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Jawi now to go ahead, eh, Lim Khat Siang?

The 2020 school term starts next week. The contested Jawi component is also in the Standard Four textbook. Once the pupils report for class, it’s all systems go.

DAP is nothing but a snafu. Its Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching dropped the ball while the groveling Lims are clearly missing theirs.

The Sekat (Seni Khat Action Team) people – see pix below – are alright to hold their Jawi congress today but not Dong Jiao Zong.

Sekat’s Siti Kasim (in fluorescent pink blouse) does not agree to the compulsory teaching of either Jawi or khat in government school.

Ellie Suriati Omar (in black, wearing tudung) and her pro-Malay activist group – i.e. the two individuals pictured to her left – object to Sekat and the NGO’s objective to intervene in the syllabus. Nonetheless both sides were able to publicly and peaceably air their views without the police or magistrate stepping in.

Not so for the Dong Jiao Zong educationists who triggered some Malays, and in particular Mahathir.

BELOW: Mahathir labelled Dong Zong as racist

DJZ gagged, DAP bitchslapped black and blue

The DAP, most especially Lim Khat Siang and his boboi, are today Mahathir’s most ardent apologists and arselickers.

Ninety-five percent of the Chinese voters elected DAP to be their voice. So how’s that working out for y’all? [Cue my blog signature tune, Don’t worry, be happy]

The majority of Chinese parents are against the introduction of Jawi but the cat got the DAP’s tongue despite the party having 42 MPs and 106 Aduns … compared to MCA’s weak “7-Eleven” (seven MPs, 11 Aduns) during the previous BN rule.

DAP is 10 times stronger than the MCA but still chose to meekly bend the knee to a couple of budak hingusan who threatened mayhem on the scheduled DJZ congress.

Dear Dapsters, your DAP ‘heroes’ are not just running dogs, they’re more aptly caged and spayed chihuahuas.



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2 thoughts on “Jawi now to go ahead, eh, Lim Khat Siang?

  1. The Snake Pharaoh is what you get when you voted in the Lim Lynasty and the DAP Lies-R-Us Machine.

    Jawi is the Free Gift that’s thrown in that our kiasus always get enticed with, it is the “cherry on top”. Our kiasus won’t buy anything unless there’s at least one free gift thrown in.

    Knowing the price of cherries in Malaysia, nearly RM20 for less than half a handful of a dainty hand, Jawi is something to die for and not die by, for our hawkeyed and not cockeyed kiasu bargain hunters.

    Malaysia’s (not China’s) Chinese should be especially grateful for the gifted opportunity (demand) to study another subject.

    The great sage Confucius spoke of the value of learning (he didn’t say what precisely), you learn to be a better “human”, a good scholar gets to follow an official career, gets picked for the bureaucracy (the errr civil service in Malaysia).

    Confucius spoke of learning as a way of working on the “inner self”, to be a “better person”, a struggle to make a worthy person of oneself. You can think of it as a form of “jihad” – though not of the type where you run off to serve, murder for another cause or “struggle” and die in some foreign parts.

    Our Chinese should therefore be infinitely grateful for the golden chance of learning Jawi, be infinitely grateful to Lim Kutty/Khat Siang for his advice on being “more Chinese”, and for paving the way to learning the prized subject.

    I can sense the eagerness of our Chinese to hug the subject, how wonderful it is to climb off the tree one swings from – and go places with a command of the Jawi thing, today Malaysia, tomorrow the Moon. Who knows? – just a little bit further, it is Mars bars in the can!

    Who cares if there are those who insist Jawi is not a promising computer language that can take us out of our caves – and out of our Neanderthal mentality, along our collapsed harebrained “multimedia super corridor”?

    To me, Jawi is the greatest thing since bean sprouts in laksa, some even say the writing looks like designs of “bean sprouts”…

    Adopting Jawi means progress.

