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DUMC prayer leader tests positive for coronavirus

The wife of Pastor Daniel Ho tested positive for the novel coronavirus, The J-Star has reported.

Pastor Daniel leads the Damansara Utama Methodist Church which is one of Malaysia’s biggest, most political and controversial congregations.

Two members of a DUMC Bible study group have also tested positive.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh addressing the DUMC flock (filepic)

It’s more than possible for this humongous evangelical church to have harboured a cluster of infections.

The health authorities must place DUMC under close scrutiny and the public – especially concerned residents of crowded Damansara – speedily informed of the infected individuals’ deep networking and contact tracing.

In South Korea, the Shincheonji church was responsible for that country’s ‘super spreading’ of the virus as well as prompting the shutdown of the city of Daegu.


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