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How about Chinese voters start being nicer to Wee Ka Siong?

Why? Because now y’all will really need the two Wee’s from MCA in parliament to safeguard the continuity of vernacular school. The other Chinese fella is a Sarawak MP – Tiong King Sing.

I’m guessing the MCA president will be included in Muhyiddin’s cabinet.

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Diversity in the neo Alliance coalition

The incoming Perikatan Nasional administration is multiracial and multi-religious although its foundation is Muafakat-plus.

However unlike the Mahathir-Harapan camp where Christians play a huge role, Muhyiddin‘s Perikatan redux has a solid Muslim foundation.

The new opposition crew, on the other hand, has too many evangelicals. Some 60 percent of Team Mahathir MPs are non Malay, non Muslim. This is the side of the political aisle where Malay-Muslims are in the minority.

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Perhaps two percent of new gomen are Chinese MPs

The non Malays, non Muslims who are in or aligned with the Muhyiddin camp – as best that I can make out – comprise the following parliamentarians:

  1. Wee Ka Siong (MCA)
  2. Wee Jeck Seng (MCA)
  3. Saravanan Murugan (MIC)
  4. Edmund Santhara Kumar (ex-PKR)
  5. Willie anak Mongin (ex-PKR)
  6. Ali anak Biju (ex-PKR)
  7. Anyi Ngau (SPDP)
  8. Tiong King Sing (SPDP)
  9. Ronald Kiandee (Pribumi, ex-Umno)
  10. Alexander Nanta Linggi (PBB)
  11. Masir anak Kujat (PRS)
  12. Ago anak Dagang (PRS)
  13. Ugak anak Kumbong @ Wilson (PRS)
  14. Arthur Kurup (PBRS)

Well, I already told you Dapsters. Below are three pie charts I posted separately in my blog years ago. The trend of Chinese voting themselves out of government was discernible in Perak since the last decade.

Elections have consequences, y’know.

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9 thoughts on “How about Chinese voters start being nicer to Wee Ka Siong?

        1. I don’t unfortunately.

          But why do you support the DAP breed?

          They are the only running dogs and lapdogs around as far as a “breed” goes.

          The only dogs you can give your vote to, Bless you!

  1. Muhyiddin and his illegitimate government is going to fail… big time. Why is the next parliament sitting postponed till May… is he scared?

    1. Illegitimate..say who?

      Sue them in court lah!..

      Is he scared? Man manlah Apek..

      He follow the perlembagaan..Go read yourself..The law say that the Dewan sitting must be held no more than 6 months since the last Dewan sitting.If the last dewan sitting was in October last year, the last date for the sitting shall be in June this year, so the good Prime Minister is right to hold the next sitting in May 18 with two to three weeks buffer.

      Is he scared?? Tacticlah Apek.Give him more time to select new ministers and allow his new ministers to learn new trade or unveiled some secrets that the old PH ministers had hidden such as finding where the telowong money had gone or why the good AG had dropped Nobita’s court case. Rakyat oso dun wan ministers that cant debate, They want answers.

    2. “Why is the next parliament sitting postponed till May… is he scared?”

      Try be a bit patient.

      M for Monster and M for Moron Snake Pharaoh was given 22 years plus another 2 to prove himself corrupt and useless, and corrupt and useless yet again.

      Even PH got 2 years to prove themselves corrupt and useless.

      And proved themselves they ably did.

      Would have been longer than 2 years had Snake Pharaoh M for Monster M for Moron not make a damn fcuking big ass of himself with his latest intrigue and betrayal that blew up in his own dark brown crumpled depressing serpent face.

      It is only fair Moohydin gets a fair crack at his job.

      I have to wish Moohydin well, and his merry band too.

      After all, I did wish PH well – only they shafted themselves stupid with their gross inability to even rub two coins together to make a noise!

      I would have liked to see PH served one fool term, even destroy Malaysia as only they with the Snake Pharaoh zombie can guarantee.

      How was I to know M for Monster and M for Moron Snake Pharaoh plus PH could be so damn bleeding dumb that they could get themselves out of the picture through their very own talent and effort?!

  2. Why postpone for 2 months if he is not scared? Do it now and prove to everyone that he has the numbers… unless he doesn’t?

  3. “allow his new ministers to learn new trade”

    Yes, most politician would be better off learning something like selling kacang by the roadside.

    Most politician are incredibly thick for anything else than playing sycophants and yes men, stirring up religious and racial strife – and, of course, making effing big buffoons of themselves and country.

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