“Dulu DAP adalah Cina tetapi sekarang …” – Mahathir

Sekarang … “dia sudah tone down”.

While PAS has been a disappointment to Mahathir, DAP on the other hand has been found by him to be surprisingly accommodating. During their time in Putrajaya, the “Bukan Cina” party’s elected reps agreed to cease pursuing official recognition for UEC, according to Mahathir.

DAP has instead been encouraging Chinese kids to learn khat and Jawi.

BELOW: Wan Azizah wearing a Jawi name tag; former DAP Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching displaying her name written in Jawi

DAP certainly made good its mantra of ‘Ubah’.

Change must start from within as everyone knows.

So the DAP leaders willingly changed themselves, for example in the visibly Islamic shift of Hannah Yeoh’s dressing. Indeed her boutique-sized collection of tudungs is most impressive. Her male party counterparts also did the same.

BELOW: Lim Guan Eng smiling happily in his songkok is a CHANGE from the past when party lawmakers were not agreeable to wearing it

Malaysia after the DAP’s ubah

Remember what Hannah Yeoh preached?

There were no Malays elected into the Perak DUN ruling party. No Indians too. And zero Chinese. All 32 Malaysians!

Huhuhu …


If you have to ask, the ruling coalition of Perikatan Nasional in Perak comprises all Bangsa Malaysia lawmakers. Sitting on the Perak state government side of the bench are the following Aduns:

  1. Ahmad Faizal Azumu
  2. Zainol Fadzi Paharudin
  3. Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi
  4. Abdul Junus Jamhari
  5. Aznel Ibrahim
  6. Salbiah Mohamed
  7. Mohd Tarmizi Idris
  8. Saarani Mohamad
  9. Muhammad Amin Zakaria
  10. Sham Mat Sahat
  11. Mohamad Noor Dawoo
  12. Mohd Kamaruddin Abu Bakar
  13. Ahmad Saidi Mohamad Daud
  14. Jamilah Zakaria
  15. Zainun Mat Noor
  16. Jurij Jalaluddin
  17. Mohd. Zolkafly Harun
  18. Maslin Sham Razman
  19. Mohd Zuraimi Razali
  20. Abdul Manap Hashim
  21. Khairudin Abu Hanipah
  22. Khairul Shahril Mohamed
  23. Samsudin Abu Hassan
  24. Wan Noorashikin Wan Nordin
  25. Zambry Abdul Kadir
  26. Shahrul Zaman Yahya
  27. Khairuddin Tarmizi
  28. Mohd Azhar Jamaluddin
  29. Mohd Khusairi Abdul Talib
  30. Mohd Akmal Kamaruddin
  31. Khalil Yahaya
  32. Razman Zakaria

There were no Malays either elected into the Johor DUN ruling party. No Indians too. And zero Chinese. All 28 Malaysians!

Huhuhu …


Sitting on the Johor state government side of the bench are the following Aduns:

  1. Hasni Mohammad
  2. Muhyiddin Yassin
  3. Zahari Sarip
  4. Zaiton Ismail
  5. Zulkurnain Kamisan
  6. Samsol Bari Jamali
  7. Nor Rashidah Ramli
  8. Ayub Jamil
  9. Abdul Taib Abu Bakar
  10. Onn Hafiz Ghazi
  11. Hahasrin Hashim
  12. Rashidah Ismail
  13. Sharifah Azizah Syed Zain
  14. Syed Sis A Rahman
  15. Md Othman Yusof
  16. Mohd Solihan Badri
  17. Sahruddin Jamal
  18. Alwiyah Talib
  19. Rasman Ithnain
  20. Rosleli Jahari
  21. Mazlan Bujang
  22. Che Zakaria Mohd Salleh
  23. Mohd Izhar Ahmad
  24. Osman Sapian
  25. Tosrin Jarvanthi
  26. Najib Lep
  27. Vidyananthan Ramanadhan
  28. Raven Kumar Krishnasamy

There were no Malays elected into the Malacca DUN ruling party. No Indians too. And zero Chinese. All 15 Malaysians!

