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dap and supporters do NOT have any principles to stand on

Mahathir’s Pribumi party won a mere 12 parliament seats on election night — see The Star’s GE14 results table below.

Pribumi’s 13th seat is Sungai Besar in Selangor held by YB Muslimin Yahaya.


This is how The Star on 28 April 2018 headlined the candidacy of Muslimin Yahaya — a “last-minute Umno defector” (see report below).

Umno (then deputy) president Zahid Hamidi was quoted by the paper as saying they had not expected that Muslimin would join PKR following his failure to be nominated by Umno to contest the seat.

Muslimin then stood for election under Keadilan’s famous eye logo but was later coopted into Pribumi, thus making him the 13th winner of the oft-quoted “thirteen” seats obtained by Pribumi.

According to the official Malaysian parliament website, Pribumi has 26 MPs currently. The party would have had 27 seats if it had not lost Tanjung Piai in the recent byelection.

Of these 26 serving parliamentarians, how many were originally election candidates on the Pribumi ticket? Answer: Only 11, taking into account that Tg Piai rep Farid Rafik (MP No.12) is today deceased.

This means that Pribumi has accepted altogether 14 MPs into the party who had won their GE14 seats under the Umno banner. Read my blog post last year titled ‘Parti Pribumi sekarang lebih katak berbanding MP ori’.

Did the DAP and their supporters object to the absorption of these ex-Umno politicians into Harapan? Did they ever decry that the entry of these YBs into Pribumi-Harapan was a betrayal of the voters’ mandate which rightfully belonged to Umno-BN? Nope!

Indeed, DAP’s running dogs continued to jilat sampai licin bontot Mahathir despite all that he did to try and decimate the opposition while strengthening Pribumi — from Sabah alone, Umno lost 16 Aduns.

As long as their own cushy positions in the Harapan government were preserved, DAP and its apparatchiks were quite happy to sing Hallelujah to the hybrid administration helmed by this same Old Man.

Fact: DAP was perfectly willing to be complicit in Mahathir’s enticement for MPs to cross parties previously when realignment was to the advantage of Harapan.

Through its earlier acquiescence to the Harapan chairman, DAP already ceded the moral high ground. That’s because DAP never upheld any fine principles to speak of.

And now they want to beg for public sympathy after what goes around has come back around to bite them in the arse.


POSTSCRIPT: Our “thoughts and prayers” for the DAP evangelistas who are bursting in self-righteous flames.


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3 thoughts on “dap and supporters do NOT have any principles to stand on

  1. Muhyiddin has no right to say Bersatu has left… a general consensus must be reached within the party

  2. This is a warning to the few traitorous MPs of PPBM and PKR, cease and desist your threachery… your coup has failed… so return to the fold and stay loyal to the HARAPAN cause… or we will make you regret it forever…

    PPBM, you have been warned… do not stray from Tun M… return or else

  3. msia politics is hilarious, some tok principle some tok pragmatic but i find it hilarious. i used to say no one can kick out mahathir except god n i still believe this. that said, i really dun quite grasp whats the point mahathir doing all this,maybe he dun enjoy retirement n peace of mind?

    but dap is really no diff with mca,thats the best thing we learned from this drama. sad.

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