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Sheraton shuffle and the Dapster stumble

Najib calls them the “Geng tipu manifesto” (below). 

That is an understatement when it comes to describing Guan Eng’s gruesome gang.

One minute they’re desperately pleading — Beloved Tun, oh please come back and the next minute, DAP parliamentarians (see below) are on their way to see the Agong and tell His Majesty that they support Anwar as PM.

Ballroom dancing in the Sheraton 

Among some popular dances that one does at the ball are the waltz, foxtrot, tango and quickstep.

DAP is a master of the quickstep. On the evening of Feb 24, they had been groveling at Mahathir‘s feet. By the afternoon of Feb 26, they were quickly licking Anwar’s toes.

Before you can say “Hasta la vista evangelista”, the DAP has executed their trademark Ubah manoeuvre and changed political direction.

In less than 48 hours, DAP already completed their U-turn.

Dances with Wolves, Trotting with Fox

Chinese voters underestimate the durability of the Umno-PAS tango. They blithely claim that the partnership between the Malay party and the Islamist party will not last because both sides do not have anything in common with each other, konon.

Such a willful misperception only goes to show how delusional the DAP supporters are. As if their own party and Pribumi had anything more in common.

On the contrary, it is now proven that the devil’s deal done between DAP and Mahathir’s party could not endure beyond 22 months. Heck, Harapan was not even a one-term gomen, it is merely a half-term government. And good riddance!

BELOW: Lim Khat Siang’s moment leaning into Ketuanan Melayu

What now after the last waltz?

Despite their rock solid backing from the Chinese electorate, DAP still chose to be no more than running dogs obediently trotting at the heels of the Old Fox.

With its 95 percent Chinese electoral muscle, what has the DAP accomplished under their Harapan heavenly mandate? Recognize the UEC? Increase matriculation-to-uni intake for Chinese students? Guarantee vernacular schools? Semua eelek.

Graph below compares DAP (red bar) and MCA (blue bar) parliament seats the last five elections.

Following GE14, the DAP had 42 MPs against MCA’s one MP; now two, after the party’s recent byelection win in Tg Piai. The distance between DAP red and MCA blue bars these last two years since 2018 is great, reflecting the disparity in strength between the two Chinese-based parties.

Therefore whatever happens politically after today is solely on the DAP’s head. Don’t blame irrelevant MCA for its narrow choice in sticking to BN.

Elections have consequences

At the conclusion of GE14 polling, DAP had ended the night with 42 MPs and Pribumi with 13 MPs (or just 12, technically speaking since YB No.13 Muslimin Yahaya had originally contested on a PKR ticket — click here to view).

At the conclusion of GE10 polling – which was when Mahathir was last in power leading the BN in the 1999 election – MCA had 29 MPs to Umno’s 72.

SEE BELOW: Under Mahathirism 1.0, the Chinese party MCA was two-and-a-half times weaker than the Malay party, Umno. Under Mahathirism 2.0, the Chinese-dominated party DAP was three-and-a-quarter times stronger than the Malay party, Pribumi.

In the last general election, Chinese voters opted to put all their eggs into one basket. By the early hours of 10 May 2018, they were jubilant that their gamble had paid off … or so they thought.

Reap what you sow

What does the future hold for the Chinese community in this country?

Believe this: The Malay grand unity alliance will most definitely materialize. There is no turning back now in the wake of Sheraton Sunday.

DAP knows this too. In March last year, Guan Eng claimed that the Umno-PAS electoral pact was a “declaration of war” on non Malays (see below).

Then just a fortnight ago on Feb 10, the DAP sec-gen again warned that any PAS-BN tie up “poses a clear and present danger” to non Muslims.

That is the DAP thinking. There is no cure for stupid.


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5 thoughts on “Sheraton shuffle and the Dapster stumble

  1. Prinsip saya dari dulu kini dan selamanya ialah…anything asal bukan DAP dan parti-parti yang bersekongkol dgn DAP!

  2. As their edifice of a coalition starts to crumble
    To their opponents not themselves they aim their grumble
    Their faults they try mightily to scumble
    When confronted they do no better than to mumble
    Even as the two elephants are continuing the rumble
    Unker Kit is in an uncharacteristic drumble
    Yet they remain far from humble
    Despite their foolhardy self inflicted stumble
    The fools they continue to bumble
    When they were caught out by the shuffle
    And on with eggs on their faces they tumble

  3. The unprincipled and shape-shifting Lim Lynasty and the DAP remind me of an old Brit joke.

    Virgin started off Conservative.

    Weeks later became Liberal and whored herself.

    A few months later, she was in Labour.

    What a bunch of two-faced opportunistic political whores them running bitches of the Diseased Assw*pes’ Party!

    Only yesterday vigorously and dutifully licking that dark brown decaying behind, today fighting rear guard for Anwar’s!

  4. However one chooses to look at the crap the Snake Pharaoh has caused, it was the Lim Lynasty and the Diseased Assw*pes’ Party that raised the corrupt racist and religious bigot from the dead, “forgave” the “changed” demon, put him on a pedestal to worship.

    No others did more for the cult of the Snake Pharaoh than the Lim Lynasty and the DAP, the only life in the DAP was full-time butt licking of that dark brown shrivelled behind.

    We can’t deny the truth.

    So, credit where due.

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