Huhuhu …


Sitting on the Malacca state government side of the bench are the following Aduns:

    1. Sulaiman Md Ali
    2. Ismail Othman
    3. Md Rawi Mahmud
    4. Amiruddin Yusop
    5. Latipah Omar
    6. Abdul Ghafar Atan
    7. Idris Haron
    8. Nor Azman Hassan
    9. Rahmad Mariman
    10. Ghazale Muhamad
    11. Zaidi Attan
    12. Roslan Ahmad
    13. Hasan Abd Rahman
    14. Mohd Rafiq Naizamohideen
    15. Noor Effandi Ahmad

A question was put to Mahathir recently in his exclusive interview with Sinar Harian which goes: “Bagaimana Tun melihat komposisi kabinet yang mengurangkan menteri berbangsa Cina dan India?”

Mahthir replied, “When there is an election [in future], I do not think the Chinese will support [Perikatan Nasional].”

Seated below is Perdana Menteri Muhyiddin & Panglima-Panglima Meja Bujurnya. There is only one Chinese chap among the satria — follow the red arrow: It points to MCA president Wee Ka Siong.

Muhyiddin appointing four Chinese ministers (one full minister and three deputies] from MCA is fair.

His administration has altogether 70 ministers and deputies combined – a number which includes himself as PM and one portfolio remaining vacant, i.e. Deputy National Unity Minister (post rejected by Sarawak Bintulu MP Tiong King Sing).

MCA’s total four deputy-and-minister(s) make up 5.7 percent of the 70-member Muhyiddin extended cabinet. This 5.7 percent is perfectly commensurate with the five percent Chinese electorate that voted BN in the last general election.

The pop culture definition of ‘insanity’ is “continuing to do the same thing over and over, and then expecting different results”.

Elections have consequences, and the consequences of 95 percent Chinese voter support going to DAP-Harapan can be seen above in Perak, Johor and Malacca.

If 95 percent of Chinese voters still want to put all their eggs in the DAP-Harapan basket, then just be prepared to fry a lot of tasty omelettes.



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22 thoughts on ““Dulu DAP adalah Cina tetapi sekarang …” – Mahathir

  1. perhaps some chinese can vote any party other than dap, but definitely not mca, dap is mahathir running dog for sure, but mca is worst than dog.

    1. “…but mca is worst than dog”


      It’s debatable.

      MCA did a good bit of work for Chinese education – absolutely nothing wrong with that.

      The DAP Demolished Assw*pes’ Party has been said by their idol M for Monster Snake Pharaoh to be wonderful running dogs, simply khatpitulated over Jawi.

      While the going was good for running dogs and massah, the zombie rode the DAP like a happy donkey.

      Now the DAP is khatpuk, the Snake Pharaoh starts saying nice things about his running dogs. It is like that sanctimonious bunch of words after the dagger is plunged into Caesar.

      While the Chinese have flying eggs and nothing nice to say for the Denolished Assw*pes’ Party and the Lim Lynasty.

      I won’t have much to say for those who have something against the MCA. The Chinese who are “Chinese” and the Chinese who are “Malaysians” are excellent at sabotaging whatever effort from any Chinese MPs.

      Our Chinese and “Chinese” and “Malaysians” are always undermining themselves through their gross stupidity.

      Whatever is or is not any issue, these self-sabotaging type would do their KPKB – kau pei kau bu, wailing for father and screeching for mother like in a funeral. A lot of noise is made always leading nowhere and inviting more disasters.

      I am no MCA supporter, but it does seem there are dogs and there are dogs.

      Tokong Papa Doc Lim Kuat Sial certainly barked loudly, noisily, and continuously for decades against the Snake Pharaoh. Then the “Chinese” snake khatpitulated, turned into a silent running dog.

      Ditto the whore DAP.

      At least the MCA is consistent, call them what you may.

      The Chinese consider a dog that runs to its neighbour to be fed the worst kind of dogs there is.

      1. i think many hv a misconception towards mca n dap role in chinese education. to me, they contribute nothing. any chinese party in the govt is hostile toward chinese education n chinese educationist, read the history.

