Masuk jer dalam kerajaan, DAP terus diam — Wee Ka Siong

“… dulu bila DAP jadi pembangkang tiap-tiap hari bantai MCA. Mereka berdepan dengan situasi dalam kerajaan, mereka tidak berani dan terus diam,” remarked MCA president Wee Ka Siong in an interview carried today in Sinar Harian.

Yup, DAP quickly became as quiet as church mice, says Helen. Its evangelical leaders were rendered wordless because their tongue was too busy licking Mahathir’s toes.

And Mahathir was so pleased with the DAP silently kissing his feet that he even sucikan Guan Eng as someone who is no longer anti Malay (see report below).

Is Lim Guan Eng really not ‘anti Malay’? 

What Guan Eng really is is a running dog. And a hypocrite.

“Reading the reportage of what made Lim ‘not anti-Malay’ is a litany of lapdog behaviour that the DAP demonised the MCA for,” wrote Malaysiakini columnist Thayaparan in his article yesterday headlined ‘For non-Malays, the future is bleak’

“The DAP in their lapdog role did everything their Malay counterparts wanted but it was not enough,” commented Thayaparan in describing how absolutely cringeworthy had been the behaviour of the DAP’s Father, Son [and Holy evangelical horde] in thumbing up and sucking up.

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DAP got busy “bending over backwards” – something they like to accuse the MCA of doing – from the minute they entered Putrajaya sheltering under Mahathir’s armpits.

Thayaparan repeats this phrase “bending over backwards” three times in his article to underscore the fact that DAP had displayed the utmost willingness when in federal power (2018-2020) to bend over backwards for the Malay power structures.

As Wee Ka Siong said in his Sinar Harian interview, the DAP make themselves very loud to menang sorak while its RBA are simply geng maki hamun. However, once ensconced inside the federal gomen, DAP “tidak berani dan terus diam” — which is different from the MCA’s painstaking diplomacy and self restraint (“jaga mulut”).

Bending over backwards, like how? Thayaparan cites the example of Guan Eng punishing MCA over its TAR College funding which the latter as Finance Minister (lasting 22 months in the job) had slashed to a paltry one million ringgit. By comparison under the pre-2018 BN budget, TAR received RM60 million in allocation from the government.

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Thayaparan prologues his Malaysiakini article with a quote by Boris Pasternak (author of the novel Doctor Zhivago) on the sad nature of “constant, systematic duplicity”. Pasternak said, “Your health is bound to be affected if, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel, if you grovel before what you dislike and rejoice at what brings you nothing but misfortune.”

The Pasternak quote aptly characterizes the DAP’s duplicitous doublespeak.

That poor “Bukan Cina”-Bangsa Malaysia political party is bound to be affected in health if, day after day, they have to make themselves say the opposite of what they truly feel; if they need to grovel like an obedient dog before what they dislike; and if they preach ‘Peace & Love’ through gritted teeth when they’re being consumed by anger and resentment inside.

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The only Chinese in the room

Counting along ethnic lines the number of state government Aduns versus opposition Aduns, the ratio of Malay Aduns in Perikatan Nasional is roughly double to that of Chinese Aduns in Harapan.

Adun head count — gov’t vs opposition

  • Perak: 32 Malays vs 15 Chinese
  • Johor: 26 Malays vs 13 Chinese
  • Malacca: 15 Malays vs 8 Chinese

In the Pahang DUN, the MCA Adun is the only Chinese on the government side of the bench.

MCA president Wee Ka Siong (below) is now the only Chinese full minister in cabinet — click on photo to enlarge. Take a minute to look. Imagine you’re Wee at the cabinet meeting and nobody else in the entire room is Chinese.

Malay-Chinese racial divide

To recap recent political realignments in the Perak, Johor and Malacca DUNs, view the summary below. Relevant YB name lists can be found in my write-up on Friday.


DUN has 59 seats


  • Perikatan: 32 (Umno+Pribumi+PAS) — all Malay
  • Harapan: 24 (DAP+Amanah+PKR) — 15 Chinese
  • Independents: 3 (two ex-DAP, one ex-Amanah)


DUN has 56 seats


  • Perikatan: 28 (Umno+Pribumi+MIC+PAS) — 26 Malay
  • Harapan: 27 (DAP+Amanah+PKR) — 13 Chinese
  • Independent: 1 (ex-PKR)


DUN has 28 seats


  • Perikatan: 15 (Umno+Pribumi) — all Malay
  • Harapan: 11 (DAP+Amanah+PKR) — 8 Chinese
  • Independents: 2 (ex-DAP, ex-PKR)

Our ethnic polarization is very real and backed by concrete numbers.

In the DAP’s stronghold of Penang, all the opposition Aduns are Malay.

The Selangor DUN has 56 seats. Harapan has 43 Aduns here. The remaining 13 Aduns in the opposition are all Malay.

The Negeri Sembilan DUN has 36 seats. Harapan has 20 Aduns here. The remaining 16 Aduns in the opposition comprise 15 Umno Malays and one MIC Indian.

MCA has a mountain to climb

Should there be a snap election, the scenario in the eleven peninsular states will be as follows:

•  Malay governments – status quo – in the Malay heartland states of Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan & Terengganu

  Malay governments in Perak, Pahang, Malacca & Johor

 Malay government – status quo ante – in Negeri Sembilan (Perikatan can recapture NS as long as they avoid three-cornered fights splitting the Malay vote)

  Multiracial governments in Penang & Selangor

Without a Malay-based party like Pribumi inside Harapan, the tripartite pact of multiracial PKR, Chinese-dominated DAP and Islamist Amanah cannot hope to carry future elections.

The strength of Muafakat between Umno and PAS is more than the sum of their parts, and this collaboration between the Race party and Religion party is a huge paradigm shift in the Malaysian political calculus. The trend of Chinese voting DAP was the biggest catalyst to this development now resulting in the exclusion of the community from the majority of state governments.

MCA has many fences to mend and bridges to build in order to repair the destruction wrought by DAP.

Wee Ka Siong who has a PhD in Transportation Planning being made Transport Minister is a small first step in the right direction.



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