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Cats’ reaction to Sheraton Move

↓  My cat SIMBA:

“Yawn … wake me up when it’s all over.”

↓ My cat SQUEALER:

“Oh my fur & whiskers, the heart can’t take anymore excitement!”

↓  My cat SNOWBOOTS:

“Yah lor, DAP wanna ride the Old Tiger; now they end up as cat food.”


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14 thoughts on “Cats’ reaction to Sheraton Move

  1. The Diseased Assw*pes’ Party also has a CAT.

    I think it stands for Corrupt Accountant Tokong. Or maybe, Coronavirus Assassinates Tokongs…

    There’s indeed very little that makes Malaysian politics exciting. Our garbage politicians are immensely boring. Not that any of them are sufficiently awake to know that.

    So sleeping through their latest bunch of antics may be healthy advice.

    I don’t know about cats but there’s a saying let sleeping dogs lie.

    Indeed the running dogs of the Lim Lynasty and the DAP do lie a lot.

    The latest bunch of lies included the tokongs rushing to support the Snake Pharaoh after he “resigned”. Then just moments later, the tokongs jumped sampan, declared they want to be Anwar’s eunuchs!

    Who knows what the next and the next next days of Malaysian political circuses would bring?

    The joke that is Malaysian politics, we might wake up soon to find the Turd Coming, the return yet yet again of the the zombie snake pharaoh – together with Moohideous, clown prince Muthukhriz, Sad Saddick… and Hey! Old Assmean Ali too..!

    I, and everybody else may be wrong, but as it goes, Anwar may still have to wait, and the tokongs and the DAP may be consigned to the political wilderness… Hmm… something to wake up to celebrate at last!

  2. It looks like Muh has struck a bargain with his corrupt friends in UMNO. If he becomes PM…he will drop all their corruption charges and give them minister positions.

    Muhyiddin… you dog, you think you and Azmin can try to topple a legally elected government and replace it with a haram backdoor government via a coup?

    You will not succeed

    1. Finally… welcome back old man, never doubted you for a moment.

      Now hurry, we have to stop a coup…

      1. “Finally… welcome back old man, never doubted you for a moment.

        Now hurry, we have to stop a coup…”

        Did you mean old man M for Monster had to hurry stop his own coup by proxy?

        An old Chinese saying goes “If you steal food to eat, you must remember to wipe your mouth”.

        M for Monster has always been full of himself – after all, he has his audience of dumb longkang-educated wonders, and extra freaking dumb chickenshit “supremacists”, he needs to show he is the one-eyed in the kingdom of the blind, show he is (kampong) “smart”.

        He did made asses out of those who think he is some kind of political genius, a maverick, instead of the king of dumb asses who can’t tell the difference between genuine intelligence and the thinking of a worn-out broom-handle.

        M for Monster always played it both ways. And when caught out for both, would deny both, give some incredible nonsensical excuses – and blame others.

        And he then goes on to do something in two and more ways.

        With dumb asses supporting and worshiping him, M for Monster could never do wrong.

        There would never have been a M for Monster if part of the public has not been so incredibly and unbelievably stupid.

        Well, M for Monster tried one fakir trick too many, he got caught out on this one, playing the “gentleman” (hiding as usual!) while instigating the vile. Again, he played it two (and many more) ways – he wants to show he is “clean” and “above” all intrigues, he wants to show he would never resort to the underhand.

        M for Monster, as usual, made use of some willing stooge to achieve his aim, while, at the same time, insuring himself of any accusation if the evil scheme gets found out.

        M for Monster cannot resist showing off what a smartass he is, he also wants to take the credit for his double- and triple-dealing, should those be successful.

        You cannot be so stupid as to want both.

        There is plentiful evidence left on his forked-tongued big mouth for M for Monster to carry on pretending he has “clean hands” over this one – or any other one.

        M for Monster has a long history of corrupt and filthy evil double- and triple-dealings, it is just some of the public being dumb and numb to the reality that is M for Monster.

        M for Monster should thank Satan profusely for our dumb and numb suckers.

        And thank the tokongs of the Lim Lynasty and the Demolished Assw*pes’ Party for going all out to be his loyal running dogs and energetically helping to sucker the rakyat.

        The Lim Lynasty and the Demolished Assw*pes’ Party managed magnificently to show their two-faced, forked-tongued devious best too – latest being, in one breath Tokong Lim “Please Stay, Atuk” Guano Eng managed to sell out his idol – and then re-sell his idol back to the market, breaking the rules of honest lelong!

        The corrupt Lim Lynasty and the Demolished Assw*pes’ Party caught their moronic supporters with their fake sarongs down, one minute they screeched to support M for Monster, the next to support Anwar, then it is back to worshiping M for Monster and supporting him..!

        Even the most energetically moronic DAP supporter could not keep up with the rapidly changing tunes of the tokongs!

        Well, some may still hope and pray for the Return of the Living Dead, Film 3, The End of Malaysia, starring yet again that undead M for Monster.

        I hope the zombie returns (yet again!), this time to take on the Monarchy, I want my popcorn and a damn good laugh and a half!

    2. A coup? You mean there was a riot somewhere, someone firing, then the army came and flush the rebels with tanks and bazooka.

      Hello, I am living in KL and had been enjoying the evening with a cup of hot coffee and currypuffs.It was a Good news to hear the PH government had fallen which was trigerred by their own internal doing.Blame those two jokers.

      1. Yes a coup. No one voted for Muh as PM in the last elections. He is therefore a haram PM leading a haram government coalition that no one voted for. He doesn’t even have majority support from MPs… his best supporters are the corrupt ones in UMNO.

        1. That’s not how parliamentary elections work.
          You don’t vote for the prime minister you vote in your constituency for your representative who then provides their support to whomever they want as pm.
          If enough MPs support a person that person may form the government.

          1. And how many MPs supported Muhyiddin to be PM in the last GE? No one…

            If Muh stood against Najib he would have lost big time… so the best he can do is plot a coup with his new gay friend Azmin

          2. TSMY got the confidence of the majority and most importantly, His Majesty consented it. It’s constitutional. Those in denial live in fantasy island and should take one way ticket to the moon!

  3. Agree with u 3S n yr friend Kiky. W/out the dancing guys, things become very2 bored indeed. Gonnna miss that twist, machaa & cha cha. Can imitate that twists 3S?

  4. If we have Federal Governments and State Governments with short tenures, we will soon run out of qualified Prime Ministers, Ministers and Mentri Besars in a small country which is short of talent. We have free-loaders, copy cast, playboys, fakes, plagiarists and charlatans a dime a dozen. There are only 4 Malay elite left being Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Tun Dr Daim Zainuddin, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz and Dato Seri Sharil Redza Ridzuan after the self-indulgence and self-immolation of 3 Generations of Malay I) the BMF Generation. ii) the Renong Generation iii) the 1MDB Generation. Our Malaysia requires thousands of Malay elite to jive with the non-Malay elite according to the revered Constitution otherwise there is no development and progress. Without the Malay elite, we get funny comments like ‘drink warm water to kill virus’ or ‘I send teams to look for the virus in the sewerage drains’ or ‘ Hitachi flying motorcars’ or ‘RM13 million titanium cycle to win a gold medaro at the Tokyo Olympics’ or ‘ MAS uniforms since 1972 are too tight’ etc.etc. These farcical comments were endless.

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