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Siti Zailah bullied off Twitter

Deputy Women and Family Development Minister Siti Zailah has socially distanced herself after being set upon by the Peace & Love mob over her tweet on the novel coronavirus deemed by them as politically incorrect, insensitive or whatever.

Siti Zailah‘s Twitter account is no longer on the grid. The PAS leader would doubtless have been told by haters that if she cannot take the heat, she should stay out of the kitchen.

BELOW: Screencap of @sitizailah’s tweet that sparked the self-righteous mob frenzy

Directing the Twitterati to Siti Zailah’s social media is her predecessor on the job, former Deputy Women Minister Hannah Yeoh — see news report last Thursday in The Mole headlined ‘Hannah Yeoh causes a stir over appointment of successor from PAS’.

Both these female politicians have a history of public rivalry with each other.

It’s no coincidence that one belongs to the Islamist party and the other to an evangelist party.

The bullies who are intolerant of any diversity in opinion, and always ready to sic a buffalo stampede over those who dare to stray from the groupthink diktats usually belong to one particular political tribe — you know which.

Herd mentality is strong in the DAP. Hannah Yeoh for example has almost 280,000 followers on Twitter.

Some of the conversation threads initiated by DAP thought leaders, including its evangelical ideologues, contain the bitchiest comments against an individual with a target placed on his – or in this case, her – back.

Hannah Yeoh has a reputation online that long preceded her 2018 elevation to federal ministership (deputy).

She is for example notorious for blocking a wide array of her critics on Twitter.

A decade ago back in 2010, Jessica Lai – who was then the Wanita MCA youth wing national treasurer – had already complained that Hannah Yeoh was a “DAP SuperCyber Bully” (screencapped below). 

A leopard evidently cannot change its spots.



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9 thoughts on “Siti Zailah bullied off Twitter

  1. i agree with diversity in opinion, even a stupid has right to share her opinion in anywhere she likes.

    1. she said dogs are better than LGBT like yu. dogs do not lockup with own types, but LGBT yes

      1. some stupid comment do merit response for the sake of mankind. i am fine with both lgbt n dog, but not fine with lgbt n dog that betray n deceive, thats y i am not okay with azmin for what he did, not who he is, but tis siti now seem okay with both, indicate that she is not only stupid but also a hypo. thats the problem with backdoor govt n pm, all sort of rubbish, trator, stupid, hypo, idiot can now become minister.

        1. “some stupid comment do merit response for the sake of mankind”

          Do you mean your comments are “stupid”?

          Or do you imply you are posting “for the sake of mankind”?

          If it is that “mankind” thing, I don’t think “mankind” has at any point elected you to do so, sorry.

          Any belief “mankind” has is only purely delusional.

  2. Have you noticed that Hannah Yeoh is once again very active on Twitter now that she’s no longer in government? This is her station in life. This is what she excels in – criticizing, bitching, kissing the feet of the previous PM, evangelizing, talking crap, etc. Leave her alone. Let her continue doing what she does best. Besides, she’s no longer relevant.

    1. You’re right. She has reached her peak as an ex-Deputy Minister. From now on, there’s no direction but down for her but along the way, she’ll be taking her potshots at Siti Zailah.

      1. “she’ll be taking her potshots at Siti Zailah”

        Taking pot would help better…

        Chances of getting delusional smaller than getting lost in the dense fog of religion…

        To be fair, the fundamentalist evangelical would call “taking potshots” (bitching) “doing the work of our Lord”.

        Speaking as a part-time “I am G*d-fearing!”, large fake tudung excluded, of course…

    2. “kissing the feet of the previous PM”

      I think it is called butt.

      Hypocrite Hippo Hannah has every right to speak for the pretend-Malay-Muslims.

      Her large barrel-shaped riot of colours tudung minus the niqab qualifies her.

      Wearing anything on the skin and not on the heart is like a “doctor” wandering around a hospital with his white coat, many such have been arrested and jailed for fraud.

      But it is ok for Hippo’s fraudulent outfit, the DAP is also a fraudulent outfit.

      Thank Allah, the DAP is now a khatput outfit. Amen!

  3. I can’t see anything factually incorrect or “wrong” with the remark “the likelihood of dying from the virus ‘is only 1% while the possibility of dying at any moment is 100%’ “.

    Even when it is 3.4% likelihood with the virus, the remark would still not be factually incorrect of “wrong”.

    Just because you may not like PAS does not mean anything they say can only be incorrect or “wrong”.

    I am not a PAS fan.

    It’s got nothing to do with “Muslims” or “Malays”.

    But I have never stopped admiring PAS members’ behaviour during Bersih. I call their behaviour fine and exemplary.

    Otherwise PAS is no different from the other parties, warts and all… What I can condemn in PAS, I can also condemn in the DAP, UMNO, Bersatu, PKR, etc.

    What PAS says about the Lim Lynasty and the DAP being something like one bunch of assh*les (my holy interpretation) is 95% correct.

    Well, that’s so much for the holier-than attitude of some of you!

    Now go pray for the Malays and the Muslims, let not coronavirus harm them, Amen.

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