Most hilarious event of rollercoaster week!

So … the defection of a Malay DAP Adun has just caused the Malacca government to collapse.

Harapan state governments have begun flipping like a row of falling dominoes.

For the past 22 months, all those preening self-righteous DAP supporters did not bat an eyelid when BN-Umno MPs and Aduns were frogging over to Pribumi and Harapan en masse.

Well, today is payback.

After all, the DAP and its smug followers were quite content with their strategy to make use of “Malay to screw Malay”.

The frog leap today of Malacca’s Pengkalan Batu Adun Norhizam Hassan Baktee is karma on the scale of a perfect 10 and satisfactory on so many subtle levels.


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3 thoughts on “Most hilarious event of rollercoaster week!

  1. works on propaganda mentalprint – only successful in closed world like North Korea, Turkmenistan, China.
    while in other place. Anger fuel works for a while, however sky is open and people search for the truth without ending.

    Worshipping politician leaders or their families no longer work (except for money). Hardly to find stupid people to brainwash anymore.

    1. “closed world like …China”

      China is hardly a “closed world”.

      So many Chinese tourists visit every which place in the world in huge hordes, any fall in their numbers affect the income of many countries. I see lots of signs in Chinese in major capitals of the world.

      Many Chinese tourists do not travel in groups, they are free to do their own thing, travel by themselves, including not returning back.

      Many hardworking Chinese, legally or illegally work outside China, they either return to China when they made their money or they stay abroad.

      Massive numbers of Chinese study and do research abroad and they are savvy about all things outside their country. I have come across Chinese who speak superb English, German, French, etc etc, Chinese students have even come to Malaysia to compete in contest for the Malay tongue (returned Chinese Indonesians have long taught homeland Chinese who speak excellent Indonesian).

      I can’t say there are all that many Malaysians going to China to compete in Chinese language contests. There has been a few Malays who have done that, bless them!

      Chinese inside China know more about the outside world than Malaysians think they do, they are in constant touch with their fellow countrymen outside China or returned citizens.

      Chinese bureaucracy copies most foreign journals and newspapers, they are piled up fresh from their press the night before and are on the desk of those entitled to read them – and these are huge numbers. I can’t say the same for Malaysia where I find few want to or can read specialist journals, news etc in foreign languages – or want to read at all!

      Chinese businesses are forever buying up (large) foreign companies, they also buy up small specialist outfits that produce quaint foreign food products (cheese, honey, delicacies…)!

      The success of Huawei, Haier, etc in western countries should tell anyone how familiar the Chinese are about foreign markets. More Chinese cars are sold in foreign markets than our miserable Proton could in its lifetime – till now, of course, the Chinese have bought a stake and the outlook for Proton has become rosier *wink*!

      I can go and on about how China has picked itself up from a backward country to what it is now – almost like Malaysia, a world power!

      With so much investment in contact and learning from others, I have to say that won’t work with a “closed” society.

      Even less, a closed mind.

      I keep an open mind, I do visit China a fair bit.

      And other countries even more.

  2. Yes, it is more than likely a whopping number would quit the PH parties in the days to come.

    You can say the Bulk follows the “Hulk”.

    One cannot say much for the conviction of those in the PH parties… If these garbage political operators cannot even believe or trust themselves, and are forever prostituting themselves to the next party, how can the rest of the country be expected to believe or trust them?

    Let it be a good lesson for Malaysians who so readily believe the crap our garbage politicians tell them, and who voted in such bunches of swindlers, conmen, scam artists… in the PH, in the first place.

    So be ready to “forgive” those new old garbage politicians, they have “changed” – all like the Snake Pharaoh M for Monster has..!

    Still, for the rest of us, we can laugh at the moron supporters of those political parties who wiped the holy smirk off their faces, the Snake Pharaoh won’t be laughing in his grave!

    What a brilliant joke – PH machination caused itself to be swept from office – in such a short time too!

    Only a week ago, I told a DAP MP out handing face masks his party won’t survive the next election. At no time had I expected the DAP to be so able that it could boot itself out of office all by itself!

    And those who worship the tokongs of the Lim Lynasty and the Demolished Assw*pes’ Party can now stop drinking palm oil five times a day, there should be more than enough of that in their cistern they should easily and very smoothly flush the crap DAP out of their system!

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