Bingo! Perikatan has just clinched its majority in parliament

Oopsie, it looks like Mahathir lost his self-claimed ‘113’ majority of MPs.

Muhyiddin has announced a huuuge cabinet. Among his new ministers and deputies designate are Eddin Syazlee Shith, Maximus Ongkili, Jonathan Yasin and Jeffrey Kitingan.

The four names above are MPs that were included in the Team Mahathir list that was being widely circulated when the two sides were neck-and-neck in their chase for the ‘112’ magic number.

Logic dictates that if the aforementioned quartet accepted these ministerial appointments in the Muhyiddin administration, then they can no longer be aligned with the Harapan-Mahathir camp. Continue reading “Bingo! Perikatan has just clinched its majority in parliament”

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More Chinese cabinet ministers under BN than during Harapan interregnum

Compare the cabinet line-up under two rival administrations — the first one recently when Chinese voters gave their 95 percent support to Harapan, with the second one previously when the Chinese extended less than 50 percent electoral support to BN.

Under Mahathir as prime minister 2.0, there were five Chinese ministers and eight Chinese deputy ministers. Under Abdullah Badawi in 2004, there were six Chinese ministers and twelve Chinese deputy ministers — see full list below. Continue reading “More Chinese cabinet ministers under BN than during Harapan interregnum”