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New word for Pakatoons — ‘plurality’ vs majority

There are 222 seats in our Dewan Rakyat. To form the Malaysian gomen, you need a majority which is a minimum of 112 parliament seats.

Harapan does not possess this ‘majority’!

At best, Anwar has an estimated 39+11+42 = 92 or so seats. This number is not a majority. It is however a ‘plurality’, meaning relative majority but falling short of an absolute majority.

Pricey minority government

Let’s take the UK example. The British House of Commons has 650 seats. For a majority to form the government, at least 326 MPs are required.

In the general election of June 2017, the Conservative party led by Theresa May won 318 seats which did not meet the majority required. What she then did was form a minority government by getting the Democratic Unionist Party on board. With its 10 MPs, the DUP – a political party in Northern Ireland – helped Mrs May cross the threshold.

The price tag? £1b … a one-billion pounds sterling financial package for Belfast. In exchange, the Irish party agreed to back the Tories in the Budget vote and on confidence motions “but are not tied into supporting them on other measures”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is leading a shaky minority government. Political observers are waiting for her unpopular globalist administration to collapse soon.

Frau Merkel should do the right thing by Germany and call a snap election, especially in view of her – quite literally – ‘shaky’ (poor) health.

In the UK’s snap election last December, Boris Johnson led the Tories to a clear majority of 365 seats following his landslide win.

DAP is scared of snap polls because they know that their disillusioned, disgruntled voter base will spit on them.


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4 thoughts on “New word for Pakatoons — ‘plurality’ vs majority

  1. I like reading your post. Your words. Your insinuation in terms or the words chosen. You are very frank and your point are clearly put. Your are brilliant, analytically and your view are well thought out.

  2. Helen,

    I must say all this mess is simply due to one’s man obsession to be the PM.

    Yup. I am talking about Anwar. His mind boggling obsession is getting on everybody’s nerve.

    Anwar refuses to accept reality that he simply does not have the number. Otherwise, he would have sought the audience with His Majesty long time ago.

    Tun is also on similar predicament. Initially he thought he could count on UMNO-PAS to deliver the crucial numbers.

    Tun realises both parties prefer him over Anwar. Not out of love but rather having Anwar as PM would be an unmitigated disaster.

    But after Tun insinuation against UMNO, the Malay party learns it would be better for them not to make Tun’s problem as UMNO’s headache.

    So now both Anwar and Tun naturally must court uMNO-PAS.

    People say one week in a long time in politics. I pray that these crucial 72 hours will not change the 37 vote count that UMNO carries.

    Aptly said, money talk.

  3. This all M for Madness in M for Malaysia in a country wrecked by M for Monster.

    Not to say it wasn’t helped by those M for Morons voting in the Monster as advised by Papa Doc Tokong Lim Kuat Sial of the Lim Lynasty and the Diseased Assw*pes’ Party.

    But all is not lost, the situation of Madness created by Monster can be relieved by bringing in M for Muthukhriz, the old M for Mamak’s clown prince!

    Why not let the baldy and shorty fake Bruneian short that M for Muhyidious’ chance of sitting on the coveted throne even for a day, should he be asked to do the “interim” thing?

    It will be the usual M for Mess and M for Mayhem every which way our garbage politicians are allowed to think for the rakyat.

    But at least with M for Muthukhriz in the picture, there can be M for Mirth, who says we can’t have a great big laugh and a half while waiting for the next disaster only our garbage politicians can guarantee us?

    There can be nothing more charming than M for Muthukhriz riding into the scene on a pony. Baldy Glory looks the part already with his stature, Mex bandido moustache, his “Jewish” eyes and nose are bonuses.

    Viva Capati!

    And Viva Kerala!

  4. Tun M, why not leave Bersatu and join Harapan? Take those who are loyal with you and join a Harapan party… and if Muhyiddin or Azmin or Zuraida wants to work with UMNO then so be it.

    In fact Muhyiddin was the VIP at Sheraton, he can rejoin his former party UMNO if he wishes… no need to drag Bersatu down with him

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