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40,000 Christians petition for pastor Raymond Koh’s safe return

Today is Christmas eve; tomorrow will be the third year running that the Koh family will be without their husband and father as Christians everywhere else celebrate the birth of their Lord.

“Where is Raymond Koh?” — his brothers and sisters in Christ from all around the world (below) are still asking even though DAP, his own country’s Christian-dominated ruling party, has all but forgotten about the pastor’s plight.

A total of 39,338 individuals have signed an online petition calling on the Harapan government “to release any and all information related to the forced disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh” and demanding his “immediate release and safe return to his family”.

The Voice of the Martyrs – the Christian organization collecting the signatures – will be delivering its petition to the Malaysian embassy in Washington D.C.

Raymond Koh was found by Suhakam – the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia – to have been a victim of enforced disappearance. The “enforced disappearance of persons” (below) is defined as a crime against humanity under the Rome Statute.

Despite the DAP loudly proclaiming themselves as champions of human rights, their ‘Ubah’ government has nonetheless U-turned on this International Criminal Court treaty.

Close to 140 countries have signed the Rome Statute.

Mahathir’s Malaysia Baru regime is in good company alongside the Netanyahu regime, the Kim Jong Un regime, the Aung San Suu Kyi regime and the Imran Khan Pakistan Harapan regime in together refusing to be party to the Statute.

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