March 2020 vs May 2018

When parliament reconvenes, we’re likely to see the biggest opposition bench in our country’s history. Now there’s one for the Malaysia Book of Records.

And should Mahathir decide to cling on to his disputed chairmanship of Parti Pribumi, then we could also be witnessing the PM and the Opposition Leader both hailing from the same party, hahaha.

In 2018, the DAP with its 42 MPs were awarded altogether 13 ministerial positions — (ministers) Guan Eng, Anthony Loke, Kula, Gobind, Theresa, Bee Yin + (deputies) Nie Ching, Chin Tong, Chieng Jen, Kian Ming, Tengku Zulpuri, Hannah & Steven. That’s a 31 percent rate of reward.

In 2020, the MCA with its mere two MPs were awarded four ministerial positions — (minister) Wee Ka Siong + (deputies) Wee Jeck Seng, Dr Mah Hang Soon & Lim Ban Hong. That’s a 200 percent rate of reward … huhuhuhu !!

(Note: Neither Dr Mah the MCA deputy president nor Lim the MCA vice president are MPs. So both will have to be first sworn in as senators before they can take up their portfolios.)

MARCH 2020: Steam is hissing out from the ears of DAP supporters because every single one – with Rashid Hasnon (who is Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker) being the sole exception – of the PKR defectors who followed Azmin out of Harapan has been given a place in the Muhyiddin cabinet.

What a jolly good haul for Geng Azmin! They struck gold:

  • Azmin Ali: International Trade Minister
  • Zuraida Kamaruddin: Housing Minister
  • Saifuddin Abdullah: Communications Minister
  • Kamaruddin Jaafar: Deputy Foreign Minister
  • Mansor Othman: Deputy Higher Education Minister
  • Ali Biju: Deputy Energy Minister
  • Jonathan Yassin: Deputy Home Minister
  • Willie Mongin: Deputy Agro Minister
  • Edmund Santhara Kumar: Deputy Federal Territories Minister

(Note: Some of their job titles above have been shortened for brevity’s sake.)

MAY 2018: Steam was hissing out from the ears of DAP supporters because every last one of the original Dirty Dozen Pribumi MPs had, most disproportionately, been given a ‘ministership’ — either a ministerial seat in the Mahathir cabinet or as Chief Minister, with Mukhriz being Kedah Menteri Besar and Azumu being Perak Menteri Besar.

Geng ‘M for Makmur’ really hit the jackpot:

  • Mahathir: Prime Minister
  • Mukhriz: Kedah MB
  • Muhyiddin Yassin: Home Minister
  • Rina Harun: Rural Minister
  • Ahmad Faizal Azumu: Perak MB
  • Maszlee Malik: Education Minister
  • Syed Saddiq: Youth Minister
  • Redzuan Yusof: Entrepreneur Minister
  • Amiruddin Hamzah: Deputy Finance Minister
  • Shahruddin Salleh: Deputy Federal Territories Minister
  • Eddin Syazlee Shith: Deputy Communications Minister
  • Farid Rafik: Deputy National Unity Minister

(Note: Some of their job titles above have been shortened for brevity’s sake.)

On top of all the Pribumi MPs who were appointed ministers and deputy ministers, Marzuki Yahya and Radzi Jidin were additionally made senators and coopted into the cabinet as Deputy Foreign Minister and Deputy Economic Minister respectively.

In 2018, Pribumi politicians had grabbed the lion’s share from the spoils of war. In 2020, Pribumi 2.0 politicians once again grabbed the lion’s share from the spoils of war, err, because Azmin’s Geng were all absorbed into Pribumi — even including that Indian fella, YB Edmund … huhuhuhu.

This way or that, this side or that, Pribumi people can never lose.

DAP won a little bit in the 2018 cabinet tapi rugi sikit juga as their total 13 ministerial-and-deputy appointments were not at all commensurate with their splendid showing in winning 42 parliament seats.

Now in 2020 DAP has lost everything.

BELOW: Himpunan Penyatuan Ummah took place on 14 Sept 2019; Kerajaan Penyatuan Ummah happened on 28 Feb 2020


On election night 9 May 2018, BN lost at the polls but it did not lose big.

Harapan only pulled safely ahead after the defections of Umno MPs en masse to Pribumi, its absorption of several ‘floating’ MPs as well as the decision of Sabah and Sarawak BN components to desert the mothership.

With the power of incumbency (and do please remember the position of PM is very powerful in itself), Mahathir succeeded in making Harapan bigger and bigger.

Now the power of incumbency is with Muhyiddin as PM and we’re beginning to see him succeed in similarly making Perikatan bigger and bigger.

By the time the first sitting of the next parliament session comes around in mid-May, Perikatan‘s majority in the Dewan would have been secured and there’s nothing Dapsters can do about it.


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4 thoughts on “March 2020 vs May 2018

  1. U lupa nak letak Radzi Jidin yang hampir hilang deposit di Ketereh semasa PRU14 juga menjadi Senator dalam Kabinet PM7 sebelum ini untuk menjadi timbalan kepada Azmin. Dalam kabinet PM8 now dah baik pangkat jadi Menteri Kanan portfolio Pendidikan

  2. Looks like Mahathir has conceded defeat even before parliament sits:-

    Dr M: Vote of no-confidence likely to fail, Najib the real conspirator

    Najib hits back with a sarcastic reply:-

    “But, I don’t remember when I went down to the streets to topple the government. Being active on Facebook, can bring down a government? That’s dangerous. Next time, I’ll just play PS4, ” he said in a Facebook post on Wednesday (March 11).

    If no other MP in Pakatan moves a motion of no confidence against Muhyiddin when parliament sits, then its credibility is lost:-

    I suppose Mahathir lived up to his promise to step down after two years and he did it after 21 months but Muhyiddin, not Anwar got to become prime minister.

    Hmmm! Whilst I’m not one for conspiracy theories, however Mahathir’s move looks like a very crafty strategy game of thrones.

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