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Rohingya: Malaysiakini dare not “speak truth to power”, haw haw haw

“Those who want the Rohingyas out need not be called ‘fascists’. Those who want them to stay are not angelic humanists either.” — Dr Azly Rahman

Dr Azly is a Malay academic based in New York. What he had the spine (from his freedom base in the USA) to say out loud are some hard truths that the spineless posturing “news that matter” portal probably prefers to shy away from. Continue reading “Rohingya: Malaysiakini dare not “speak truth to power”, haw haw haw”

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DAP’s sickening virtue signaling on Rohingya

“The Internet does not forget” despite DAP’s best efforts to shunt down the proverbial memory hole their earlier hypocrisies.

The evangelical party’s split personality is being called out by our former premier who provides the relevant Rohingya timeline below. Continue reading “DAP’s sickening virtue signaling on Rohingya”

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Are they hoping to run the ‘Help Rohingya’ NGOs?!

Qatar alone had agreed to donate US$50 million (RM218 million) for the Rohingya in Malaysia. That’s just one country. There must be more donations from other oil-rich countries too as well as hard cash courtesy of charitable Muslim sources — in short, big $$$ floating around in our ether earmarked for the Rohingya here.

Yesterday Zahid Hamidi asked where did all the money go. Continue reading “Are they hoping to run the ‘Help Rohingya’ NGOs?!”

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People are stressed but these Bangsar M’sians are whining ’me-me-me’

I’d rather watch my cats at home shed their fur strand by strand than go to a show by the Instant Cafe Theatre Company.

This acting troupe – who cater to the cafe latte “theatre” audience – are whinging that the gomen (in the form of Minister Nancy Shukri) is not extending “help” (in the form of “stimulus package”) to their kind of high falutin’ performing arts — refer the ICT’s whiny little-poor-me tweets below. Continue reading “People are stressed but these Bangsar M’sians are whining ’me-me-me’”

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GE15: Will Pribumi return to Harapan?

Umno deputy president Mat Hasan yesterday lobbed a hand grenade when he made it clear that his party intends to recover their Big Brother standing in Team A who are the incumbents and present ruling government.

Where does Umno’s now openly stated intention leave Pribumi? As it is, Pribumi chairman Mahathir has signaled that he will be sitting on the opposition bench when parliament resumes sitting on May 18 — see news report below. Continue reading “GE15: Will Pribumi return to Harapan?”

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Cats’ reaction to the bullying of Health Minister

DAP and Dapsters are still doing their dirty dog pile on Health Minister Dr Adham Baba today.

Never mind, the cats will stick up for him.

My angry cats ready to have DAP for lunch, and Dapsters for dessert (below).


& his buddy want their chihuahua served medium rare with lots of mayo.

Simba doesn’t appear in this photo shoot because he’s too wussy to death stare.

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Seek & Destroy: DAP’s endless attacks on Health Minister

Not even a pandemic can deter DAP from the only thing they know to do — politicking to the max.

‘Kit Siang believes Noor Hisham would make a better health minister’ is the Malaysiakini headline (below) about the evangelical party’s totem pitting the Health Ministry DG against his minister. Continue reading “Seek & Destroy: DAP’s endless attacks on Health Minister”

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Xi N N

Senator Ted Cruz says the alphabet soup networks CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC are too “terrified” to explore the most relevant question (which they really should if they were credible broadcasters), all for fear of losing their lucrative China revenue stream.

Two days ago, Fox News anchor Bret Baier reported that the origin of the novel coronavirus could be an accidental release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The virus is however not suspected to be an engineered bioweapon but one having its initial transmission from bat to human. Continue reading “Xi N N”

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Attacking Adham: Dapsters want ‘heads they win, tails you lose’

The usual hypocrites want Malaysia’s Health Ministry to “remain neutral and apolitical”. But SNEAKY being their typical nature, the relentless bashing of Perikatan’s Health Minister – beginning even from his first week (more accurately 10th day) in office – has itself been politically driven.

If they really wanted the ministry to be neutral, then their response to the ministry’s performance should have started on a reciprocal neutral footing. But no. Their crucification of the minister Adham Baba has been predicated first and foremost on his being an Umno man because the reaction to his “drink warm water” advice was, frankly, an overkill. Continue reading “Attacking Adham: Dapsters want ‘heads they win, tails you lose’”

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Why do the Hope mob feel they’re entitled to open season on Siti Zailah?

Nicole Wong set her gunsight on the Wanita PAS chief yesterday but ended up shooting her own self in the foot

The “drubbing” (see below) that the MCA Youth chief gave is one of a piece with the open season declared on Siti Zailah by the DAP Chinese cluster led by Hannah Yeoh. Certain Malay liberals also joined the pile-on, similarly considering Siti Zailah fair game to take their potshots at. Continue reading “Why do the Hope mob feel they’re entitled to open season on Siti Zailah?”

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Hahaha, MCA Youth Chief deleted her hot potato tweet

UPDATE: Nicole Wong has eaten the humble pie. As I suspected, she had mouthed off based on the liberals’ (SIS) say so without actually having viewed for herself Siti Zailah’s video.

When will the MCA people learn, and break away from the emptily buzzing hive mind of the 95 percent? Continue reading “Hahaha, MCA Youth Chief deleted her hot potato tweet”


The new normal is DAP’s irrelevance

So the MCO is being extended another two weeks. And after that, likely for a further fortnight, and then some.

The Perikatan gomen is visibly running the show while the Harapan government-in-waiting has been banished to a corner where they anxiously wait, twiddling their thumbs and counting off the calendar until parliament should resume its sitting. Continue reading “The new normal is DAP’s irrelevance”

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Cats’ reaction to coronavirus lockdown

↓  My cat SIMBA

”Mine! It’s mine I say … Call me a hoarder, see if I care.”

↓  My cat SQUEALER

”I’m obeying the gomen order on movement restriction lah.”


“Face masks are all out of stock but I managed to buy a glove, yaaay.”

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