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Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak mulut Khat Siang buruk padahnya

Lim Khat Siang is too much (!) and this time he really has exhausted our last ounces of tolerance for him and his party.

Who is he to allude to Health Minister Dr Adham Baba and the latter’s cabinet colleagues at the forefront of the crisis management as a “jokers” (see news reports).

The cyber lynch mob today heckled the Health Minister over his advice for us all to drink plenty of warm water — as if the critics from DAP are themselves so smart.

Earlier they had successfully deplatformed from Twitter the Deputy Women and Family Development Minister for saying, in part, that the likelihood of dying from the novel coronavirus is “only one percent”.

Siti Zailah is correct about the one percent figure. The latest scientific projection on the mortality rate of the novel coronavirus –according to a news report today in The Guardian – “is probably about or a bit less than 1%”.

So who are the potty-mouthed Cancel Culture crowd to stone Deputy Minister Siti Zailah as if they’re infallible in their own medical knowledge? What a disgraceful mob and petty to boot.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak mulut Khat Siang buruk padahnya

  1. He thinks that what he said is worth listening. At the age he now is, he shld just sit back. Not just him, but those like him too.

  2. If anyone had noticed, DAP and it’s confederates have restarted their factories to manufacture LIES after a 22-month hiatus. Handlers of the Red Bean Army are working hard to crank up full production. Mao Khat Siang’s pronouncements signal this shift after they used PAN dogs like Kalit Smartass to fire up the process. It is truly DISGUSTING!

  3. LKS is one of the FOUR LITTLE EMPERORS in Malaysian politics. I remembered that this LITTLE EMPEROR said HE will retire from politics if another LITTLE EMPEROR (bang non) didn’t become 8th PM after the CHIEF LITTLE (ATUK95) step down. So LIM KHAT Siang please walk the talk. SCORPION HAD STRUCK THE FROGS 🐸

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