and slandering are the much employed lynching tools in this Internet age. Judges are no longer needed in our world, as the line between the right and wrong is obliterated. You can fabricate ‘fake news’ by way of quibbles and lies, if you have sufficient power and authority to do so,” Kuik explained further about the smear campaigns against his paper.

Who are the cyberbullies? Who are the slanderers? Who are leading the lynch mob against Sin Chew? Read this 9 Sept 2019 article headlined ‘Sin Chew and DAP‘ to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Baru sekarang nih Sin Chew at the receiving end of DAP’s brute force and targeted by fabricated smears. Dulu bukan main kuat media Cina sokong DAP.

Habis madu sepah dibuang.



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