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  1. Papa Doc Tokong Lim Kuat Sial thought he could ride the Monster.

    The Snake Pharaoh of a monster KNEW he could ride Lim Kuat Sial like a donkey.

    And use the whore Diseased Assw*pes’ Party like a nice bunch of running dogs!

    Still, that’s a nice picture of the old zombie with wheelchair pushers Tweedledee and Tweedledum, pair of hyper compulsive Snake Pharaoh backside lickers on overdrive, if ever you could find worse!

    I shall forever treasure that other pic of Hypocrite Hippo Hannah grovelling like a coolie next to her massah, that old zombie.

    Chinese peasants and lower classes are taught from birth to be deferential, cowering and crawling to those “above”.

    Coolie Hannah is always like “kuay teow fryer meets a Tokong” in her pics with the Snake Pharaoh.

    It is so low class and Kunta Kinte!

    Makes me think Hippo hangs out too much in the sun with them types from them plantations!

    Viva Zapati!

    And Viva Kerala!

  2. Dear helen
    What a great day today…😊uncle will quit politics…anwar ,dap ,amanah n atok can fight again amongst themselves…to dr m, it was a self inflicted n mass destruction to PH…ironic that Wawasan 2020 coincide with todays the demise of dr m’s political future…KARMA at its best…

    Great posts helen…send our ‘condolences’😁🤗 to the evangelistas esp to Hannah Yeoh🤗 they deserve what they sow…

  3. THE SEVEN DAYS WHICH SHOOK MALAYSIA – perhaps with more to come after parliament sits.

    I don’t think this is over yet.

    On the one hand:-

    Muhyiddin’s allies rejoice, says appointment should not be questioned

    Saturday, 29 Feb 2020 06:53 PM MYT



    And on the other hand:-

    Salahuddin: Pakatan to probe Muhyiddin’s appointment as PM, claims coalition commands 112 MPs’ support

    Saturday, 29 Feb 2020 05:54 PM MYT



    An infographic further down the article above shows that neither the Mahathir not Muhyiddin blocs got support of the requsite 112 more MPs to secure a majority in parliament.

    So when parliament sits if as scheduled from 9 March 2020, I expect that a motion of no confidence could well be moved against Prime Minister Muhyiddin and if it is passed, Muhyiddin and his government falls and the quite possibly an early GE15.

    Then if no coalition or pact of parties wins at least 112 seats in GE15, we can expect more horse trading to get other MPs to join them to form a government.

    If none can be found to make up a majority, the situation will be unstable and GE16 may have to be called early and the whole circus repeat all over again.

    Meanwhile, earlier today, Bersih 2.0 threw its support behind Mahathir as PM8

    Bersih 2.0 throws support behind Dr M
    FMT Reporters – February 29, 2020 4:29 PM


    When just two days ago, it opposed Mahathir’s idea for a “non-partisan” (unity) government.

    ‘Non-partisan govt’ a dictatorship by any other name, warns Bersih

    Thursday, 27 Feb 2020
    6:11 PM MYT



    Earlier on 28 February 2020, I received this message below, forwared via WhatsApp:-
    Dear friends,

    Bersih 2.0 would like to call for an urgent NGO meeting to discuss organizing protest rally on the latest political turmoil:

    Date: 29/2/2020 (Saturday)
    Time: 11.00am
    Venue: Bersih office, A-2-8, 8 Avenue Business Center, Petaling Jaya.

    This will be followed by a press conference at 2.00pm to announce our action.

    Your support is now needed to save our country.

    In solidarity,
    The Steering Committee
    Bersih 2.0

    However, a demo against backdoor government in Dataran Merdeka on the 25th Feb evening was attended only by about 80 people.

    With PAS no longer on Pakatan’s side to provide the numbers, unlike in first, second and third Bersih protests, where will they get their numbers from ???

    1. Politischeiss, that’s a whole loads what everybody else says.

      And you can trust our media like you can trust the Snake Pharaoh, and the Lim Lynasty.

      You are more interesting when you say your own thing then submit a homework of what you’ve read that our “reliable sources” media and assorted monkeys’ said.

      1. Thanks for the compliments of my original writing Paul Wolfobitch.

        However, I cannot be everywhere at the same time and I don’t always get notifications of demos which take place. These NGO-types tend to be an incestuous echo chamber who inform each other through social media and I’m not one of them. Moreover, I don’t always have the time to chase after all these stories, so I have to rely on media reports.

        Perhaps you can suggest some alternative media where I can obtain what you regard as credible sources.

        1. You don’t need to be in or with any NGO, few except those puppet masters actually knows what is going on…

          Look for opposing views each time you come across an article, opinion, that’s about all I can suggest, just don’t take anybody’s word for anything, watch what they actually do.

          Presently, with “socialism” being the cause for panic in the US, and with the ongoing fights over foreign policy, some “socialists” and those with “alternative” standpoint have been airing some pretty gross views like eg it is ok to bomb and invade countries, where, presumably the damn natives don’t know any better – or should handle anything without Uncle Sam’s “help”.

          Talking about socialism or “socialism”, I often wonder what it is, really, that cannot get those in the PH to work with the PSM…

  4. These pro-Pakatan, anti-BN NGO-types tend to follow Gene Sharp’s strategies and tactics for non-violent revolution.

    Gene Sharp’s strategies and tactics are employed and promoted by NGOs such as CANVAS (formerly OTPOR), a student movement which brought down the government of Slodoban Milosevic in Serbia.

