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Sly fox and running dog

Donkey Burger is not all that it is cracked up to be. Beh Yuen Hui, The Star’s Malaysian correspondent based in Beijing recounted how she threw up after her first unintentional bite at it.

In her column yesterday headlinedChinese authorities get tough’, Beh also reported China’s latest proposal to effectively ban the trading and eating of wild animals. This is good news for the pangolins, badgers, civet cats and other exotic meats that might otherwise end up on the dining table.

BELOW: Belgian detective Hercule Poirot tells his secretary Miss Lemon, “Voila. It [statuette] is the very likeness of the favourite cat of [Egyptian] King Men-Her-Ra. Buried with him in his tomb to keep him company on his long journey”.

Shenzhen could start precedent in China

The city of Shenzhen could be a groundbreaker in terms of new Chinese food safety law, i.e. It is not acceptable to eat other people’s beloved pets.

Shenzhen authorities recently gave public notice that cats and dogs too have been included in the restricted list of animals that should not be eaten. The document recognized the particular status of felines and canines as our companion animals.

“Although the trade in Shenzhen is fairly small compared with the rest of the [Guangdong] province, Shenzhen is still a huge city and is larger than Wuhan, so this would be very significant and could even have a domino effect with other cities following. Already in Yulin where the notorious dog meat festival is held, most dog slaughter operations have temporarily shut down in the last two months …” said the Humane Society International in a statement last week.

Inviting fox to guard the henhouse

Meanwhile in Malaysia …

The DAP has truly made monkeys and donkeys out of Chinese voters.

Certain evangelista politicians may have been quite willing to serve as flunkies to the once Most Powerful Nonagenarian In The World but it sure beats me why the rest of the Hopeful electorate would still want to cling on to this running dog party.


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