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Thank Dapsters if we have snap election

The main opposition parties want to return the mandate to Malaysian voters — let the rakyat decide. To this purpose, parliament needs to be dissolved and a fresh election held so that the will of the people can prevail.

In a free and fair election, even Papagomo can contest in Muar, and so he should to give Syed ‘soft tissue’ Saddiq a run for his money.

MCA has declared they’re ready to “face the people”. Dare DAP claim the same? Short answer: Nyet

Please oh pretty please our Beloved Tun, begged boboi

DAP’s kneejerk reaction to the collapse of the False Hope administration is best encapsulated in the pithy FMT headline — ‘Please come back, DAP pleads with Dr M’ (see above).

Party sec-gen Lim Guan Eng ventured to commend what he called “Tun’s principled position” … err, [that’s easily because the DAP don’t actually possess any principles themselves maka terpaksalah dema tumpang sekaki].

In fact, the DAP’s behaviour has been described as “pathetic fawning and grovelling” by a weekly business paper‘s editor-in-chief P. Gunasegaram.

Focus Malaysia’s Mr Guna wrote:

”The DAP’s pathetic fawning and grovelling over the interim PM after a long, deafening silence, and along with PKR and Amanah, supporting him as PM is only to be expected because Mahathir is back in power dispensing Cabinet seats – if you are in his good books you will get something, otherwise forget it.”

Guna also reminded the Harapan component parties about all their lofty pledges made.

He said if the DAP and its coalition partners ”remain united in their promise of a transition to Anwar of the leadership and of reform and change, they can put his name up for PM and try and get the numbers.

“If they lose so be it – live and fight another day. At least they would have tried to do what was promised to the rakyat.”

But of course Dapsters are not noble fighters; they’re abject bootlickers — Helen says and she’s always right [wink].

Okaylah, I’m not really always right and the times that I’d been wrong, I was always ready to own up and remedy.

Nonetheless I’ve often been prescient and snap polls is a subject I’ve spoken about for ages. On 4 Sept 2019 in a blog post titled ‘Yessss! Snap election is way to go’, I said, “I can’t wait for Malaysia to have ours too and regime change this sickening #1termGomen”.

Also last September I blogged, “If a snap election were to be called tomorrow …” under the header ‘Siap siaga: PAS-Umno tell DAP to bring it on’.

As early as June last year, my headline read ‘Prepare for snap polls as Harapan clearly imploding’. In the same month too, I had asked most hopefully in my headline ‘Will Mahathir call a snap election?’

And in December, I reveled in the bloodbath suffered by the Labour party in Britain’s snap election and gleefully anticipated how “the same fate awaits DAP”.

Aside from the UK redoing its ‘Brexit’ general election on Dec 12, several other countries similarly held their own snap polls last year. Greeks cast their redo ballots on July 7 following the defeat of ruling party Syriza in the Europarliament elections just two months prior.

Austria went to the polls on Sept 29 after its Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was slapped with a ‘No confidence’ vote on May 27.

Meanwhile Israel held a repeat election on 17 Sept 2019 after the Knesset triggered a dissolution of itself (parliament). However Israeli voters are headed to the polls again on 2 March 2020 since their last election results were inconclusive and no majority government was able to be formed. Well that’s democracy.

Among other countries that held snap elections last year were Kazakhstan (June 9) and Ukraine (July 21). Holding its general election nine months before it was due is Azerbaijan recently on Feb 10.

Predicting an accelerated timeline, I wrote nine months ago on 31 May 2019, “Umno and PAS will return to power sooner than you realise, and the 95 percent Chinese Harapan voters can thank the DAP for it”.




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12 thoughts on “Thank Dapsters if we have snap election

  1. dap is dog n not that diff with mca, but i dun think its fair to blame them on almost everything. i still dun know y u support umno, n the now very ugly pas under hadi, i see hadi as clown that could do almost anything to gain power, i am speechless when facing pas supporters.

    moreover i see umno n pas are quite ready to win ge15, n no idea y they involve in such stupid thing now. u dun think something is very wrong with umno n pas?

    1. I’m together with the majority of this country. It boils down to two choices in GE15 — either pro or anti DAP.

      DAP is the biggest party on one side (Harapan) while Umno is the biggest party on the other side (Muafakat-plus). MCA is still on the side opposing DAP although it’s true that one side is less multiracial than the other.

      I truly genuinely believe the DAP is too hateful (full of hate). Again this is what the majority of Malaysians (Umno, PAS, Azmin’s bloc, Muhyiddin’s faction, James Masing’s people, the Sabah parties, the mosquito Islamic parties that are PAS allies) also think and this collective encompasses a very wide swathe of the population.

      Lastly to your point, MCA is nowhere near DAP in ‘sneaky bastardry’.

      1. “MCA is nowhere near DAP in ‘sneaky bastardry’.”

        Would that rather desperate latest move by Papa Running Dog Doc Khat Siang to nominate Anwar when moments ago, Baby Doc Guano Eng called for the Turd Return of the yet-again resigned dying Snake Pharaoh Ex-Ex-PM count as “sneaky bastardry”?

        Perhaps in the same tradition of Tokong Khat Siang rousing the rakyat over three decades over crimes and Sins of the Snake Pharaoh – only to suddenly – and inexplicably pronounce the corrupt racist and religious bigot a saint and “forgiven”?

        If that ain’t “sneaky bastardry”, it certainly qualifies as dirty shifty bastardry.

        Give that a thought and give your answer in jawi, please.

  2. We certainly need a election called.

    Even if the running dogs of the Diseased Assw*pe Party might end up without that dark brown shrivelled backside to polish with their tongues.

    The country cannot and should not put up with all the bunches of garbage politicians doing their forever worship, song and dance around a decaying and near dead body.

    The grotesque and energetic exercises in necrophilia has to stop.

    Whatever the result in any election, it had better not be the return yet yet again of that fetishism of worshipping a corpse, a totally useless and failed one even when there was some corrupt life.

    So, sorry, to y’all – especially the DAP, the Year of the Running Dogs may jolly well be over soon, Amen…

    1. what if the fresh election result still more or less same ie no obvious majority? the king shd let anwar try for few months, the max is 3 years when next election come. mahathir is very very selfish.

    2. …’song and dance around a decaying and near dead body’… Reminds me of Mummra the Forever Living.

  3. I don’t think Pakatan wants a snap poll right now when UMNO and PAS want it, since Pakatan could lose, when by evening today, Anwar’s chances of becoming PM have increased.

    Yes the fawning, brown nosing and boot licking was disgusting.

    Anyway, it’s not over yet. Let’s see what eventually happens.

    1. “as much as Singapore is a socialist republic”.


      As much as Hitler was “national socialist”.

      And even ran a “Workers’ Party”.

  4. Look like interim PM wants to come up with a dream team comprising local experts to help rebuild the country. JLo probably can sign up, maybe his expertise & links can help. Who knows if the team succeeds, he can be a hero and get clemency. Those hoping for early election or minority government may have to put aside your hope for a while.

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