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Mahathir will not be stepping down anytime this year

I agree with Joceline Tan’s prognosis, ‘Dr Mahathir likely to hold on to post beyond 2020’.

BELOW: ‘Do Nothing’ party DAP sleeping on the job 

I’m half the old man’s age but like 99 percent of my fellow Malaysians, few of us can match his astounding “work 18 hours a day” stamina.

In fact now in year 2020, I’m already starting to feel twinges of arthritic pain in my knee joints.

Back in 2010, I was still dancing in my kitchen with Lady Gaga’s monster hit song Bad Romance blasting away on the CD. How time flies for us mere mortals but freezes for the nonagenarian prime minister whose mindset remains stuck in the 1969 paradigm.

BELOW: Nerdy basketball fan bursts into a spontaneous dance up and down the bleachers during mid-game break when Bon Jovi’s rock anthem ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ played in the stadium


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7 thoughts on “Mahathir will not be stepping down anytime this year

  1. “Mahathir will not be stepping down anytime this year”

    Sez who?!

    He will be stepping down on the head of his favourite running dog DAPuppy Lim Kau(dog) Siang, hiding low behind his behind.


    And again.

  2. All the talk of whether, when, if the Snake Pharaoh is vacating his throne is a damn waste of energy and time.

    Considering there are plenty of more urgent issues to look at and tackle effectively (check the PH Promises list), paying so much attention to the date the Macaivillain operator will own up to how useless he actually is and he honestly calls it a day, is unhealthy obsession and a distraction – or even excuse not to deal with the most important issues directly affecting the rakyat on a daily basis.

    No one seems to realise that the days to the graveyard for the worst PM in Malaysian history, are numbered in the lower digits..

    The Snake Pharaoh is not going to live forever, he may do us all a genuinely honest favour, kick the bucket even much sooner than some of us thought.

    The impending death of the Snake Pharaoh should be factored in in any equation, better work on that basis than be led by the nose by the Macaivillain operator as the devious “forked tongued one” distracts with his fat catalogue of cheap antics and theatrics – and his utter deviousness and dishonesty.

    So what is the rest of PH going to do once the Snake Pharaoh starts the real process of turning into worm feed?

    What would be the issues of the day, then?

    Let’s have that out in the open now, never mind the Snake Pharaoh, I’ve just said he’s going to kick the bucket sooner than you think (and pray for), what’s life after that?

    There’s still going to be some kind of life at least for the rest of us after the zombie leaves his soulmates (you think he is around for you?), it is not going to be a continuation of the extended uncut version of the Day of the Living Dead for us.

    Or would it still be – with the useless and dying PH?!

    Oh, factor in Anwar as just another totally devious operator and just as useless as the Snake Pharaoh, factor in the PH even more divided, more ineffectual, more dysfunctional, more even more full of the brown stuff, too.

    Get at least some kind of blurry picture with that standard Malaysian blur in the skull?

  3. “only god can decide”

    What’s the point of the ballot box then?

    And whatever of “god” giving some of us at least partially-alive brains?

    1. my full sentence started with “seem”, anyhow, my point is mahathir rarely lose election, ballot box n god given msian not that alive brain dont work on mahathir, so perhaps only god can kick him out.

      1. “so perhaps only god can kick him out”

        Which “seems”, “perhaps” forget about the ballot box.

        And “perhaps” forget about ‘whatever of “god” giving some of us at least partially-alive brains?’

        So it “seems” “perhaps” the best way to survive fatalism is fold arms, sit under the coconut tree, wait it out for “god” to deal with Her choice for Malaysians.

        When Her choice for Malaysians kicks the bucket, continue fold arms, maybe scratch arse too, sit under the coconut tree, wait it out for “god” to send us another Snake Pharaoh, Amen…

        No place anywhere for atheists and kafirs in a Country for Old Man zombie… Malaysia’s answer to the Coen brothers, and to an extended extended uncut of a horror flick of “god’s” chosen Undead, I & II…

        Why not?! Along the way “god” would force us to watch the series Sodomy, 4, 5, 6, 7… bring along the dried squids to chew, eh..?!

  4. Better than BN politicians holding the PM post.

    Rosak satu negara.

    And Helen sokong BN politicians.

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