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Guan Eng fake, Chin Tong fake, Sin Chew correct

Guan Eng called a press conference to demand Sin Chew stop publishing “fake news” when the Chinese paper speculated three weeks ago that Harapan was on the verge of collapse – see video below.

His lieutenant Liew Chin Tong only just two weeks ago also assured their Pakatoons No Worries as “the centre is holding”.

Not too long ago, their fellow Bangsar Malaysian Fahmi Fadzil was still asserting to the world that PKR is “a solid and united Keadilan party”.

Then last week, the PKR comms chief sternly told the public “not to spread unverified information” about any potential regime change.

Amidst all the DAP and PKR serpentine slithering hither thither the last 48 hours, Fahmi’s good friend Hannah Yeoh last night decided to take a swipe (see her tweet below) at the “many political analysts”.




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4 thoughts on “Guan Eng fake, Chin Tong fake, Sin Chew correct

  1. The best of helen ang.memang terbaik la artikel di blog ini.teruskan usaha selamatkan malaysia dari d.a.p racist ini!!

  2. lge is now most probably a chinese, n wanna learn jawi. chin tong can start his thesis on back door, a topic he know best. lks working hard to find another ummo goon, cleanse him, then reused.

  3. We can’t see what is at the bottom of that famous “kuay teow fryer worships her tokong grand ancestor” but it looks a bit naughty.

    With Snake Pharaoh M for Monster leaning the lower part of his corpse forward, it looks like Hypocrite Hippo Hannah is examining his bit of stale taugeh, mesmerised, it appears.

    Don’t blame me for the behaviour of the low class and low caste coolie playing the devout groveling crawling “sweetie” to anything elderly and ancient, Chinese from the lower classes are taught from childhood to show reverential respect to anything aged. never mind what the object of worship actually is.

    I have nothing against that, I am all for peasants and coolies to know their place, it is the only way to keep the dynasties going, fancy, the hempen homespuns wake up and demand to be “top dogs”, What horror..!

  4. Tokong Baby Doc Josef “Please stay, Atuk” StaLim Guano Eng should apologise to Sin Chew and the public for his fake news.

    And his bit of press conference drama.

    Then use his Gestapo to find out who inside the Demolished Assw*pes’ Party has been feeding the truth about the bankrupt party to Sin Chew, I suspect the whore outfit is “leaking”.

    Shows there are those inside the DAP who do not like the little Hitler, who enjoy sticking firecrackers up the butt of the Bungalodeshi minister and let them off.

    How else can you explain Little Tokong getting so wound up, irate, sensitive and sore giving himself away that Sin Chew’s info had been spot on?

    Every time Josef plays the drama queen, you know he would give himself away lifting up his fake sarong to hide his dumb face!

    And if StaLim had been smart, M for Monster would have been too nervous to appoint him even for the post of the office boy.

    Which is also to say if Hypocrite Hippo Hannah had not been just another dumb kampong kuay teow fryer type peasant religious nutcase, M for Monster would not have dared even to appoint her his official crawler.

    We all know and cherish those stories of those who were yesterday an office boy, tomorrow the boss of the outfit. A former Bank of England boss started off as a lad delivering internal papers at the Bank, went on to head the BoE…

    Well, there are also those stories of yesterday a no class no caste crawler, today a no class no caste crawler scrubber, tomorrow a no class no caste crawler scrubber, too!

    Even I hadn’t expected the DAP “Coalition” to fall apart and bite the dust so fast!

    I think it was the old sage Chuang Tzu who said it was better to be an emperor for a day than a turtle wafting through mud for an eternity.

    Well, that kinda describe those in the Demolished Assw*pes’ Party, yesterday a crawler, today a crawler, tomorrow a crawler – if there is any party left after a StaLimist “internal security” purge!

    I hail the Assanges. the Snowdens, the Mannings of the DAP, Praise Be!

    Spill the red beans! Out with the Truth!

    Before the Sin Chew deeply embarrass you yet again!

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