    In due course, I should hope to see Jawi script everywhere, everyone versed in reading it, if not producing Khat masterpieces – like masterpieces of Chinese calligraphy which can fetch astronomical prices. Imagine Ayatollah Khomeni’s scribbles in his beautiful script. Imagine a Sufi poem written in classical style by a Sufi Pir… I would love to see Jawi everywhere, on walls, on advertising, on packaging, graffiti, tattoos…

    I would love to see Jawi scrawling, Khat calligraphy competition all the time, it would be most likely the Chinese who would take all the prizes, the Chinese (China’s) have a long and glorious tradition of writing Arabic and doing Arabic, Muslims from all over the world still come to China to get pieces of Arabic artwork by the Chinese.

    It would, thanks to Lim Khat/Kutty Siang, help Malaysian Chinese whom he has let down badly in every way else, to learn Jawi. Malaysian Chinese are already atrocious with their (not China’s) “Chinese”. Not only do they (Malaysian “Chinese”) speak “Mandarin” horribly, many can’t read – and definitely can’t even write horribly any Chinese. The appreciation of Chinese calligraphy is totally out of the question, we are talking sophisticated refinement here, not coolie sensibility here…

    Jawi and Khat should provide the “first steps” toward the Malaysian Chinese finally appreciating Chinese calligraphy, I am sure there’s some aesthetic in Jawi and Khat, somewhere… knowing one speak and write can lead one to still higher arts, the Japanese and Koreans study Chinese calligraphy (and Chinese) with religious fervour. Those masters performing high achievements always write in Chinese.

    I am not saying Chinese is the “Final Frontier”, but for many studying high culture, it certainly appears so. We have Malay in Malaysia and Singapore doing Chinese calligraphy, one Malaysian girl even competed and won a price in Chinese calligraphy in China (I wonder where our Chinese barbarians disappeared to…). You can find these Malay wonders on YouTube, they certainly put our half-baked “Chinese” – and definitely fake Chinese, fake Malay, and fake Malaysian Lim Lynasty to shame!

    Apart from woofing away the joy of Jawi, I very much doubt Lim Kutty Siang can handle Jawi all that well or can do any Khat at all! A half-baked “Chinese” with a longkang mentality can hardly be expected to handle another script well, the mind is one and same for the aesthetics (and emotion) of both.

    Confucian sensibility dictates that one goes after the calligraphy of honourable, upright, righteous persons, those are sought after and prized. The politician Zheng Xiaoxu had “correct” command of the rules and fulfilled most of the refinements of Chinese calligraphy but very very few collect his works, he is regarded as a traitor, a running dog who served the Japanese. I don’t think I would ever be in a hurry to collect Lim Khat Siang’s work in Chinese calligraphy or Khat. Come to think of it, Lim Kutty Siang’s “English” is not all that good, either, I won’t collect any of his many decades of lies and bull manure in “English”, either…

    Still, we have to march with the times. Jawi would bring progress to our nation. And our nation has a role to lead the world, we have much to teach the world.

    Meanwhile, marching with the times, here’s filthy-rich Qatar being led by the Chinese, their police force is trained in marching by the Chinese army – not Malaysia’s “Chinese” DAP canine army under Great Leader Lim Kutty Siang or Dear Son Josef StaLim Guano Eng.

    From the style of marching all the way to the marching music – the Song of the People’s Liberation Army, it’s one great confident march into the future, Praise Be! Go, Qatar! Hey! The commands are even in Chinese, Hallelujah! Alhamdulillah!

    Come now, Tokong Uncle Lim Kau(dog) Siang of the Lim Lynasty, lead us Chinese to the Promised Land!

    Jawi today, Khat tomorrow, I can’t wait to kit myself in the right gear, wrapped napkin on head, red and all, stab a Made in China keris in the air! Like Hypocrite Hippo Hannah strutting her “Malay Muslim” stuff for the “right” occasion (photoshoot), I won’t be any “less Chinese”.

    Or Hypocrite Hippo Hannah, any less Indian…

  2. 7 or 42 is still the number of dog, more dog only means mahathir hv to shit more to feed, moreover old dog like lks can eat his own shit.

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