        1. Without the support from a segment of the govt, i.e. MCA, Chinese schools would have already been shut down – like they all were in S’pore – to allow the state to carry out its preferred language stream (BM here, English in S’pore).

          It’s not true to say MCA “contribute nothing” in the field of maintaining Chinese education.

          1. chinese private home school exist since 1815 n become common school start 1903, mca founded in 1949, become part of govt since 1957, almost wipe out in 2008, totally out from govt in 2018, now become govt again via backdoor, doesnt this fact tell us that whether there is mca, no mca, mca in govt, either with more mp or less mp, or totally out from govt, chinese school still remain n continue to serve the chinese community? anyone in mca loss their citizenship stand up for chinese school? tell me whats mca contribution.

            1. You’re not wrong about 1957 base year but I’d like to add that MCA-Umno cooperation to form a (KL) government had already begun in 1952.

              Without MCA serving as a buffer in government, Chinese schools would have been abolished post 1957. It happened in Indonesia too apart from S’pore.

            2. u make it sound like lge have a role in tarc solely bec he continue to give 5.5 mil development fund to tarc, as if he stop the grant, tarc will gulung tikar.

              from 1952 to 1957, the alliance party needs not only votes but cash, chinese hv both at that time. from the surface, umno seem strong but no one know if the malay would not throw their weight behind the leftist like indonesian did. the chinese school is sort of compromise, mca is just the middleman to formalise the deal, thats the contribution like how lge give the grant, nothing more, moreovet its not his money,.

              mca after 1957 is much worst in the chinese school context. the tan dad still hv some heart, the tan son totally disregard the wish of the chinese community. its the educationist that stand firm n fight, again nothing to do with mca beside doing the similar ass licking job of lks/lge on jawi today. from then onwards, mca is essentially a dog in the eyes of many chinese.

              thats my view of history, but not necessarily mean i fully support the existence of chinese school.

          1. history written by chinese educationists from djz. you may also refer to those from mca, see whats their stand at that time. pap mca n dap is all for english education, not malay chinese or tamil school, it seem they r more visionary, but malay chinese n indian dun agree so what to do?

            if we allow lge to rule like lky, i believe he would not hesitate to close down chinese school. if u give him a billion, he would nationlalise chinese school into jawi school.

            1. “history written by chinese educationists from djz. you may also refer to those from mca, see whats their stand at that time.”

              Are those all there is on Chinese education in Malaysia, no one else said anything?

            2. there r many, i choose those i agree n relevent to the topic. or u wanna lecture me on “what is history” ?

              1. “i choose those i agree n relevent to the topic. or u wanna lecture me”

                I don’t know about “those” you disagree with or deemed “relevant” to your almighty bent.

                But wouldn’t it be less partisan or one-sided or unlearned if you enlighten with what you read that you agree with – and disagree with, why fear that?

                After all, whatever anyone chooses to make of the MCA, or DAP or whoever else actually only wanting to push English education, the MCA has indeed done a fair bit for Chinese education, like them or not.

                I could care less about doing any “lecture” on you, I balk at such gracious honour, thank you.

                I barely understand the lingo you use, it is a struggle to read the pidgin, I fear the volume of work it would take for your bulb to light up, sorry.

                Btw, I have nothing against any “English education”, I manage that pretty okay – very unlike some rather sorry spastics who have primitive ability with it, get shirty and uptight when they feel they are picked on for their poor effort, unfruitful struggle with an easy language…

              2. curious how old r u, close to mahathir age kah? aiyo stop respond to me if u cant understang my lingo, n pls dun mumble fumble like mahathir the same thing over n over again without any debating point as if an old man waving his manhood to his audience again n again just to make himself feel better, it wont grow bigger or longer la like tat, instead many can see his/yr brain reasoning ability is indeed correspondingly reduced, similar to his/yr penis.

                1. “curious how old r u, close to mahathir age kah? aiyo stop respond to me if u cant understang my lingo”

                  Age has got absolutely nothing to do with postings here. I haven’t seen any rule saying only people of age approved by almighty you can post.

                  This is an open board, it doesn’t belong to you, once you post, anyone can respond to it, you have no special right nor authority here, I don’t think so – but do prove me wrong.