    These methods have been employed in the various successful or failed colour revolutions.

    How to start a revolution – remembering Gene Sharp

    The Politics of Nonviolent Action (Part 1)

    Alternatively, you can read a list of 198 of Sharp’s proposed methods over here:-


    or download these methods in PDF over here:-

    Click to access 198-Methods.pdf

    Whilst I have not read Gene Sharp’s book, however from descriptions of his methods which I have read, I recognise a consistent in these NGOs’ modus operandi – i.e. provoke the authorities, get a reaction and then yell “persecution”.

    For instance, the organisers of the recent demos against backdoor government, Muhyiddin’s appointment as PM8 and claims that the people’s democratic choice in GE14 was “stolen” did not give the police the required days notice of being held as required by law, so if the police call up the organisers for questioning afterwards, as the police has done and perhaps even lays charges upon them, they can then yell “persecution”, etc.

    A major difference between the Bersih 1,2,3,4 and 5 protests and the recent ones at Dataran Merdeka on 25 and 28 February 2020 and in front of Sogo on 1 March 2020 is that the Bersih demonstrations and rallies were attended by tens of thousands of participants if not a few hundreds of thousands but the protest on 25 February was attended by a pathetic 80 people, whilst the one on 1 March was attended by around 200 people, which strongly suggests that they do not have mass popular support.

    Malaysia is still worth saving, says Marina Mahathir
    Sunday, 01 Mar 2020 10:47 PM MYT

    Moreover, the number of participants in Bersih 4 and 5 were much lower than in Bersih 1,2 and 3 when PAS provided a large number of participants brought in from outside the Klang Valley.

    Now that PAS amongst the pact led by Muhyiddin, sorry no numbers lah!

    Also, their demand is for snap elections for the people to elect a fresh set of MPs and a fresh government – something which I too want and also what UMNO and PAS wants and this can only come about through a motion of no-confidence moved against Muhyiddin as PM in parliament by MPs in parliament, so what is the point of yelling and screaming for it in front of Sogo and along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman between Sogo and Dataran Merdeka, their popular demonstration and protest rally venue, when Pakatan Harapan has already indicated that it will move a motion of no-confidence when parliament next sits.

    PH seeking urgent sitting to show no confidence in new PM

    These pro-Pakatan NGO types should be careful what they demand, since if a motion of no-confidence passes, Muhyiddin’s government will fall, a snap election will likely be held and based upon the results of a string of recent by-elections, a BN-PAS led government could well be elected with a comfortable majority, especially if those Malays who voted Pakatan in GE14 because of Mahathir and PPBM switch their votes to BN or PAS in GE15, whilst voters in Sabah and Sarawak vote for BN-allied parties in these states.

    After all, elections are a numbers game and whether or not the electoral boundaries are drawn fairly or unfairly for urban voters, the coalition or pact of parties which wins the majority (112 or more seats in parliament) becomes the government, not the popular vote.

  5. “These pro-Pakatan, anti-BN NGO-types tend to follow Gene Sharp’s strategies and tactics for non-violent revolution.”

    I have read Gene Sharp’s book.

    And “non-violent revolution” is no longer the flavour.

    Not since Maidan.

    Look at Hong Kong, perhaps Venezuela, perhaps Bolivia…

    Plenty of photos are there to show angmohs at work behind the rioters during the Hong Kong riots. Not to mention, of course, the diplomatic staff of certain countries…

    Malaysian should look at the roles of Soros, the NED, the CIA, Council for Foreign Relations, “Pivot”, American Century, our shady NGOs, soem of our media, Anwar and the Yank neocons, what’s happening in Thailand (among other countries with foreign interference), etc etc…

    “opendemocracy” often contain questionable American outlook for them “lesser folks” in the other parts of the world.

    One nagging question I always had of Lim Kit Siang had been whether he was (and is) actually a fake opposition of the kind the Brits invented and used to pretend democracy exists in the former colonies.

    Unlike those troublesome to the Brits whom the Brits snuffed out, the plants of those fake opposition, coup leaders, etc certainly can survive – so long as they don’t get clever.

    The Brits used (possibly still use) that well in Ireland, and, of course, everywhere else in the former colonies.

    Lim Kit Siang appears more useful as a decoration to make it look like there’s “democracy” than that he’d ever get anywhere to actually threaten any status quo.

    Lee Kuan Yew, too, has always been suspected of being a Brit creation.

    The Yanks are these days doing that Brit job more than the Brits, certainly want their LKYs in the world, his son looks the part, he won’t be dislodged or disturbed… so long as he doesn’t come anywhere near the Chinese…

    So, if at first the “non-violent revolution” don’t work, there will be the violent one…

    Hey! Who is to say ISIS would not suddenly appear on this part of the world in a big way, they always precede outright interference and invasions, don’t they?

    1. Nice to see that we are on the same page on this one.

      That’s why, whilst I don’t support BN, I don’t trust Pakatan, especially not Anwar either.

      In 1998, Anwar wanted the IMF to come in and “help” Malaysia and he wanted to implement neo-liberal policies and if he had become PM, we may well have seen tougher austerity measures imposed on us.

      1. “I don’t trust Pakatan, especially not Anwar either.”

        I trust Anwar the neocon stooge.

        Or my name is not Paul Wolfobitch.

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