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Evangelical church people in pandemic times: Shame on Hannah Yeoh!

Hannah Yeoh and her DAP Christian buddies got up close and personal with Mahathir on March 12 — see pix below. They were obviously flouting the Covid-19 ‘social distancing’ rule where everybody is required to keep at least six feet apart.

And only one day earlier (March 11), the World Health Organization had sounded its official global “pandemic” alarm.

BELOW: Hopefully one of Mahathir’s assistants remembered to disinfect the back rest where Hannah left her paw print on his chair 

Prayerful people putting fellow citizens at risk 

How irresponsible of these ampu-bodek MPs when it’s widely known that the elderly cohort are the most susceptible to catching the novel coronavirus. Consequent to the DAP Christians’ mini pilgrimage, Mahathir – who is at an extremely vulnerable age – has had to self-quarantine as well as getting himself tested.

Hannah Yeoh & Gang are plainly just terrible role models. As federal lawmakers, they should rightly lead by example and encourage the public to #StayAtHome instead of themselves flying from Sabah and Sarawak to Putrajaya.

BELOW: Malaysiakini columnist talks about how “decades of religious indoctrination have resulted in a form of toxic religiosity in which some people have no empathy for their fellow citizens

Bangsar M’sia vigilantes let slip their meek-and-mild mask

On Jan 25, Malaysia declared our first confirmed case of novel coronavirus. On Jan 30, the WHO declared the outbreak a global public health emergency.

In February, a huge tabligh gathering at Masjid Jamek Sri Petaling produced the single largest cluster for Covid-19 cases in Malaysia. The pious Muslims have since been stigmatized by the hostile Peace & Love mob, on top of the predictable insults and dripping contempt heaped on them.

Selected highlights from coronavirus timeline this month: 

• March 6: Number of global cases hits 100,000

• March 7: Iranian MP Fatemeh Rahbar dies from the infection

• March 9: A care centre for old folks in Vancouver reported Canada‘s first coronavirus death — an 81-year-old resident of the home. Ten people connected to this cluster have died

• March 12: Mrs Justin Trudeau, wife of the Canadian prime minister, tests positive

BELOW: On the same day that the DAP parliamentarians were cheek by jowl with Mahathir, ‘Forrest Gump’ tested positive too for the novel coronavirus


• March 16: Germany closes its border with France, and there goes the Schengen free for all … it’s the beginning of the end for the EU

• March 17: First two deaths in Malaysia

• March 18: USA and Canada close their common border

• March 19: Australia and New Zealand close their borders

• March 20: Damansara Utama Methodist Church confirms its three positive cases and tells parishioners, “In such a time like this […] we are one big family in Christ”.

And have all the DUMC family members been tested?!

Most recently, it was reported yesterday by FMT that a pair of Christian husband and wife high profile NGO activists had sought to conceal their corona-positive status from the public.

Scapegoats have been made of the tabligh gathering in Seri Petaling with participants being named and shamed and tracked down by police for testing. In fact, the area surrounding this mosque has even been classified as a Covid-19 red zone.

On the other hand, the country’s biased pro-Harapan media are disinterested in providing us with any updates about the progress of contact tracing among the DUMC cluster. We must be informed if the aforementioned NGO activists also come from the Damansara church that has the three confirmed cases.



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6 thoughts on “Evangelical church people in pandemic times: Shame on Hannah Yeoh!

  1. This DAP people have no shame. To be thrown out stark naked onto the street whilst in POWER to lose POWER showed very bad general-ship by DAP Leaders. They might as well fold their tents and go home to daddy and mummy. They are not even aware of the Malaysian Politics Playbook – the revered Constitution. The ABC of Malaysian Politics.

  2. WHO IS GOING TO TRUST THE DAP ANYMORE ? Whilst in POWER they lost POWER after only 18 months in POWER..

    1. uncle is right, dap talk so much yet do so little. a great disappointment. i believe many chinese would now become “frigid” toward politics, instead would put in more time n efford to make money. but the economy is really bad, why not uncle share yr wisdom how we could make more money? for eg, is now a good time to invest in msia stock? to buy more insurance, property? i suppose many r eager to learm from u.

  3. HY. You and me are the same. We have no monopoly. We wait for the crashes which will surely come. Like now. I have gone through 13 crashes. So we wait when the economy is at its worst. This is not the time to buy anything yet. Hold cash. Not even gold which is too high. The best counter to buy will be Maybank if the price is about RM 3 or less.

  4. Who are these evangelical church people ? These people exploit the loop hole which permit a tax free RM 2 incorporated place of worship to be established by unqualified spiritual guardians. The worshippers are obliged to contribute part of their salaries to these unqualified spiritual fellows. These places are dotted all over Petaling Jaya and the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur ranging from shop-houses via factories or stadium size congregations. There are no checks by the Government on how the money is spent. With so much money, some of them thoughtlessly ventured out into big time politics. And they got thrown out naked into the street whilst in POWER and lost POWER. Being novices, these fellows did not know that the Malaysian Politics Playbook is our revered CONSTITUTION safeguarded by the DYMM YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG. Whether these self-appointed tax free RM 2 incorporated places of worship could be called anything, I leave it to your judgement. But here are two true cases which I will relate here. First, my illiterate sister-in-law from Bentong was a hair rinser at a Jalan Imbi hair salon. She formed her own tax free RM 2 incorporated church. She made so much that she invested her millions of ringgits in the Marble Arch area of London better the MCA which invested in North London. She died young. Her daughter is now doing what her mother used to do. Second, my cousin who is the head abbess of the biggest place of worship somewhere in Selangor, rides around in a chauffeured driven golden Mercedes S saloon, long wheel based. Here is a chronology of what the Chinese have been doing since 1945 in Malaya/Malaysia
    1. 1945-1957 – Tontine
    2. 1951-1957 – Social Welfare Lottery. MCA
    3. 1960-1961 – Mushroom insurance companies
    4. 1961-1962 – Fragmentation of rubber estates
    5 1962-2020 – Share rigging
    6. 1972-1973 – Gemini Chit Fund
    7. 1976-2020 – Genesis of the tax-free RM 2 incorporated churches.
    The very first was established by a tycoon who put
    all his employees in his own church to stop them
    pilfering his bank. This modus operandi was
    followed by others who found it convenient to
    evade income tax for their bulky black cash from
    other sources. WITH SO MUCH MONEY, THESE
    8. 1977-1983 Co-operative Society caper. MCA personalities led
    the pack. This ended up with Tun Ghaffar Baba
    became MCA President. The SG-KLX was
    suspended 2 days. in 1985.
    9. 1981-2020 The One Armed Bandit Caper
    10. 1982-1984 Insurance companies guarantees .caper.
    11. 2002-2004 The Foreign Exchange Caper
    12. 2003-2005 The Palm Oil Estates Caper
    13. 2010-2013 The Gold Bullion Caper

    NB. The run of the mill illegal 4D and other gambling under the CID are not included. 4D lotteries are considered official.
    The Chinese are adapt in finding niches to make money at all times. True or False ?

  5. DAP swallows and ducks in action a’ la Lee Kuan Yew. Of course, TDM is very much aware of this south of the border tactic.which is as old as the hills since Adam and Eve or Samson and Delilah or Mata Hari.

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