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DAP now the biggest party in parliament

See pie chart below.

The numbers as of today are still tentative but will become clearer after the Agong has interviewed each MP.

DAP running dogs … good boy, sit!

In a twist of irony, Mahathir has fulfilled his part of the Faustian bargain made with Harapan by resigning his premiership yesterday. They (Anwar and DAP) wanted him to step down at the end of two year mark, and so he has.

One spot of clarity amid the present political murkiness is the “running dog” DNA of the DAP.  In order to maintain the delicious power they’d finally tasted in May 2018, the DAP is willing to go to whatever length including crawl on their belly to grovel at Mahathir’s feet.

Like a pack of hungry hyenas, DAP will do anything for a seat at the table. Hence DAP has now declared that they will put up the name of Mahathir once again — as our country’s eighth prime minister … and there goes Anwar’s #PM8 aspiration out the window.

Should Mahathir accept the latest DAP proposition (see below), he will be leading a Harapan devoid of Malay party (Muhyiddin just pulled Pribumi out from the coalition) and one where DAP has become the biggest bloc.


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4 thoughts on “DAP now the biggest party in parliament

  1. Wow…the taste of power has made Dap crawled to their feet, begging for dr m to forgive n forget they wanted dr m out n anwar in…ROTFL when anwar begged dr m to stay as PM

  2. One thing for sure is the Chinese has a mentality called “herd mentality” @ the mentality to follow their leader blindly. During the Mao era in China million of Chinese suffer because of wrong policy and propaganda. Even in this twenty first century it hard to erase this mentality from certain quarter nof them. It is happening in Malaysia as we can observe it lately.

  3. The number doesnt tell much. It was won on false promises that led to PH collapse. Hope His Majesty YDPA would grant mandate to rakyat to choose new leadership to correct the mistakes.

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