March 2020 vs May 2018

When parliament reconvenes, we’re likely to see the biggest opposition bench in our country’s history. Now there’s one for the Malaysia Book of Records.

And should Mahathir decide to cling on to his disputed chairmanship of Parti Pribumi, then we could also be witnessing the PM and the Opposition Leader both hailing from the same party, hahaha.

In 2018, the DAP with its 42 MPs were awarded altogether 13 ministerial positions — (ministers) Guan Eng, Anthony Loke, Kula, Gobind, Theresa, Bee Yin + (deputies) Nie Ching, Chin Tong, Chieng Jen, Kian Ming, Tengku Zulpuri, Hannah & Steven. That’s a 31 percent rate of reward.

In 2020, the MCA with its mere two MPs were awarded four ministerial positions — (minister) Wee Ka Siong + (deputies) Wee Jeck Seng, Dr Mah Hang Soon & Lim Ban Hong. That’s a 200 percent rate of reward … huhuhuhu !! Continue reading “March 2020 vs May 2018”