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Dear 95 percent Chinese voters

I told you …

Anyway congrats on your party’s short stint (May 2018 – Feb 2020) serving as the Old Man’s pet chihuahuas.

And please remember that Hannah Yeoh gave her full support to Anwar in 2008 when the PKR leader hatched his plan to try and take over the BN government on September 16 by enticing Badawi’s majority MPs to cross over to Pakatan.

Bodek-ing Dear Leader paid off handsomely with ministerial posts


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11 thoughts on “Dear 95 percent Chinese voters

  1. Hello Helen, it’s been a while… and I see you’re still here. I last commented on your blog well over a year ago… all was fine then.

    So seriously Harapan… falling apart so soon? After all that trouble to put together a winnable coalition to topple Najib and bring about change… but now this?

    Think this through carefully…..

  2. Dear helen
    You were right all along😁Dap pushed the malay muslims to the edge with their hatred and greed and dap deserves what they sow.a happy day for me tho not the happiest as the country is in shambles.dr m shud go too…he has exceeded his time.

    To anwar….serves you right. The psycho who only wants to be PM in his lifetime at the expense of the country’s stability n prosperity by being DAP’s mule…

    Good riddance to msia’s Parasites ie DAP AMANAH n ANWAR..

    Keep us posted n…keep it up helen.send some words of ‘COMFORT’ to hannah yeoh ya helen😄😉

  3. I enjoyed this drama and was jumping from one posting to another .My comment ” padan muka” .For 2 years after PH takeover, instead of working, they were playing politics.The economy is in deep shit.Padan muka you lose the your minister pension since you deliver nothing except misery to the rakyat.

  4. Helen, ahli-ahli politik kita makin tamak dan berebut kuasa. Nasib rakyat tak dibela, nak pangkat sje.

  5. The first person I remember wrt this is you Helen, back since pre PRU13. You were always telling the kiasu chinese not to corner the malays.

    1. Thanks.

      Back in February 2015, I wrote: “There’s a saying, Durian dengan mentimun, menggolek rosak, kena golek binasa. This is the situation facing the Chinese minority in Malaysia. In our case, the Chinese are of course the metaphorical cucumber. Malays are the buah durian”.

      I also said, “My views, I must say, represent an outlier that is a vast distance from the main body of my ethnic group. What I write does not find favour.
      Considering how isolated is my position (I’m the rare Chinese who does not hate Umno) …”

      … the rest of my blog post is worth revisiting now with the benefit of hindsight —

  6. This entire fiasco was orchestrated by UMNO + PAS + Azmin… their strategy is to mengapi – apikan Tun M and Anwar so they can capitalize on it . I’m very disappointed in Azmin, I didn’t expect him to stoop so low and side with the same people we ousted less than 2 years ago. How you have fallen, Azmin?

    I’m also disappointed with Bersatu, especially those who went to Sheraton. You all should know better that you are being used to bring down your own government. So now where do you stand? Are you still with Harapan… or not?

    Ok so with that being said, I’m quite optimistic how things will turn out and I hope Tun M will retract his resignation and stay on as our PM indefinitely until he is ready to retire or hand over the reins.

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