                  I love reading your posts – and responding to them, they are such a laugh, and I find finally “comprehending” them after arduous struggle to half understand them quite rewarding (more laughs).

                  “without any debating point”

                  I can’t start debating anything until I understand you right, it shouldn’t be a crime stating you are a struggle to read, this board is not your reich, I should be free to say what I have to.

                  The “point”, as far as I understand was whether or not the MCA did or not put effort into making Chinese education possible. It morphed into the DAP’s role or whatever.

                  Then into “English education”.

                  I would like to tackle all you threw into the “debate” but I have to start somewhere.

                  And that is firstly to understand you right.

                  Then to tackle your point.

                  As for “as if an old man waving his manhood”, I can’t help you with your fantasy, sorry. I am most likely much younger than you even if you have an infantile brain.

                  And as for “instead many can see his/yr brain reasoning ability is indeed correspondingly reduced, similar to his/yr penis”, I don’t follow, sorry, try again in English, please.

                  Has “manhood” and “penis” got to do with Chinese or English education?

                  Or is it just your education?

    2. “But MCA is worst than dog” but that “worst than dog” thingy had created more than 400,000 graduates through UTAR over so many years. How many did angelic DAP had created since 1969?? Zilch.

      1. if u spare some time to ask the 400k graduate y r they in utar, u may find out y they rather give their vote to dap, just like y many malay give their vote to pas that promise them/u heaven doing zilch.

  2. Have to say that tudung thing in typical tourist colours and shape suits Hypocrite Hippo Hannah almost well.

    I call those Indian souvenir store colours.

    Almost hides her awkward coolie stocky barrel shape, veiling the odd square face could be achieved with the niqab, Aleluyah!

    Dark shades would hide them sneaky eyes, complete the “picture”, impress or fool a few Malays, Muslims, Chinese, Arabs, Afghans.

    Only offering helpful advice here as a “woke” male with eyes for taste, fashion, looking the part, appropriate attire – or “cultural appropriation”, the outfit minus the type of “figure” would suit many a kway teow fryer serving any tourist spot.

    Or elderly angmoh auntie lounging in a shaded corner of a beach… maybe in Australia if one can get some kind of residency there…

    Failing Oz, there’s of course that second home in India…

  3. Have to say that pic of Tokong Baby Doc Josef StaLim Guano Eng reminds one of another comedian, a better one, the Brit legend Tommy Cooper.

    No matter how hard he tries not to be, nearly everything Josef StaLim does always turns up very funny, be that serious effort on Bungalogate, Penang Tunnel, Tun’s rear Tunnel, “Atuk, please stay!”, threats of legal action against those who dared say anything funny about the Lim Lynasty.

    I think it is the fez Josef sticks on his head with helping from dollops of some pomade used in ancient time to align hair in its place, that brings out the roll on the floor laughter in me.

    It look so out of place, so “alien” even if the Chinese are those according to those StaLim’s official biographer “Superman” Hew wants used as “Malays to fight the Malays”.

    That mouth is not far different from that of Tommy’s, though it can’t tell jokes like Tommy can (well, I accept it is Brit humour, often out of reach of them damn natives…). But nothing is lost, Tommy may tell jokes but Josef is the joke!

    The colour of the fez may not be it, but Tommy did wear suits that didn’t fit him – exactly like Baby Doc does, though I must say the tux looks great on Tommy, never on StaLim’s atuk… the old zombie looks every bit a retired Malaysian waiter…

    Little Tokong can always borrow a bow tie from the Snake Pharaoh Atuk, bow ties do not suit the old zombie or is it the other way round? In any case cheap bow ties never look good.

    All else, you better have a look at the clip, it should cheer you up as the nation panics over that plague yet to wreak more havoc!

    Btw, Cooper’s performed (real) magic tricks, Josef’s atuk does fakir tricks.

    1. You noticed Guan Eng’s very tall songkok.

      The local comparison (kindred spirit) is Perkasa’s Armand Azha of Subang.

      1. “tall songkok”

        Is that about increasing stature?

        Or just wan upmanship?

        Still, I thought he’s worn the thing upside down… if not, it is still as comical.

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