DAP reps crowding closely around Mahathir, muaaah

What a really big U-Turn! Today the DAP parliamentarians are jostling to be cheek by jowl with Mahathir.

They’re harbouring (false) Hope that #PM7 will be able to return them to their plush Putrajaya offices. Still banking on a successful ‘No Confidence’ motion against Muhyiddin once the Dewan reconvenes, eh?

A dozen years ago, runners of the regime change movement to topple BN had refused even to be in the same room as Mahathir (who was BN chairman for 22 years). You could call it their self-imposed cordon sanitaire by those hating on Umno.

Fast forward to 2020 … and UBAH indeed. Now we see the DAP begging Mahathir to remain in power so that they can continue riding on his coattails.

Observe body contact precautions

In times of coronavirus, it is more politically-and-medically correct for all parties if the DAP’s posse of Mahathir-loving YBs kept their social distance and just blow air kisses to the old man.

But no. Instead the DAP parliamentarians fall over themselves crowding around Mahathir for a photo op so much so that he has had to self-quarantine after coming into close contact with them.

To preserve the good health of a vulnerable 95 year old, it is safer for Mahathir if his DAP toadies desist from assiduously kissing his feet and licking his toes.


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4 thoughts on “DAP reps crowding closely around Mahathir, muaaah

  1. Why are the stupid DAPs still making noise ? They should hide themselves in shame to lose POWER WHILST IN POWER through bad general-ship. Got thrown out naked into the street too. DAP has lost POWER forever. Are they really keen to make their best friend to be Prime Minister ?

  2. DAP made 4 bungles. .First, In 1998, if the DPM had taken a US holiday, he would have returned as the PM. One easy step. Second, in 2008, instead of sorting out the 32 Aduns before and not after the 12th GE, DAP would be in Putrajaya since. One easy step. Third, in 2013, the partners should have gone on a 100 day fast to death. They would have Putrajaya. One easy step. Fourth, in 2020, DAP already in POWER but only want to use TDM for 18 months. Stupid. TDM knew the Malaysian Politics Playbook, the revered Constitution. He was riding the high horse when he resigned leaving the DAP thrown out onto the street stark naked. WHILST IN POWER. The worst general-ship in the World.. Please bow your heads in shame DAP. You think TDM going to bed with you bungling fools again ?

  3. These shameless DAPs and their failed Generals were alleged through their mouth-piece made a call to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to return to lead them. These kids are playing marbles or what ? The Tun agonised for years in his mind and his conscience to make that fateful decision to lead PH to victory on 9 May 2018 – literally against his own kind.. For 18 months, the DAPs kept a bland front but did intensive backdoor manoeuvres which immolated themselves and got thrown out of office because they did not know that the Malaysian Political Playbook is our revered Constitution. Stupid. The status of the Tun is now on the 88 storeys whilst the failed DAP is in the basement. The stupid DAP did not do a tactical turn to match the Tun’s manoeuvre and got exposed and lost big time which is forever. Who is going to trust the DAP anymore for being stupid and ineffective ? What do their Sings compatriots think of this bunch of amateurs who do not even know how to suck an egg ? Or will their best friend think that these fellows could be trusted knowing their recent record ?

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