Bingo! Perikatan has just clinched its majority in parliament

Oopsie, it looks like Mahathir lost his self-claimed ‘113’ majority of MPs.

Muhyiddin has announced a huuuge cabinet. Among his new ministers and deputies designate are Eddin Syazlee Shith, Maximus Ongkili, Jonathan Yasin and Jeffrey Kitingan.

The four names above are MPs that were included in the Team Mahathir list that was being widely circulated when the two sides were neck-and-neck in their chase for the ‘112’ magic number.

Logic dictates that if the aforementioned quartet accepted these ministerial appointments in the Muhyiddin administration, then they can no longer be aligned with the Harapan-Mahathir camp.

For the record, all three Chinese MPs outside of the Harapan coalition have been made either a minister or deputy minister. The MCA and MIC reps are also fully absorbed into this Muhyiddin cabinet with Wee Ka Siong and Saravanan Murugan both given full minister portfolios.


’More Chinese cabinet ministers under BN than during Harapan interregnum’ — click HERE


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7 thoughts on “Bingo! Perikatan has just clinched its majority in parliament

  1. Hope this new liners will end havoc political style in Malaysia -Anwar Madey LKS era over.

    Hatred fuelled momentum should be replaced with more civilized intelligent wisdom people.

    Wee vs LKS which represent the peace, havoc?
    In Jawi syllabus case, both DAP & MCA rejected, one going mad, another cool style.

  2. One would hope the new cabinet would not see anyone doing that religious sycophantic *ss licking made famous by the like of Hypocrite Hippo Hannah on the Snake Pharoah M for Monster, and making devotional virtue of it.

    But then again, with Satan’s help, and with Hippo’s fervent stroking of the little dead dark brown twig, the Zombie might yet come alive yet yet again with even more vigour to cause yet more mischief to destroy Malaysia.

    One can also count on the near dead and useless PH counting on that elderly angmoh auntie, unemployed and unemployable elsewhere, making more a pretty penny here and there out of the damn natives who are totally ineffectual at doing anything all by themselves.

    PH is so dependent on foreign intervention that we might as well invite back the old colonialists to rule some of us – which is errr what some of our Sambos actually want!

  3. Dear helen
    Always love your writings…😊
    It really looks like end game for Dr M, Anwar n Kit Siang.Thank goodness.We need some peace and time to heal the country from overdose of politicking n concentrate on nation building and our economy.

    Quite a formidable cabinet for a start ,though I was rather disappointed Tok Mat Hassan was not in the line up

    Still, it’s a relief to see the milder and cool headed mca n mic leaders in the line up…the chinese n Indians of PH era were rude, arrogant n showed disregard n disrespect for the country’s prinsip rukun negara and tatasusila. Am happy for the cool headed wee ka siong ,wee jeck seng, dr mah n m an example,wee handled the jawi issue much better than the dap. Wee himself n dr tan seng giaw have proven that being proficient in Malay n Jawi does not make them any less chinese.the malays can accept n respect them much better than the viciuos PH leaders.

    Ok…time to move on to better future from the political dinosaurs that has caused havoc in the country for the past decades.Brace ourself though from the vicious attacks of the greedy PH….😟we need to move forward…challenging times ahead for the nation.time for nation building😔

    1. I think Tok Mat Hassan made the right decision to stay out of this cabinet. It’s savvy future thinking.

      1. Apart from the court cases faced by UMNO leaders, I guess UMNO would rather be an active spectator than an active participant in the new Cabinet line-up.
        Firstly, they don’t want people to see them as the main instigator to the PH downfall, even though the largesse know what really happened. If all the top guns in UMNO are rewarded with Cabinet seats, then its like affirming what the other side are alleging.
        PAS may also feel the same and that’s why TGHH is not in the lineup.
        Secondly, tied closely to the first point; let TSMY be answerable when he should. Basically what MN is saying to TSMY, AA and co. is, ‘we wanted to dissolve the Parliament, but this is the next best thing. So, show us what you can do’.
        And thirdly, MN is just giving face to TSMY and co., so no need for top party echelons to deal with him. Just let the Sec Gens of each party be the front liners.
        Anyway the current situation is just a stop gap measure for MN as the main objective is of course the next General Election, whenever that may be.

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