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More Chinese cabinet ministers under BN than during Harapan interregnum

Compare the cabinet line-up under two rival administrations — the first one recently when Chinese voters gave their 95 percent support to Harapan, with the second one previously when the Chinese extended less than 50 percent electoral support to BN.

Under Mahathir as prime minister 2.0, there were five Chinese ministers and eight Chinese deputy ministers. Under Abdullah Badawi in 2004, there were six Chinese ministers and twelve Chinese deputy ministers — see full list below.

Imagine … DAP fought the election so hatefully and viciously in GE14 only for the Chinese community’s political capital now to be depleted. False Hope indeed. 

SUMMARY: No. of Ministers, Deputy Ministers

  • Harapan: 5, 8
  • BN: 6, 12

Abdullah Badawi cabinet 2004


  1. Ong Ka Ting (Housing)
  2. Lim Keng Yaik (Energy)
  3. Chan Kong Choy (Transport)
  4. Fong Chan Onn (Human Resources)
  5. Peter Chin Fah Kui (Plantation & Commodities)
  6. Dr Chua Soi Lek (Health)


  1. Tan Chai Ho (Home Affairs)
  2. Chia Kwang Chye (Internal Security)
  3. Ng Yen Yen (Finance)
  4. Robert Lau Hoi Chew (Housing)
  5. Donald Lim Siang Chai (Information)
  6. Kerk Choo Ting (Agriculture)
  7. Kong Cho Ha (Science & Tech)
  8. Wong Kam Hoong (Arts & Culture)
  9. Ong Tee Keat (Youth & Sports)
  10. Mah Siew Keong (International Trade & Industry)
  11. Hon Choon Kim (Education)
  12. Fu Ah Kiow (Higher Education)

Mahathir cabinet 2018


  1. Lim Guan Eng (Finance)
  2. Anthony Loke (Transport)
  3. Yeo Bee Yin (Energy)
  4. Teresa Kok (Primary Industries)
  5. Liew Vui Keong (Law)


  1. Lee Boon Chye (Health)
  2. Sim Tze Sin (Agriculture)
  3. Liew Chin Tong (Defence)
  4. Hannah Yeoh (Women & Family)
  5. Steven Sim (Youth & Sports)
  6. Ong Kian Ming  (International Trade & Industry)
  7. Teo Nie Ching (Education)
  8. Chong Chieng Jen (Domestic Trade)

(a) Under BN, Badawi appointed two non-MCA Chinese as full ministers, i.e. Lim Keng Yaik (Gerakan) and Peter Chin (SUPP).

Under Harapan, Mahathir appointed only one non-DAP Chinese as full minister, i.e. Liew Vui Keong (Warisan).

(b) Under BN, Badawi appointed four non-MCA Chinese as deputy ministers, i.e. Chia Kwang Chye, Kerk Choo Ting, Mah Siew Keong (all Gerakan) and Robert Lau (SUPP).

Under Harapan, Mahathir appointed only one non-DAP Chinese as deputy minister, i.e. Lee Boon Chye (PKR).

(a) BN had won GE11 in 2004 with MCA obtaining 31 parliament seats and Gerakan, ten. There were 51 Chinese MPs representing BN including those from East Malaysian parties (SUPP, SPDP, PRS, SPP and PBS). The GE11 dewan then had a total 220 seats and BN’s Chinese MPs made up 23.2 percent.

(b) Harapan had won GE14 in 2018 with DAP obtaining 42 parliament seats and PKR scooping fifty. There are 46 Chinese MPs representing Harapan, including that one Chinese parliamentarian from Warisan. The GE14 dewan today has a total 222 seats and Harapan’s Chinese MPs make up 20.7 percent.

Many Dapsters may not realise this but there were actually more Chinese MPs under BN than there are now under Harapan. (Full MP name lists HERE.)

Chinese had played a more consequential role in the BN administrations without inviting the rancour generated by the DAP and its evangelistas.

Quit, why doncha Lim Khat Siang

The DAP ancient relic had promised to quit politics if Mahathir failed to hand over the premiership to Anwar. When Mahathir resigned as PM some days ago, he pointedly did not nominate Anwar as his successor. Hence it is high time for Khat Siang keep to his pledge and quit the political scene … the sooner the better.

Toxic DAP has only poisoned the well with their Politics of Hate.

In contrast, MCA does not inspire such mass movements as ‘ABCD, Asal Bukan Cina DAP’ or anti Bangsa DAP/puak DAP.

MCA has never had to resort to a destructive Red Bean Army.

MCA is not called such nicknames as “biaDAP” or “DAPigs”.

Consider how widely DAP is hated by everybody. PAS absolutely refuses to sit in the same coalition as DAP. Ditto Umno. The majority of Pribumi and a quarter of PKR can’t stand DAP either.

And it’s because DAP similarly pissed off the Sarawakians that GPS has now leaned towards BN-Perikatan and thus completing the collapse of Harapan. In short, the DAP has managed to make enemies out of a very wide swathe of Malays and indigenous Borneans.

The thing is — in order to get just a handful of DAP evangelistas their plum positions and plush offices in Putrajaya, a scorched earth policy was deployed.

Its consequences can be see as in Perak where the presumptive Perikatan state government does not have a single Chinese nor Indian Adun in its ranks because MCA and MIC were wiped out by the DAP.

The five percent Chinese BN voters tried to tell you as we could see this coming but the Hope-addled vigilantes ruthlessly shot all the messengers.


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  1. Interesting points Helen.More Chinese ministers under BN but yet DAP mocked BN regime as worst than apartheid and 95% of the Chinese believed them lock stock and barrel.Pathetic isnt it?

  2. If you count up the running dogs of the Demolished Assw*pes’ Party, you do get not too few Chinese, including the pretend ones, those who prefer to be foreigners – and those who put on the tudung and pretend to be Malay Muslims, who can pass off roughly as some kind of “Chinese”.

    Our running dogs sell out the Chinese.

    But when they are kicked, these part-time “Chinese” and fool-time traitor running dogs rabble rouse the Chinese to support them, Hey! -what’s happened to that “Superman” fella when we need that “Use the Malays to fight the Malays” exhortation?

    I hope Wee Ka Siong would continue to show his love for Tokong Josef StaLim Guano Eng, give us value for money by constantly lighting firework up the half-accountant’s butt, keep that running dog forever up on the agitated scale.

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